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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge gParts of this book were very enjoyable I had very limited knowledge of Leslie Caron prior to reading her memoir and I enjoyed learning about her childhoodrowing up in WWII era France her early career in ballet and her very extensive acting career The portions focusing on her life and career were interestingHowever other portions of the book were very difficult to Boy Soldiers of the Great War: Their Own Stories for the First Time get through She spent a lot of time describing every member of herlittering circle of talented intellectual friends This wouldn t be so bad if I knew who any of them were I wish she had been selective when choosing which friends and experiences to share Leslie Caron weaves a funny and poignant story of her life in France in the ballet and in the movies Caron s narrative presents a positive voice throughout every ordeal in life I have read many stories of the German occupation of France during WWII and Leslie Caron downplays that era of her life She mentions long lines for food and a little hunger but does not dwell on the terrible hardship of the French population Then on her first job doing An American in Paris with Gene Kelly Caron cuts her hair and the film production is halted for 3 weeks for her hair to Making Sense of Leadership: Exploring the Five Key Roles Used by Effective Leaders grow My opinion of Leslie Caron plummeted at that point but she continues her positive attitude and her enjoyment of her fellow workers throughout the book The pictures included in the book illustrate Caron s warmth andenerosity Seeing Leslie Caron in a recent BBC series The Durrells led me to this book It was interesting to read as all I ever knew about Caron was in regard to her roles in a few long ago popular films An American in Paris Gigi and Lili She did so much both in films and onstage plus built a French inn almost by herself She writes well with warmth and humor I totally enjoyed this book I have been a fan of Leslie Caron since I was a irl so I may be biased I loved all the stories about Gene Kelly Fred Astaire Tennessee Williams and Warren Beatty It is not the best written memoir but I loved it I always enjoy reading autobiographies memoirs of Hollywood stars who were active back in the heyday of what we now call classic movies I love hearing their descriptions impressions of people that they worked with and the films they made In this respect Leslie Caron s memoir Thank Heaven did not disappoint I always knew of the well known films that she starred in but after reading her book there are uite a few of the lesser known non musical movies that I m interested in seeing I very much enjoyed the first part of the book describing Ms Caron s childhood adolescence in France However I would have liked to see of a balance of personal life and career It felt like once she ot to Hollywood the vast majority of the rest of the book was strictly about her career with occasional mentions of her personal life sprinkled throughout I was however impressed by her candor when sharing what she did of her personal life including a few incredibly loving descriptions of dear friends Overall an enjoyable look at this beautiful actress s life thus far I really enjoyed reading about Leslie Caron and her life Her movie Gigi is one of my all time favorites and enjoys a spot on the classics shelf of my DVD collection When you see her in film you have no idea what she is oing through in life What a rough life she has had and like all of us she has made decisions she regretted I love her devotion to her children her work ethic and her appreciation and love of her peers and friends I must admit that I didn t know what she. 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Thank Heaven A Memoir

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Renoir and author Christopher Isherwood to be new and illuminating I was also completely unaware until I read this memoir that Caron was temporarily ueen of Stratford being married to Peter Hall of the Royal Shakespeare Company Unfortunately it appears that professional jealousy on his part Les Innocents greatly depressed her acting career notably for this Canadian reader he apparently put a stop to her projected appearance in two Shakespeare plays at the infant Shakespeare festival in Stratford Ontario where audiences as she says carefully would be less doctrinaire read unsophisticated On her way out of that marriage Caron had a lively affair with Warren Beatty Rudolf Nureyev pops up periodically in the narrative which is always delightful once dancing a trio at a Met Gala with Caron and Baryshnikov and then again teaching Caron Russian swear words for On Your Toes a return to a dancer s role that apparently was ill conceivediven that she was in her fifties and had not danced seriously for decadesThere was another passing mention of a Canadian connection that intrigued me enough to do a little research she mentions having signed on to do a small Canadian movie flying to Toronto and then retreating and presumably buying her way out of the contract when she discovered the actors who were supposed to be teenagers were in their 20s She ives the name of the movie as Beginners Three but it turns out that it was made as The First Time filmed chiefly in Niagara Falls but a US not a Canadian production The lead was played by Jacueline Bissett and the whole thing looks entirely forgettableAlthough I think there are many episodes that didn t make the pages of this volume one Goodreads reviewer points out the name of a lover in the 90s who is entirely omitted Caron is nonetheless uite happy to be frank about people she didn t et along with including David Niven and both Kirk and Michael Douglas Given the stories about how she breezed into a small town and imposed her will upon both bricks and mortar and the local townsfolk in creating and running an auberge she doesn t seem overly worried about having rough edges herself Certainly losing the perks of a well heeled childhood and surviving World War II in France as she describes in the earliest chapters must have made her into a rather tougher cookie than that shy little irl we think of dancing across from Kelly and Astaire Given the length and variety of her career it s ood to have this record of how she saw her world Okay the show biz memoir experience continues I enjoyed this particular tale LC s writing style was akin to sitting there and really listening to her tell stories Lots and lots of name dropping I ended up with a long list of movies that I need to see and very interesting stories about most of them I think though that there were some very dark times that she lossed over That being said she didn t seem to shy away from admitting that there were some PRETTY DARK TIMES 3213 JUST AN dark times 3213 Just an as an offshoot of reading this book I ended up watching a doc on the leading ballerina in the Paris Opera House Ballet ended up watching a doc on the leading ballerina in the Paris Opera House Ballet Verdy mentioned by LC in the book was involved in the doc How interesting indeed to see the young VV dancing Ballanchine in NY compared to the middle aged VV discussing the various nuances of the performance with this youngster Most compelling of all was seeing this matronly woman break out a few dance moves and how she still retains an amazing racefulness at odds with her current physicality Never judge a book by its cover. 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Was talking about half of the time I have never been to Europe and didn t know where places were that she was talking about I know where Paris is and that is about all I felt the need for an atlas And then there are descriptions and terms that she uses that I don t think are accurately translated because it doesn t make sense I don t really feel anything should have been omitted but maybe detail should have been added to help us understand what she was saying One other distraction for me was that she jumps about with some of the stories For example first telling us that a person died and then telling all that the person did or sometimes the death came in the middle of other stories she was telling about the person In other parts the writing was very ood and kept me reading and wanting to know All in all I would recommend this book to people who are fans of Leslie Caron As a lover of 50s movie musicals ahhh for the olden years of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire I had to pick up this delightful memoir by Leslie Caron as she describes her journey through the horrors of WWII on to the Hello, Snow! glamour and insanity of Hollywood and a career that has spanned continents and artisticenres Her writing was at times formal as if she was creating a history book but t I can t wait for this book to come out I love the movies Gigi and An American in Paris if you haven t seen them A Little Dinner Before the Play go rent them than I can tell and I m sure Caron will have some interesting stories from making them particularly frometting to know her co stars I found this memoir uite interesting the so since Caron had an international career rather than merely a Hollywood one Like so many people whose name is made in Hollywood and particularly women unfortunately her Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies greatest celebrity came very early in her life and from her thirties onward both her career and her personal life appear to have been spent searching for new identities sometimes successfully sometimes not Unusually Caron had an extra string to her bow from the very beginning her ballet career which was associated primarily with the highly reputable Roland Petit company Being picked out by Gene Kelly to co star in one of the most celebrated Hollywood musicals of all time An American in Paris meant that she had many opportunities than a dancer would normally have when the dancing legs failed but she also identifies with some frustration the negative effect of that Hollywood association upon her acceptance within the continental European artistic communities It is notable that the straight dramatic role thatot her a Best Actress Oscar nomination in The L shaped Room was for a British film not American or French However she did eventually work with Truffaut whose host she jokes finds her parking spaces In mid career she also appears to have become part of the Film Festival circuit appearing on a number of major juriesThe chapters about American in Paris Lili Daddy Long Legs and Gigi the four roles instantly associated with her I found the least interesting possibly because we already know the principal characters so well It s hardly news that Gene Kelly was a taskmaster and that he overrode the nominal director of American in Paris Vincente Minnelli We know that Fred Astaire was traumatized by the loss of His Wife During Daddy Long Legs And Nearly Uit It wife during Daddy Long Legs and nearly uit it nice to hear that he was able to enuinely lose the sadness for a moment as they filmed the Slue Foot number On the other hand I found the filmed the Slue Foot number On the other hand I found the about Caron s strong friendships with eccentric men like filmmaker Jean. 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