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Ng points to make about the history education system He blatantly stated that textbooks especially in history class discouraged critical thinking skills and wrongly ot kids to believe memorization was the main focus of learning He also showed that many history books such as The American Pageant usually present information incorrectly This is why many students believe that famous presidents such as George Washington were never slave owners I had never considered the flaws in history textbooks and this book really opened my eyes I might o read his other book Lies My Teacher Told Me if I have some extra time because of how much I enjoyed this book. Beyond traditional textbooks to difficult but important TOPICS CONFLICTS WITH NATIVE AMERICANS SLAVERY AND RACIAL like conflicts with Native Americans slavery and racial Throughout Loewen shows time and again how teaching what really happened not only connects better with all kinds of students it better prepares those students to be tomorrows citizens. .

Good book on education for social teachers Loewen is at times a bit over the top and is as biased as bit over the top and is as biased as he criticizes however there are some thoughtful uestions throughout th e book I read this with my social studies department and it was the cause of several discussions regarding methods philosophy of education as well as bias I would caution many a reader as Loewen is not a historian and it shows on several of his foci however his arguments are well worth reading and analyzing One theme I especially enjoyed what the discussion of our historic myths and how they play out in misinforming citizens Fascinating book I really like history. In this follow up to his landmark bestseller Lies My Teacher Told Me Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong Loewen once again takes history textbooks to task for their perpetuations of myth and their lack of awareness of todays multicultural student audience not to mention the astonishing number of facts .
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Teaching What Really Happened

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And this book ave me lots to think about This Is An Excellent Guide On How To Think About This an excellent Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects guide on how to think about This an excellentuide on how change history lessons from lectures into exciting discussion and projects that actually reuire students to think A big focus is put on critically analyzing the received wisdom that we et in textbooks and history classes The author challenges us to really think about what happened With just a little though you ll be surprised at how your thinking about American history will change This is a must read for teachers and parents I m not onna lie I really was not looking forward to reading another book for my teaching class However James Loewen had some interesti. Hey just The Tomb of Iuchiban got plain wrong How did peopleet here Why did Europe win In Teaching What Really Happened Loewen oes beyond the usual textbook dominated social studies course to illuminate a wealth of intriguing often hidden facts about Americas past Calling for a new way to teach history this book will help teachers move.