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At the centerCarpenter isn t afraid to xplore some ambiguous troubling aspects of their personal lives Unfortunately as I will show below he ither ignores some vidence and other aspects of their personal lives Unfortunately as I will show below he ither ignores some vidence and overcooks other of vidence Nonetheless the book is a real page turner Charles WilliamsWilliams is the most bizarre of the Inklings He was probably the closest thing to a true genius or savant He had a photographic memory of pretty much very key uote in English literature and he chanted them during lectures Williams considered himself a Christian of a sorts That points to the problem I think Williams was interested in the initiatory aspects of Christianity than the faith itself That could Buried explain why Williams was drawn towards cults like the Golden DawnHow do youxplain away Williams involvement in Crowley s cult I don t think you really can To be fair Williams left Crowley and disavowed the sex magick in Crowley s religion Still anyone who was involved with Crowleyism needs several good xorcisms just for safe measureCarpenter fails to mention one thing though In his book Witchcraft Williams called it a perversion of the soul which suggests a stronger stand against it than Carpenter allows We are the Companions of the Co inherence Williams took a key aspect of Trinitarianism and Christology and applied it to anthropology To risk oversimplification the two natures of Christ coinhere perichoresis circumcessio with ach other while retaining their properties Can humans do something similar Obviously they cannot on the DNA level and the marital act is probably the only thing similar on the physical level Can they do so on the soul or spirit level Maybe It might work something like this1 We must first reject all horrors of nominalism that vomit of hell and atomistic ontologies2 The human self is a series of concentric circles with the will or the heart at the center and the soul as ncompassing all within though never reduced to any single aspect pace the false teaching of Christian physicalism3 Ergo the Soul has a social dimension It is porous This porousness allows an interpenetration on the spiritual levelI think Williams took it much farther and in a dangerous way Williams took St Paul s admonition to bear one another s burdens as taking someone lse s pain and physically bearing it Besides the obvious I don t know what lse to say I don t think it works that way And it s just weirdThe Women of the InklingsCS Lewis pre conversion made some uncomfortable by his boarding with Ms Moore when he was a young student I don t think there was anything sexual about it though Moore had her own young children and she needed help around the house In any case the servants never gossiped which they would have had there been anything going on Ms Moore by all accounts had the intellect and personality of a stump The pictures of her present her at best of being uite matronlyMost of Charles Williams problems with women were ntirely of his own making He waited nine years to marry his fiancee Sometimes there are good reasons for so long a wait I can t think of any that would apply here Williams also had an intellectual infatuation with one of his students There is no vidence it went beyond the mental and the sexual aspect doesn t seem to be foremost in Williams mind It was still unhealthy and sinful and created problems for him Williams also had this unhealthy tendency to collect female followers That couldn t have helped his his family life thoughTasting the AllegoryLewis s savage rejection of TS Eliot s poetry struck a chord with me I always wanted to like Eliot because he seemed to stand for Tradition and Culture His poetry was justgrating All Modernist poetry is bad Lewis goes so far to say What I am attacking in Neo Angular is a set of people who seem to me to be trying to make of Christianity itself one high browbourgeois bating fad T S Eliot is the single man who sums up the thing I am fighting against uoted in Carpenter 49What does a text of literature mean Lewis counters by noting that might not always be the best uestion Take one of Lewis s own works That Hideous Strength It is a perfect novel It is perfect in very respect While there are deep truths in it the key issue is not what does it mean but can you taste the truth and beauty in it A slightly rambling account of the Inklings focusing mainly on C S Lewis with Tolkien and Charles Williams as supporting actors It s always pleasant to spend time with these people ven if Charles Williams was certifiably insane The only issue I have with this book is the strangely detached and critical attitude Humphrey Carpenter takes with respect to C S Lewis s writing This happens in the last uarter of the book completely unexpectedly and it cost this book its five star rating Honestly I m not that interested in what Humphrey Carpenter says about Lewis s writing I ve read most of it and I have my own opinions thank you very much Not as good as his biography of Tolkien which is definitive Overall it s worth reading if you are studying Lewis He does talk about the other men for xample there were also some interesting details about Warnie and John Wain that I hadn t seen. D writer of supernatural thrillers was another prominent member of the groupHumphrey Carpenter who wrote the acclaimed biography of JRR Tolkien draws upon unpublished letters and diaries to which he was given special access in this ngrossing stor. I m giving it 5 stars because I njoyed it a lot and it came at the right time for me For most people it will probably be a 4 stars bookI m a big fan of JRR Tolkien and also the concept of the Inklings I have my own spin off of this group with some friends but instead of discussing literature we just take some time to have some deep conversation about anything Instead of a pub we walk in a park I had many misconceptions about the nd of the friendship between Tolkien and CS Lewis and this book helped me to understand what was the real reasons CS Lewis was very Important For Tolkien And A for Tolkien and a friend for many years I believe CS Lewis is one of the key pieces for the finished version of LotRIt was nice to know that Christopher Tolkien was also a member of the Inklings It s not clear if it was official but he was there reading LotR for the membersThis book was a great reading I will certainly recommend to anyone who likes CS Lewis or Tolkien Here are my notesJack Lewis was not that into religion in the first years of his lifeTolkien and Lewis had different views about how English should be studied Tolkien liked old English and old Norse classics Lewis preferred a modern EnglishLike Lewis Tolkien regarded himself as a poetTolkien said the friendship with Lewis helped with a difficult marriageLewis said Tolkien was his second class friend only behind two other guysLewis liked long walks but disliked the word hiking For him it s a too self conscious word to go for a walk All religions are myths in their own way In the past words had different meaningsTolkien and Lewis did walk around discussing their writing ideas Lewis usually walked with Barfield but Tolkien joined sometimes They walked too much for Tolkien s taste Tolkien liked to stop to watch nature from time to time which was not xactly Lewis styleCW Charles Williams was The Shadow Reader educated to not defend one s arguments withxaggeration or false affirmation His father also taught him to include doubt and disbelief in his beliefsCW was not able to go to war and was constantly haunted by the death of his friendsWilliam s co inherence is a term to describe that humans need Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies each other and can share stuffven physical pain To Williams the crucifixion was the biggest xample of substitutionWilliams found on inklings a place to debate with uals something he did not find for a long timeIn the place of the lion Williams wrote a passage that shows how much he njoyed the inklings Much is possible to a man in solitude but some things are only possible to a man to a man in companionship For this the most important "Is Balance No Mind Is So Good "balance No mind is so good didn t need another mind to counter and ual it and save it from conceitLewis and Tolkien helped Charles to xpose his knowledge to an Oxford audience It would be very hard for him to reach such an audience without this networkingTolkien was jealous about the friendship of Lewis and Charles because Lewis was considered as a close friendTolkien was not a huge fan of CW s work but he heard him on very inklings meeting CW was one of the most nthusiastic of the inklings about LOTRThe inklings meetings usually were attended by a small group but the ones reading out loud their works were usually CSL Tolkien and CWTolkien was concerned about people s interpretation of The Hobbit or LotR He was afraid people would try to make correlations about the story and the real world g the Shire was EnglandAs Gandalf often says You can t fight the The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right enemy with their own Ring without turning into annemy yourself Tolkien saidThere were many other groups in oxford at the time inklings were not an Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling exception Tolkien participated in a dinner group at the time as wellCS Lewis said people took the inklings seriously then the inklings members took themselvesLewis believed that full intimacy with another man could only be achieved in friendship if women were totallyxcluded A friend dead is to bemoaned a friend married is to be guarded against Both lostBoth Lewis and Tolkien feared the rise of Communism and fascism from Hitler Lewis considered himself a democrat and Tolkien did notPeople of the academic oxford admired CSL and Tolkien for being able to communicate with the outside world not just academicsWhat reason has we Monsieur Pain except our own reason that God is good Doesn t all thevidence say the opposite CS Lewis I can t believe of my friends haven t read this book The friendship and ncouragement in art between the Inklings is inspiringI ve never had an interest in reading The Lord of the Rings but now I must While this book focuses mainly on C S Lewis other prominent members of the Inklings are also in the spotlight Most ntertaining were the chapters discussing Charles Williams a person I knew NOTHING about before reading this book I can t say that what I learned left a particular favorable impression ither His interest in Tarot cards his membership in the Order of the Golden Dawn comparable to Freemasonry and his preoccupation with the occult are disturbing to me I still want to give his writing a chance but I m going in with both yes open Regardless of my negative impressions taken from this book he was a very interesting person and I d lik. CS Lewis JRR Tolkien and their friends were a regular feature of the Oxford scenery in the years during and after the Second World War They drank beer on Tuesdays at the 'Bird and Baby' and on Thursday nights they met in Lewis' Magdalen College ro. ,

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E to learn about himTolkien is mentioned less than Lewis or Williams because Humphrey Carpenter Had Already Carpenter had already a detailed biography of his life I found his relationship with Lewis fascinating They weren t the jolly best pals I d always nvisioned this book broke down many of my assumptionsBefore I read this book I thought I was fairly acuainted with C S Lewis the man Now I m certain I wasn t His personality was very complex too complex to be detailed in a book like this I come away almost certain he was INFP as is popularly believed I d like to learn about him too preferably by reading of his booksI look forward to reading Carpenter s book on TolkienBTW I came upon this book almost by chance in a wonderful used book shop in Chestertown I had been keeping my yes open for it but found it in the sci fi section next to the Lord of the Rings That s one reason I love shopping for books in person You never know what you ll find or where you ll find it This was really interesting though I feel it focused a lot on CS Lewis than on the others and I would have liked a little balance But it still made for a great read Absolutely superb Carpenter has written a fascinating biography of a very misunderstood literary group CS Lewis JRR Tolkien Charles Williams and many others including Lewis s brother Warnie and Tolkien s son Christopher in later years met regularly in Lewis s Magdalen rooms in Oxford to discuss philosophy and theology as well as to read aloud their most recent literary Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. endeavors In one chapter Carpenter draws from diaries and letters in order to recreate what might have been a typical Inklings meeting This chapter seemingly brings these men back from the dead so alive and real were these people to me So invested was I in the conversation that many times I wanted to chime in and add my own opinion I have learned so much from this book CS Lewis who was known to friends as Jack was for me merely the author of the Narnia series books I had read and cherished as a child Jack Lewis however was a deeply conflicted man a sworn atheist turned dogmatic Christian Although much of his philosophy is vastly unappealing to me Carpenter gives one the sense that Lewis above alllse was a fierce and loyal friend Afterall Lewis was the man who brought many of these seemingly disparate authors together Charles Williams a man I had honestly never heard of was greatly admired and loved by Lewis if not by Tolkien Williams whose fame never reached great heights lived a fascinating life made all the much interesting by his involvement with the Golden Dawn the same society Yeats was a part of and his compassionate philosophy Tolkien s ideas regarding myth and dedication to what he deemed the holy task of subcreation spurned the writing of the Lord of the Rings a series which took him over ten years to finish If not for Lewis s Patrick the Wolf Boy, Volume 1 enthusiastic praise and criticism it is doubtful whether Tolkien would haveven finished the series I am now xcited than ver to take a class in the fall revolving around this iconic Oxford group I am greatly looking forward to reading their works with the new knowledge this book has bestowed on me i read this one slowly but not because it wasn t fascinating and thorough i d hand it to anyone who s heard of lewis and tolkien s camaraderie and wouldn t mind spending an Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, evening up in their rooms at magdalene smoking pipes and getting to know them and their friends there were a lot of things i thought i knew about the inklings but didn t reallythanks for it ashley Humphrey Carpenter seems to have a penchant for group biographies I recently read hisxcellent book on Evelyn Waugh and his friends The Brideshead Generation and now I ve finally managed to track down a copy of The Inklings As with The Brideshead Generation Carpenter does focus on one member of the group CS Lewis than on the others for as he argues the Inklings owed their Il morto di Maigret existence as a group almostntirely to him He gives some details about the life of Tolkien of whom he has written a separate biography and about Charles Williams but it s in the depiction of the Inklings as a group that Carpenter really shinesThe pivotal chapters of the book present Carpenter s description of an imaginary
meeting of the 
of the and his analysis of what drew the group together I usually don t approve of too much dialogue in a nonfiction book as it tends to sound made up and inauthentic but Carpenter does an xcellent job It helps knowing that the dialogue is taken from the Inklings actual writings in fact I recognized a lot of what Tolkien had to say from his letters These chapters are compelling and convincing reading the heady atmosphere of debate and discussion is brilliantly portrayed making this ssential reading for anyone interested in Lewis Tolkien and the Inklings I came out of it wanting to read by and about Williams myself Carpenter Humphrey The InklingsHumphrey Carpenter tells the story of the group of Christian literati who worked in the university setting in pre World War II England It isn t simply a snapshot of different inklings g Lewis Tolkien Williams Barfield The chapters form a relatively continuous narrative with Lewis. Oms to read aloud from the books they were writing; jokingly they called themselves 'The Inklings'CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien first introduced The Screwtape Letters and The Lord of the Rings to an audience in this company and Charles Williams poet an.
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The Inklings CS Lewis JRR Tolkien Charles Williams and Their Friends