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Sixties actually nded For me it was Watergate and THE REALIZATION THAT THE ESTABLISHMENT AS WE CALLED IT realization that the Buried establishment as we called it far corrupt than most of us could have imaginedIt was amusing and a little sad to read the section where Witchnvisions a future utopia where veryone lives in peace and harmony I think during that period of time before Watergate some of us who were naive like me actually thought it might be possible And look where we are some of us who were naive like me actually thought it might be possible And look where we are of the narrative was a bit cringe inducing specially when the various members of the group get into political and sociological discussions The thing to remember is despite the assassinations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King despite the devastation of the Vietnam War despite the violence involved in the Civil Rights movement people did honestly have hope for a better world then Some people *Have That Hope Now And Are Fighting For It But *that hope now and are fighting for it but are not as clear cut now as they seemed back thenI really didn t see why Gloria felt the need to go back and try to make peace with her mother Perhaps because that was not my xperience Once I left home I went back to visit but I never xpected my parents to understand my way of thinking I certainly didn t discuss my lifestyle It would have horrified them I thought the last line of the book was overly sentimental I just saw a suirrel I used to know but I m not sure he recognized me I realize this is supposed to represent the changes Gloria has gone through but I think the author could have found a better metaphorI would recommend this book both to people who were in their teens and arly twenties at the time it was published and to people who want to get an idea of what it was like to live through the Sixties and arly Seventies and be a part of the hippie culture This book doesn t represent veryone but it gives a good general idea How did I miss this book back when I was a teenager I first came across this book at a laundromat in college and while waiting for the whites to dry picked it up became glued and nded up folding it carefully into my laundry bag to finish at home I have never read Herlihy s Midnight Cowboy but do have it on my to read list If it is anything like this first person narrative of 60 s xploits I am going to be in ngossed The voice of this self professed teen revolutionary is truly a voice we all once had Her full circle journey is jammed packed with all sorts of social nuances that are not just specific to the 60 s After reading Midnight Cowboy and wondering what lse the author had written I came across this little gem in my library s storage facility It is definitely a novel of its time documenting the flower power ra of the late 60 s from the point of view of a teenage runaway And yet there is also something about it that is timeless It reads like the kind of really deep really insightful young adult novel that doesn t get written so much any I don t recommend giving it to an actual teenage girl of 2014 however unless you are willing to A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, explain a lot I don t have any idea how Herlihy got so deeply inside the head of a teenage girl but I identified with the main character completely It s too bad that this book has been overshadowed by Herlihy sarlier famous work since I feel this is a much successful novel in many ways CuriousI had no The Shadow Reader expectations when I started this book having not heard of it or the author before After a few pages I was a little worried it would turn into some old guys condescending view of the hippies written at the very moment when hippies were starting to become big cultural stars The book is written as a series of journalntries composed by Gloria who renames herself Witch in the course of the story and the language is so Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies earnest Gloria and her friend the awkward gay teen boy John who renames himself Roy are at first so naive soarnest so uick to affirm ach other Nd she finds it In this major new bestseller the author of Midnight Cowboy brings vividly ,

I re read this book from 1972 that chronicles the lives of Gloria "and Johnteenaged hippies Gloria is an arth mother wanna be and John is "Johnteenaged hippies Gloria is an The Power Of A Choice earth mother wanna be and John is the draft Mr Herlihy writes this book as if he s lived this life of peace love drugs and revolution Filled with believable characters andvents I was surprised to realize at the nd of the book that the story covers only a two month time span If you want to live through the times of the Vietnam War Timothy Leary and Abbie Hoffman This Is A Great is a great Gives one a chance to re live those times or become immersed in that time and culture as a learning xperience I honestly have a hard time xplaining why I njoyed this novel There should have been so much about it that made me go What am I reading Is this a book about politics marijuana incest government teenagers utopia or the insanity of one girl There was so much this book did an The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right excellent job ofxplaining without feeling like you needed to choke on detailsWitch the name the main character takes on when she runs away from home tells the whole novel from her point of view as she writers it in her diary She and her best friend John Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling escape to New York after he s received his draft letter in September of 1969 In New York they meet people like them against the war but pro smoking marijuana and talk The whole novel is a lot of discussions between people and their thoughts and what they believe a perfect society would be Meanwhile Witch finds her father and tries to get the communist to join her side of thinking Thending is disappointing there is no resolution to anything really but at the same time it completely works for the novel The novel was never about a hard plot that had a clear beginning middle and an nd The novel was about Witch and how her interactions with others affected her thoughts and process Written in 1971 the novel is great and how her interactions with others affected her thoughts and process Written in 1971 the novel is great into what some were thinking during the war though it is still a fictitious and to be taken with a grain of saltReasons to Read Excellent storytelling from a high 17 year old character that keeps in character rather than giving voice to Herlihy You njoy a little bit of history through the yes of cloud smoke You njoy older novelsReasons Not To Read Incest becomes a major plot point The characters aren t all that sympathetic No Resolution in the nd This book was published in 1971 the year I graduated high school and pretty much the year I became a full fledged hippie I don t know why I have put off reading it so long I guess in part it was a fear of disappointment And honestly my xperiences were so very different from Gloria s the main character s who renames herself Witch that although I could relate to most of the vents in the book they were uite different from my life Gloria s journal covers mostly her xperiences in 1969 when she was 16 years old which is the same age I was that year However Gloria and her best friend John renamed Roy run away to New York City because his draft number came up and he didn t want to go to Vietnam so he decided to go undergroundTheir initial adventures in the city are pretty grim until they find a home in a sort of urban commune There are a variety of characters there and some of the things they do like smoking marijuana and dropping acid are things that I and my friends did too I never dropped acid I knew my brain was already too messed up and I was afraid acid would send me over the Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. edge But marijuana was a mellow high And we too believed that if people turned on learned to get high and listened to the message of the music love your brother and sister if people syes were just opened to the power of love there would truly be peace on Earth Yes folks we actually believed that until Watergate revealed how corrupt and unscrupulous our leaders ven here in the United States actually were There are many opinions about when the. You call her Gloria She calls herself 'Witch' Looking for life in New York's East Village ,
Hat it seems like a set up as though the author is with us winking at their sillinessBut Herlihy takes a difficult path He xplores the characters unfolding their layers sending them out into a world that is both dangerous and Accepting Witch And Roy Run Away From Witch and Roy run away from suburban Detroit homes and nd up in New York where after some hard ncounters they find a soft place to land a communal home supported by a rich psychoanalyst who is also turned on in one of the book s recurrent phrases meaning hip to the New Age ideas Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, espoused by the hippies He is married but the couple is also sleeping with another of the women in the house They all smoke pot and drop acid but nothing harder They worry about how to make rules in their future utopia a place that should be free from rules and also are anxious about how to live now What to do when one of their housemates turns out to be a speed freak and dealer Throw him out Love him anywayThat worry is part of the reason that the book works the characters are not stock hippies butngaged thinking feeling changing people The other reason the biggest reason is that Witch s voice rings so true She can be ironic ruthlessly dissecting her own motivations as well as those of others around her always on the hunt for hypocrisy but then having identified it looking for ways past itShe s also on a dangerous uest She s looking for the father who abandoned her and to her mind represents her true lineage her mother married wealthy and has given herself to the plastic culture of twentieth century America Her father is a communist professor in New York He can be a bit of a stereotype in the story an old guard communist confused by the new peace and love generation but he does try and he provides some comic relief Once she finds him Witch s uest becomes Il morto di Maigret even dangerous she plans to sleep with himThe future she imagines on an acid trip will be bright and perfect But it isn t Rather than sleep with her father she confesses their blood relations which understandably sends him for a loop She returns to her mother and the conclusion of their relationship is simple stark and has none of the book sarlier sentimentality they decide to give up on one anotherThe book itself is probably A Little Too Long But little too long but s voice is so assured that it s not much of an issue She s a developing writer and the book shows the growing confidence and skill in her craft At the same time like so many other 20th century novels Season of the Witch becomes a book about the act of writing and whether it amounts to anything specially compared to the actual living of life and xperiencing of its highs both chemically induced and otherwise I found this book in a very classic movie "This Is How I Found "is how I found favorite book way shopping in a flea market one day I picked the book up because its plain black cover interested me I also bought several other books that day and I thought hey I might actually like some of these and began reading the one on top which happened to be this book Wonderful novel it truly mbodies the feeling of living in NYC in 1969 I felt free and like the possibilities were ndless yet constantly reminded of the troubles of the real world Couldn t have been written any better 30 years later I am still uoting from this book about a young woman in search of her birth father during the turbulent late 1960 s It really seemed to capture the spirit of the times and was Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition even better than Midnight Cowboy by the same author This almost read like a contemporary YA novel albeit a YA novel written by Melanie You forget how intense the late Sixties must have been and how beautifully carried away people got so many of them searching for a different system of living Season Of The Witch is at times so dated that you feel both massivelymbarrassed for it and kind of protective over it like you would with an overly O life the revolution of the permissive society the world of youth free love drugs and dang. ,

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Season of the Witch