Free (Reading for Their Life) author Alfred W. Tatum

Reading for Their LifeT work for certain groups of students After reading this book I now Know That For Most that for most American adolescent males struggling to study iteracy their education needs to be completely rethought 3 stars because I Felt Like This Read Way Like felt ike this read way ike dissertation than a how to for teachers This text s primary focus is on shifting our philosophical approach to educating African American adolescent males Although Tatum shares a few instructional practice ideas there s not much meat here as far as designing curriculum I believe the ack of practice ideas is intentional as one of Tatum s over arching arguments is that we do not need to teach African American adolescent males any differently than we teach any other students Instead of practice Tatum shares his thinking on how and why we are underserving African American adolescent males and ideas for how we can use powerful texts to engage and enable African American adolescent malesI would say this text is incredibly important for every educator to read however you need to know up This was a recommended text for teachers for unit 2 of our 6th grade curriculum Even though it was recommended the district wasn t ready

to pay for 
pay for so I bought it off The author made me feel both dumb and empowered He approaches reading differently than I do with different strategies He s obviously read African American iterature than I For years though I ve felt The Seduction of Miranda Prosper like there was that I could do I think he gave me some of the tools I needI ve beeneft with The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy lots to ponder I also have aong ist of books to order for my classroom and to read for my own edification This is not just about instruction it s also about cultur. Ningful texts at the core of a challenging curriculum engage readers in the curriculum through essential uestions writing and self assessment African American males are not engaged in a great conspiracy to fail themselves writes Tatum They continue to underperform in school as they wait for educators to get it right Join Alfred Tatum use Reading for Their Life and strive for a way to sueeze enabling texts for every ounce of possibility they contain for advancing the iteracy development of African American adolescent malesGet information on the state of education for African American males read Yes We Can The 2010 Schott 50 State Report on Black Males in Public Education. Especially and most specifically African American adolescent males build textual ineages that bring them identity resilience relationships and agency This is a males build textual ineages that bring them identity resilience relationships and agency This is a researched piece that shows how teachers can help all students although this work is focused exclusively on African American adolescent malesby introducing them to the concept of Textual Lineage I am completely on board with Tatum s idea of carefully considering a text before you use it in class he pushes instructors to use enabling texts texts that build resiliency in African American male students which is something I subconsciously tried to do but will now be much intentional about While I value his theory I wish his book had e Tatum is really on to something with his institutes for African American adolescent boys and his ideas about enabling texts and creating textual ingeages I ike the fact that this book exists that researchers are studying and taking action steps forwith a studying and taking action steps forwith a that in my opinion through my experiences is in the most precarious socioeconomiceducational situation At times this book felt ike a personal platform for Tatum to share his own experiences and revelations read poetry and that s not an entirely bad thing Education professionals would do well to pick it up however and use it to explore their own approaches and assumptions about African American adolescent males I really enjoyed reading this book As much as this book focuses on African American adolescent males and Theres Always a Trail / Home in the Valley literacy I believe that the book s implications extend beyond this small group of students All teachers should be aware of how their particular practices may hinder benefit or no. Sonal resiliency inside and outside schoolIn Reading for Their Life Tatum takes a bold step beyond Teaching Reading to Black Adolescent Males He shows how teachers can encourage adolescent African American males to connect with reading by defining who they are through textualineages texts with significance carefully chosen for instruction because they are useful to young black males and because they matter With works ranging from Up from Slavery and Sounder to the contemporary Handbook for Boys Tatum helps youunderstand what adolescent African American male readers need select enabling texts that have worked in Tatum's own teaching build textual ineages by putting mea. This is such an important book and Tatum s discussion of textual ineage may be my final exam "Uestionwhat Books Matter To You "books matter to you significance to you as a reader shaped your ife and your reading helped you think about your ife were the roadmaps for being doing thinking acting I don t understand his graphic organizers of this concept but I The Everyman Book of Nonsense Verse love the idea of asking students all students about those books that make a differenceI wouldove to see Tatum in the classroom You can tell from his writing that he s fierce and demanding and supportive You can see that he s fierce and demanding and supportive You can
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means it he says It s not about their iteracy developmen it s about their ives I Ten Years Beyond Baker Street: loved reading his creative short stories and poems as well He truly is a teacher who walks the walk I woul challenge teachers to find those texts that matter to all students African American males included Let no one or nothing make you a poor teacher needs to be engraved in the walls of every teachersounge so we can remember what s at stakeHe challenges us to do our best work and to expect our students best work as well It is not our skin color that interrupts effective iteracy instruction but how we view the role of iteracy instruction in schoolsReading the sonnet was The Essential Library for New Moms 4-Book Bundle: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; The Baby Food Bible; Infant Massage; Colic Solved less about Shakespeare s survival than it was about his the student s ownWe need to achieve a balance between strategies that enable and texts that engageAfrican American males are not engaged in a great conspiracy to fail themselvesFour Platforms for Progress Defining self Becoming resilient Engaging others Building capacityTatum has theiteracy framework as well as the strategies to help any willing educator support any The Triangle of Truth: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Largeand Small learner but. Because African American adolescent males and face their own challenges they must identify texts that mark their times and theirives If we create opportunities for this to happen they will not only begin to trust the texts they will begin to trust us too Then maybe we'll hear one of them say Education is on our side ' or 'I used to keep it gutter but now I am all good' This is my hope Alfred Tatum No reading strategy no iteracy program no remediation will close the achievement gap for adolescent African American males These efforts will continue to fail our students says Alfred Tatum until reading instruction is anchored in meaningful texts that build academic and per.