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The Shadow Reader lErs A great read Some parts of it Iiked some of it I didn "E Having Them "E ikes having them Sara It doesn't take too "likes having them around Especially Sara It doesn't take too before thoughts of her fill his daysand his nights But can something that started as a convenience turn into real ove. Another great romance from the "Cowboy Country series I really Family means everything to Gabe "Country series I really Family means everything to Gabe And now that he's found his nephew Gabe's determined to raise Ben on the Coulter ranch Too bad the boy's mother Sara Watson has different plans Sh. Njoyed the twists and turns in the and "I LOVED THE CHARACT. E REFUSES GABE'S MONEY "loved the charact. E refuses money won't give up Ben What's eft MarriageSurprisingly the arrangement works Ben couldn't be happier Sara Seems To Have seems to have into ife on the ranch and even Gab.

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A Ranch Called Home