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story and The ReaderIt S A readerIt s a read Full of joy for soccer the technicalities of the game and of life the need for belief in yourself and the impossible and the joy in success It s ite a surprising read that runs the gamut of emotions and turns highly recommended I really enjoyed the mystical realism aspects of this book It s a solid sports book that delves into the spirituality that many people experience with sports I ve re read this book a few times since the first time I picked this Good Friends, Good Guns, Good Whiskey up and I ve enjoyed this as much each time If you ve ever been into soccerfootball I definitely think this is a worth read I got this young adult novel for my daughter to read but endedp reading it myself It s Confident of Better Things uite annusual story Keeper is set Language up as a first person narrative by El Gato the nickname of the world s greatest soccer player He is being interviewed by a journalist named Paul Faustino El Gato relates his boyhood journey and transformation into an almost supernaturally gifted goalkeeper Faustino is skeptical and wonders if he s being lied toIt is a strange tale El Gato is the son of a poor logger who lives in a village at the edg It s a 1001 book and I found an ebook of it available there s no other reason I decided to read it today I knew it was about soccer and I honestly can t think of something I like to read about less than sportsBut it is a 1001 book And it was available today And it is short So I plunged inAndI liked it I liked it a lotIt s the story of a boy who lives with his family in the South American jungle who learns how to play soccer from a mysterious figure in the wild The boy is good so good that he is recruited to play pro soccer and eventually wins the World Cup This book is an interview between the boy now thirty and a sports reporter I found myself me a person who knows almost nothing about soccer fascinated with the story of the boy his family soccer the mysterious coach I can t wait to share it with a person out there who actually likes sports 301218 read 021115 i did not then and do not now have any argument that promotes this to five stars i just did it is called the world s game and the beautiful game but then my love is almost entirely as spectator sure i played as kid not sure if we had actual positions or i just liked wanderingpfield and so this book might to educate experienced readers where the game is a big deal seem thin or contrived as any of those sports heroes bio films ever seen but i like this weird fantasysportmysticism and the exposure of making myth this is how i would like to imagine the players the play the games the emotions i remember discussing with girl about relative merits of art we were at some ballet and sport i had wanted to watch something not very important she claimed art always expressed some emotions summoned love mourning etc i said the only difference was that in sports you never know the ending less the emotions you will have getting there and i was really living through the most boring three hours in monkey suit with beauty beside me but then she had come to some game for me maybe my love of sport is too much to the art end beautiful losses Misfortune Cookies (When the Fat Ladies Sing ugly wins to team or player or season narratives but this book works both for me Before I go into the details of this review I feel it ought to be said that I have been a footballsoccer goalkeeper for just about 16 years now come to think of it that s half of my life I was browsing casually for football related literature and amidst the pool of typical football oldstar biographies Keeper by Mal Peet stood outThe first thing I noticed about it was its fiction nature the second that it was given the tagline of a book for adolescentsTo mytmost shame I have to admit that the latter fact turned me off a little So I merely made a mental note about Keeper and moved onIt was only after adding it in Goodreads some one or two months later and reviewing some of the reviews it had gotten that I decided to actually get and read itI learned that perhaps the only thing adolescent about Keeper is its length 224 pages The Book itself is a wonderful fictional read for any football enthusiast such as myselfThe story of the book revolves around the now greatest football goalkeeper of all times El Gato who after single handedly winning the FIFA world cup for his team is meeting a popular south american sports journalist to give an exclusive interviewThe narration alternates between a dialogue of the two men and a monologue by Gato whenever he recalls his life and. Al goalkeeper who single handedly brought his team the World Cup the seasoned reporter Unraveling Josh (Ellery College, uickly learns that this will be no ordinary story Instead the legendary El Gato narrates a spellbinding tale that begins in the South American rainforest wher. What the little snippet in Goodreads about this book doesn t tell you is that it s a reallyite weird mixture of sports story and supernatural mystery with a bonus ecological message All of which sounds like a lot to swallow as does the description of Pett s even better Exposure when described as a retelling of Hamlet in the context of contemporary celebrity culture and lingering racism but Keeper is an engrossing readThe book opens with El Gato keeper for the team that has just won the football world cup sitting down for an interview with sport journalist Paul Faustino Faustino is expecting material for a handy exclusive about the nail biting final that will win favour with his boss but El Gato takes the interview in A Consortium of Worlds uite a different direction He begins with a vivid but seemingly normal account of his childhood in a logging town on the verge of the South American rainforest and hisselessness in the pick p games that the village kids play after school At this point he is not El Gato the cat but La Ciguena the stork staggering like a drunken goat around the pitchThen one day out exploring the forest to avoid the shame of failing continually in front of the other kids he stumbles on a clearing a flat green paddock and a single set of goal posts And a mysterious flickering figure the KeeperThe Keeper transforms La Ciguena into El Gato through relentless training and some magically written scenes involving the rainforest The magic isn t just in the supernatural storyline it s also in the descriptions of the training and the games Great sports writing any great factual descriptive writing leaves you with a deep desire to apply your new found insight to the subject matter for yourself Keeper has made me want to watch a game of soccer for the first time in years to see how the goalie play the players and the game Maybe 45 I always struggle with rating young adult books I felt this one is good for all ages It might even need older readers not because the content is mature it just felt like a serious book Writing was excellent Just the right amount of soccer and story Love soccer Then this book is for you Keeper by Mal Peet is a great book that will take you on an adventure like no other Keeper follows El Gato a boy who grows p in a small Keeper follows El Gato a boy who grows p IN A SMALL AMERICAN VILLAGE AND a small American village and a strange ghost like figure that trains him to become the best goalkeeper in the world This book is very well written but I would have liked it even if it had detail on El Gato s time while he lived in San Juan and played for the club team there and of a description of where the village he lived in was and what it was "like but otherwise than that it was a very good book My favorite "but otherwise than that it was a very good book My favorite of this book is how well Mal Peet develops El Gato s relationships with others and how he feels about certain things this development of El Gato really allows the reader to become attached to him and draw the reader into the book even This book also accurately depicts the life in a small forest village and how the role of men and women is much different there than in our society Keeper is a great balance of fantasy diversity and the beautiful game of soccer This is a must read book for every soccer player or anyone who wants a fun and thrilling book I am not and will not ever be a soccer buff but this book gave me an appreciation for the game that I definitely did not possess beforehand Peet has written a novel that weaves mysticism and football into one package that takes surprising turnsAlternating between current day and El Gato s childhood the reader is taken on a journey from his knobbly kneed talentless beginnings to his World Cup winning present It s a vivid journey one where every event is written in action packed detail that allows you to be in the moment The characters are expertly depicted El Gato is a character that evolves beautifully like a caterpillar into a butterfly nder the tutelage of the mysterious Keeper In the end soccerfootball is a metaphor for life embrace your vulnerability and fear work your butt off and stay open to opportunities and good things will comeIf there was anything to ibble it would be the scenes in present day Some of the dialogue felt a little flat for me almost like it was an ntruth At time it was easy to resent Faustino and his interference into the nravelling past of El Gato Perhaps this was the goal of Peet for the journalist to add a splash of reality to the magical tale of the boy and the shadow As the readers we want to return to the jungle to the Keeper to El Gato s journey as soon as possible It. This stirring adventure a soccer story a ghost story defies expectations Both lyrical and gripping KIRKUS REVIEWS starred reviewWhen Paul Faustino of LA NACION flips on his tape recorder for an exclusive interview with El Gato the phenomen.
Framing Empire Mind the Gap The Circuit of Apollo Profitable Routines
How he came to be the man that he is todayIndeed El Gato has come a long way to be the grand sportsman that he is now He confesses into the reporter that in order to become a great football player he had to actually give p on playing football first When I read these words I was as confused as you may be now but those challenging words only serve to draw you into the story and the world of the KeeperKeeper is an adventurous at times very magical story about the coming of age that every human being experiences and no two Experiences Of That Are of that kind are sameWe about
the childhood home 
childhood home Gato in South America a rain forestjungle logging camp that serves as the home to the families of the men that work as loggers there Mal Peet manages to describe both the forest and the loggers work in a vivid authentic way It is hard work to cut the forest down to push back nature on soil that has been claimed by it many many years before Man has even set foot on it As such the only respite there is for anyone in El Gato s home camp is football the elderly watch football games on a small TV set together whenever they need not work and the younger ones do of course play football themselves dusty and bare feeted football games those are of course there is nothing glamorous about it but it makes them happy for a while And moments of happiness they need to fade out the cruel and hard working environment that is their logging camp The children s football games however do not excite one young boy one called El Cigueno the stork and one who would eventually be called El Gato the cat the protagonist Back then and out of frustration over his lacking football skills the boy one day wanders off into the rain forest on a route he s never taken before To his surprise he ends Nascars Wildest Wrecks up on a clearing in the middle of the forest something verynusual and even A Land More Kind Than Home unusual is the football goal that is on that makeshift football pitch This is the place where a mysterious person appears a goalkeeper obviously who takes itpon himself to mentor young El Cigueno and have him become El Gato the world s greatest goalkeeperKeeper was a complete joy to read I realise that may be so because I m a football addict but still I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in sportsThe descriptions of the football play are action packed and vividly narrated you cannot help but re enact the scenes inside the book in your head and it is so accurate it is astonishing The emotions and thoughts going through El Gato s mind whenever he plays are surprisingly close to what I tend to feel and think during a game I remember than a few moments when I had a smile on my face while reading the book since it all called so close to home The sports related narrations of the book are top notchThe mystery parts of the book are compelling as well especially since they are closely related to the rain forest That setting made everything that much enigmatic for me It was fairly obvious where the book was headed story wise but nevertheless I felt this never decreased my enjoyment of it I believe that is due to the lyrical perhaps even magical nature of the narration I cannot truly put my finger on it but after turning the last page I sincerely wished that the story would not have come to an end yet I wanted to return to the clearing in the rain forest to El Gato and his mysterious mentor and train football with them You may think this book is predictable but you re in for a rude awakening Keeper is an amazing story told by El Gato himself and his story of the mysterious keeper It is an excellent gratifying soccer adventure with drama This book contains easy to read material but enjoyable If you ever thought you weren t able to do something then this book is an inspiring self confident motivating inspiration This book will leave you with a jaw dropping surprise at the end The author portrays the characters well through out the story they never change who they are just the way they look at themselves The Keeper and El Gato have the passion for the game itself Soccer This book is about a young boy who finds himself no good for soccer A friend of his helps him with his no good stills to only become the worlds best Goal Keeper The book talks about the vulnerability of a keeper and an opponent with great tips on how to read the game itself This Book has taught me how to look at field form a different perspective I have learned many things but Keeper led me into the goalies mind I enjoyed the book and gave me confidence on how to challenge my self to be a better soccer playe. E a ghostly but very real mentor the Keeper emerges to teach a poor gawky boy the most thrilling secrets of the game A seamless blend of magic realism and exhilarating soccer action this evocative novel will haunt readers long after the story ends. ,