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Impressed by the performance of a circus magician intellectually curious Freddy resolves to learn magic When the animals meet Zingo However He Dismays Them however he dismays them shamelessly bragging of his international fame a performance that has been iven before all the crowned heads of Europe that has won deafening applause in every first class theatre and insulting Mrs Wiggins the cow your fat silly face ives me acute indigestion When Zingo s magic hat is lost Presto the magician s white rabbit enlists Freddy to recover it When Presto Claims Falsely That Presto claims falsely that magician has fired him the kind hearted Bean animals make him at home on the Bean farm To reciprocate Presto ives Freddy magic lessons Freddy finds the magic hat inside of which is money that Zingo had stolen from the circus The novel s plot culminates in Freddy s and Zingo s on stage competition in magic prowess Zingo loses ignominiously and Freddy s friend Leo the circus lion frightens Zingo into fleeing town As in FREDDY AND THE SPACE SHIP Freddy the Pig utilizes his skills as a detective to expose and expel a villain who preys on Centerboro animals and humans In Brooks fictional world Zingo and Presto are stock characters unscrupulous outsiders who prey upon the innocent unsuspecting residents of Centerboro Brooks Freddy books popular in the 1940 s and 50 s display the mandatory didacticism characteristic of children s books of the time Because Freddy continues to enchant readers of all ages today it is worth examining Brooks moral universe In THE RHETORIC OF FICTION Wayne C Booth maintains that a reader s willingness to embrace a novel s implied value system is far important than a reader s willing suspension of di. In Freddy the Magician Freddy who has won so many admirers in his roles of detective pied piper editor eneral advisor to the animals on the Bean Farm and always poet will fascinate his readers in his rol. Freddy the Magician Freddy the Pig SeriesAND THE SPACE SHIP the Midwestern #BISMUTHS ARE INTRUDERS IN UPSTATE NEW #are intruders in upstate New FREDDY AND THE SPACE SHIP and FREDDY THE MAGICIAN end similarly when the evil outsiders are forced to leave Centerboro on a bus Though Mr Bismuth SPACE SHIP and Zingo MAGICIAN are criminals they do not belong in the Centerboro jail Zingo and Bismuth would contaminate an environment so pleasant that one recently released criminal steals a chicken In Order To Play On The Jail S Baseball Team order to play on the jail s baseball team Freddy s fictional milieu teaches compassion to the smallesst Centerboro resident Freddy s fictional milieu teaches compassion to the smallesst Centerboro resident are all too often stereotypical villains The Freddy books alas teach suspicion of eographical outsiders I ve always loved this one It was super funny He becomes a magician There s a hurricane at the beginning of the book and a magician loses his hat and so a rabbit is like I ll teach you magic if you ll find his hat So he finds it so the rabbit teaches him magic Delightful as usual We all love the Freddy books although our library only has a certain selection of them so we had to purchase this one Fun Children s BookI read the Freddy the Pig books in elementary school and decided after lo these many years to reread them Still fun Silly but fun We loved this book Senor Zingo it about the most villainous villain in any of the Freddy books It was hard to stop at the end of some chapters because of the cliff hangersAs with all the Freddy books I do edit a bit as I read to the How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead grandkids Sometimes a character will tell the other to Shut up which I change to Be uiet Also I tone down Henrietta s hen pecking of her husband Charles I know conscientious Grandma Onto Freddy the Pied Piper next week I Liked it. Udulent magician who comes to entertain the unsuspecting inhabitants of the nearby town of Centerboro REVIEW Freddy is simply one of thereatest characters in children's literature School Library Journal. .

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Sbelief In Booth s terms it is less important that a child accept talking animals per se than that she buy into the value system of Freddy s implied author values that underlie Cemterboro s harmonious humananimal cooperationThe Freddy books celebrate modesty selflessness and empathy In FREDDY THE MAGICIAN the cat Minx is punished for her self centered boasting when the Bean animals pretend she is invisible Charles the rooster in love with his own oratory is periodically chastened What for me however is most endearing about Freddy is his championship of underdogs Freddy is unfailing ready to rescue any exploited creature no matter how lowly IN MAGICIAN FREDDY GOES FREDDY THE MAGICIAN FREDDY GOES FLORIDA and AND MR Freddy displays compassion for insects tiny creatures that humans and animals routinely ignore or kill The insects Freddy rescues aid him in crises In FREDDY THE MAGICIAN Zingo has connived to eat for free at Ollie Groper s Centerboro hotel by planting insects caterpillars and spiders in his food loudly proclaiming that the hotel is contaminated When Freddy releases them from an airless box they along with the Bean mice Eek Eeny uik and Cousin Augustus assist Freddy in his magic competition with Zingo Freddy wins the duel against the experienced magician because mice and insects sabotage Zingo s tricks and aid Freddy s performance In an era of authoritarian parenting Brooks child readers must have identified with small life forms treated as second class citizensA consideration of the moral universe of the Freddy books would unfortunately be incomplete without noting their odd xenophobia In FREDDY THE MAGICIAN Zingo and Presto are devious Italians in FREDDY. E of magician With the help of Jinx the cat and Jinx's sister Minx as well as many other well known animals on the Bean Farm Freddy pulls some wonderful tricks not the least of which is outwitting the fra.
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