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Ading trip to Italy with the reusite uirky characters history food I got my recipe for supper last night it pasta with got my recipe for supper last night from it pasta with and oil and my after supper company as well I met up with Salvatore who owns Il Buco The Hole Il Buco is located on one of the shortest narrowest and darkest streets in Sutri True to its name and location it is a the shortest narrowest and darkest streets in Sutri True to its name and location it is a dug out of the side of a building as if the building had been operated on years before and the wound had not properly closedThe dining room of Il Buco has no than five tables with the rest of the room taken up in order of increasing size by the refrigerator Salvatore and the fireplace On the walls of Il Buco originally white now covered in a smoke gray patina are three small paintings one of which is a portrait of a woman who appears to be gagging on a sausage The painter was a woman who realized some notoriety during her lifetime and who Salvatore calims dined at Il BucoDespite the great amounts of heat and smoke generated by the fireplace Salvatore stands his ground sliding meat in and out of the flames his arms down the throat of the fire The firedoes not affect Salvatore He is its master Salvatore is Vulcan This book is a uick read only 200 pages but full of amusing anecdotes and Italian ccentrics an interesting mix of historical fact and myth as well as the author s reflections on life in a small hilltop town called Sutri Sutri is in the Tuscia where I live so the book was of particular interest This region xtends from Rome up to the borders of Tuscany in the north Umbria to the ast and the coast to the west The largest city in the region is Viterbo and Sutri an attractive hill town in the countryside is an ual distance between there and Rome The inhabitants of the Tuscia are in general unassuming people and tend to be suspicious of stranieri foreigners which is probably one of the reasons that the region is still relatively undiscovered a treasure trove of Etruscan antiuities and nature at its most Ing bean growers vanishing philosophers a blind bootmaker a porcupine hunter among whom he feels unexpectedly at home. I adored it It is a witty and charming book filled with deep insight I love how the author portrayed himself Its a great read AND WHILE SHORT STILL WONDERFUL I while short still wonderful I recommend Rips is lead to Sutri Italy a town north of Rome that claims an Etruscan Rips is lead to Sutri Italy a town north of Rome that claims an Etruscan Most of the book is about the odd characters he meets in his short time living in Sutri I agree most with the comments Rips loves absurdity and a uirky travel memoir Heavy on weirdness not so much on mainstream Italian culture Reminds me of the grotesues in Sherwood Anderson s short stories Not like any place I ve visited but perhaps I have not gotten deeply into any Italian community yetAdditional note I ve just completed a nine week trip to Italy I could perhaps have found oddball characters but for the most part I met really wonderful people with whom I would love to create community I also saw some really strange people like the young man who rode his bicycle into Piazza Matteotti in Greve in Chianti shouting hurrahs to his favorite soccer calcio players Oh that I could plop myself down in the townsuare of this place where horses are but cars not allowed so that I could watch the idosyncratic people of this uaint town of Sutri not too many miles distance wise but a world apart from their neighbors the Romans other Italians and pretty much the rest of us and listen in on the the conversations that comprehensibly make no sense The town boasts a blind bootmaker a hunter of the the conversations that comprehensibly make no sense The town boasts a blind bootmaker a hunter of ndangered porcupine who hunts driving at night down a wooded road with his car lights turned off a lesbian couple who goes to great lengths to fool Black Heart, Red Ruby everyone having no idea they have not been successfultc There is no nd to the uirky traits of these horse meat ating bean growing warring philosophizing proud lovable SutriniI liked best how reviewer Rex Roberts of Insight said it Reading Pasuale s Nose becomes very much like sitting around a dinner table listening to friends tell their best yarns replete with whimsical xagge. Everywhere hailed for its uirkiness its hilarity its charm Pasuale's Nose tells the story of a New York City lawyer Rations Reading this book made for a cozy vening spent with my newly made Sutrini friends I managed to get a third of the way through this book and decided not to waste any time on it Truly bizarre characters and situations that aren t amusing in the least They certainly were Idle days in this small town and at times I could feel myself there His discriptions were sometimes for me incomplete I wanted so much but he summed it up beautifullySutri is a small town and we don t want them to leave Where Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey else would they goWhat we think is not what they are thinking at all Can these stories and people all be real Either way Rips captivated me in the telling And reading this made me want to visit Italy thanver Very very strange An unusual man Mr Michael Rips originally of Nebraska gets scammed by his wife into moving out of his comfort zone in NY a hotel he mainly only ver lives in hotels to a house on a cliff in Sutri Italy His wife is an artist who paints surrounded by bees Michael is a layabout philosopherwriterfoodie who tells us about the ven odder inhabitants of Sutri Italy A very insular and inbred Michael uses the word archaic village of people near Rome You can catch the bus to Rome from archaic village of people near Rome You can catch the bus to Rome from by buying a ticket from a guy named Dirty but leave an ЯED extra 12 hour for Dirty to walk the few feet from the cash register to the ticket drawer I imagine that Mr Rips isxaggerating and poking fun at the people of Sutri although all is probably true to some degree Except maybe that thing about his brother who disappeared into the basement when the author was 8 never to be seen again What uite a bit of bizarre Sutrian Estruscan Roman history in here Strange but interesting little book This book is a catchy little number that keeps the reader smiling from page one to the back cover If only we could all revel in the unabashed celebration of human nature like the people of the peninsula known as Italy Very amusing and warm hearted Just read a chapter A uick re. Ho runs away to a small Etruscan village with his wife and new baby and discovers a community of true ccentrics warr.

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