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Trying to knock her up bc prophecyUgh2 Eugenie is a great urban fantasy heroineShe s well trained and efficient She fearlessly confronts Fae interlopers in the human world protecting those who can t protect themselves She s a little bit damaged but instead of whining or feeling sorry for herself she embraces her inner snark Professionally she s ust likableBUTShe s also udgmental as hell and stupid enough in her romantic relationships that you wish her evil minion Volusian was free to do all the terrible things he threatens to do to her Ughhhh3 Dorian is friggin HOTSeriously The King of the Autumn Court is one of my all time favorite book boyfriends and he will remain one regardless of how much the rest of this world depreciates Long auburn hair reminiscent of the trees outside hung around him highlighted with every shade of red and gold conceivable He could have been autumn incarnate He had the most perfect skin I d ever seen in such a vivid redhead smooth and ivory with no freckles or rosy color A cloak of forest green velvet covered unremarkable dark pants and a loose white button up shirt He had well shaped cheekbones and delicate features Even if I didn t have a thing for gingers which I totally do I would worship at Dorian s alter bc beyond all his red and gold glory his kink ust some light bondage people don t get nervous is off the charts sexy Off The Charts BUTKiyo flares nostrilsAs much as I love Dorian I hate with eual fervor the self righteous half kitsune who enables Eugenie s early refusal to accept her heritage UghhhhhhhhAnd she can t make up her damn mind between the two of them SPOILER ALERT the entire four book series is nearly over before she finally choosesIt s extremely vexingAnd that s it in a nutshell For everything I love there s a counterpart that I hate But my love of the good things is so great that I can t stop reading her Which makes me hate myself a little bit If there s such a thing as a dysfunctional relationship with an author or series this is it Read at your own risk Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestWhen I was a teenager and did not know the difference between good fiction and bad fiction I used to sit and read stories on this site called uizilla which funnily enough mostly had bad fiction There I read a lot of anime fanfiction and original fiction paranormal romance stories usually involving vampires or demons One of the common themes The heroine was nearly always a virgin and whoever won the sexual racelottery and got to have sex with her first usually unlocked some sort of magical sex triggered super power that would help them rule the world So obviously the heroines in these stories got kidnapped andor threatened with rape a lot because this is what immortals do scope out Craigslist ads that say Me human girl with magical hoo ha You evil demonic overlord who wants to get some Let s drag this psychodrama out for 80k words or so or until the author grows up and gets bored Why do I bring this upSTORM BORN was literally that bad fic from my childhood retold Eugenie Markham is a Ghostbuster of the Otherworld which is cool but it turns out she s also the daughter of a really powerful immortal and there s a prophecy that states that if someone has sex with her and gets her pregnant their heir will rule the world What does this mean For the majority of the book nearly every single male character the heroine encounters tries to rape her Every Single One There s also two heroes identifiable by the fact that they do not rape the heroine thank God I don t like love triangles and this one is pretty bad There s Kiyo a half Japanese half Latino kitsune who s this boring nice guy who likes to be dominant in the bedroom sort of and then there s Dorian a faerie king who s this boring player guy who likes to be dominant in the bedroom sort of Also he has a rope fetish I didn t really like either of them They were bland although Dorian was the better of the two This made me so upset because the heroes in Vampire Academy were so broody and attractive so I know she can write good heroes They Husband for Hire just weren t present hereThis is actually my second time reading STORM BORN I read it for the first time when I was in college and really liked it I gave it 35 stars rounded up to 4 Now after reading it again I m kind of wondering what my 21 year old self was thinking STORM BORN is incredibly problematic and notust because of the rape plot She has a roommate who pretends to be Native American to score with babes ugh and everyone calls him Indian UGH and it s portrayed as soooo uirky you guys ha ha cultural appropriation is so funny UGH At one point after she and Dorian have rope bondage sex she tells him that she feels uncomfortable because bondage is basically rape Um no it isn t Also NO IT ISN T I thought that was an incredibly shitty thing to say especially since she was the one who asked for the rope in the first place He corrects her and explains but still ewDon t even get me started on the whole Jasmine plotline either That was grossI tried to think about how I wanted to rate this book because some of the sex scenes were okay and there was a lot of creativity that went into building this world Mead doesn t ust stick to the usual cannon of werewolves and vampires she did her research and came up with some characters you normally don t see in paranormal fiction But there was also a lot of stuff that was ust really there was also a lot of stuff that was ust really worthy or badly done in this book and I couldn t in good conscience give it anything higher than a 2 It was fun reading a story that could have been straight out of my teen years but they re the teen years for a reason You grow up move on and find something betterUNFORTUNATELY someone ie me bought all four books in this series because they were bundled together for 299 it Was A Really Good a really good okay so I guess I ll see you on the other side2 stars Did you hear that sound That sound right there Okay well it s either the sound of my heart forsaking Mead for all eternity or there s a murderer whose broken into your house and is SNEAKING UP BEHIND YOU Look over your shoulder ust to check that I m wrong You know you want to do itStorm Born the tragic tale of a woman forced by cruel fate to be hit on by ALL the men Yes That s what this story is about Okay there are fairies and she has to recover some damsel in distress but basically the novel is about Eugenie s love lifeI suppose my problem with Dark Born is that all of Mead s washed up tried and not so true tropes are here Again Strong heroine who will undoubtedly end the series as a complete moron sexy hero who heroine loves though nobody really knows why Secondary sexy love interest who is way awesome than sexy hero and who Mead spends far time fleshing out a real relationship with the heroine but who is apparently not the heroine s twue loff For reasons completely unknown I will inevitably like this love interest far than the banal and boring love interest Mead champions The one thing I ll say about this novel is that Mead writes good sex That s her one redeeming virtue She writes gripping interesting characters a rich world and stories that hint at great possibilities but Mead absolutely sucks at the follow through The difference with this novel is that I m not interested in following through to watch her crash and burn yet another series This novel reminded me of a uote by Dan Hemmens from Ferretbrain Rape is not the occupational hazard of having a vaginaThank you Now I ll address the fictional critics in my head by saying that yes Mead gave all these douches a reason to rape the protagonist that wasn t Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey just about sex But well itust doesn t count and I ll explain whyI don t know about you but I am personally sick of stories that tell me that because I have a vagina I am a walking talking victim waiting to happen Because novel after novel tells the same story No matter how strong powerful or kickarse you are as a heroine you are still a victim and will need to be rescued by a man Possibly several times I m sick to death of it Barely a page goes by in this book where rape isn t mentioned Even if it s Squash Basics - How To Play Squash just to say Eugenie you re so beautiful I d rape you and LIKE it This book almost treats rape like a fucking compliment I ve had five rape attempts today what about you Oh I ve had three Oh I m so sorry to hear that Don t worry maybe tomorrow will pick upI have a problem with drilling into people s heads that women are victims Always Vulnerable precious little petals Don t let them out of the house or they ll trip over their puritanical vaginas and get raped Or what about a messageust as bad Almost all men will rape if given the chance It s the rare few who won t take the opportunity for a good ol free for all on an unwilling woman Now hold on for an even bigger criticism Of all the worst things this was the WORST POSSIBLE THINGimage error. Ollen Da begegnet ihr der geheimnisvolle Kiyo dessen Charme sie sofort verfällt Urban Fantasy für die Fans von Kim Harrison oder Laurell K Hamilton Eine wirklich fesselnde neue Serie“ Green Man Review.

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This was a pretty average first book in a series It wasn t bad and it wasn t really good it was What Is a Googly?: The Mysteries of Cricket Explained justthere The world building wasn t particularly developed which was rather disappointing Because I found Eugenie irritating and her love triangle boring I was hoping for an intricate world to capture my attention No such luckThe beginning of this book seemed to crawl by Maybe itust felt tedious as the author set up the story and world I don t know all I know is that it dragged until about page 200 Once we got page time with Dorian and got to see Eugenie work on her powe I love Mead s Vampire Academy series like Succubus books as well naturally I expected to enjoy Storm Born too Unfortunately I was wrong In fact I couldn t believe how bad it was Did Richelle actually write thisFirst of all the plot itself was very weak There was no point to the story no climax Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic just a few things thrown together with no purpose Events seemed to have been made upust to fill in the space between the sex scenes Characters were unrelatable unlikable acted irrationally I finished the book not caring about anybody Mythology which is central to any fantasy book was uninspired and boringThis was truly the weakest of Mead s books If I were her I wouldn t bother to continue this series and instead concentrate on her better ones There is absolutely no way I will be reading Thorn ueenPS SM much This is one book that I have mixed feelings about There were some aspects I really likedand some not so muchI ll go into the negatives firstuite frankly this book read like Eugenie s Adventures in Paranormal Dating to me I am 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales just not a fan of chick lit and that whole aspect was sort of a turn off to me I felt that there was too much emphasis on Eugenie s sexdating life and her status as a highly sought after sex partner for whatever reason That left me cold In theory it was interesting to delve into Eugenie s secret heritage as the Storm King s daughter but for the focus to be on who could get her pregnant and who wanted to have sex with her so often seemed to limit her importance as a whole person Also I wasn t really comfortable with the fact that she was having relationships or should I say sexual relations with two different men in this book and the interval wasn t that far apart I know that life happens and people drift apart And this is real life for a lot of women to be in these kinds of relationships but it s not something I prefer to read about Her choices don t make sense and don t seem very rational to me She had gotten burned byumping into intimacy so fast with Kiyo it seemed to me to be foolhardy to have sex with Dorian so soon And she would have had sex with Dorian sooner if her issues with the gentry faerie hadn t been so fervent I am very torn about this because I liked Kiyo and Dorian very much and I could certainly see the appeal I think I would have liked it better if she had kept things at the flirting level with one of the guys and explored a sexual relationship with the other in a different book I ve been called a prude but I won t make any apologies for how I process thingsMy other big issue was there was a little too much showing and not telling As a big action fan I like to see the action seuences show a lot of intensity I didn t feel that way with a lot of the ones in this book I felt like it was a bit too static A good action scene puts the reader into the story and that didn t happen to me with many of the ones in this book My last issue was the over inflated importance of Eugenie almost from the beginning It was too much for me She was the strongest and most powerful and she could kick some serious butt and everyone in the Otherworld was afraid of her I would have liked it better if this was shown to me through the unfolding plot as opposed to pre assumed I think it would have made this book pop a lot if I got to see how kick butt Eugenie was without the editorial and it raised uestions for me why she was so freaking badass Then when I found out she was the Storm King s daughter I would have been like no wonderWhat I likedI loved the concept of the Faerie otherworld Big fae fan here I really got a kick out of all the kingdoms and the denizens within Faerie is so interesting to me with the complexity of character dark and light They are not so easily categorized as good or evil That appeals to me as a reader because their actions are by nature unpredictable and fascinatingI think the use of various mythological creatures from different cultures was pretty awesome I love it when I read a book and it encourages me to go and look I read a book and it encourages me to go and look a creature that I m not familiar with such as the fachan a Celtic creature who resembles a hairy cyclopsEugenie s shaman abilities were interesting I think there could have been impact if there was showing here As Well I Felt Somewhat well I felt somewhat as the narrative explored how Eugenie opened up the portals to the Otherworld and to the land of the dead But overall I liked the ideaDorian really got my attention Something about him Bloodleaf just appealed big time I m leaning towards Eugenie choosing him He has this enigmatic refined but dark depth aspect that is calling my name I like the way he lays his cards on the table with Eugenie and treats her as his eual He s honest about who he is so I don t see him resorting to treachery to get what he wants from Eugenia I respected that about himKiyo was also a nice love interest There s something about him that doesn t click with me which surprises me since I love that he s a Japanese kitsune fox shifter and that his father is Mexican And he s a veterinarian I love how he will protect Eugenie no matter what He s clearly crazy about her He might be a little too eager for me Maybe that s what it isAll in all This was a pretty good book I had some issues with the focus of the story I will admit I don t like urban fantasy where the main plot emphasis is on sex and this book falls in that category For what it was I was drawn in and I enjoyed reading it Despite the major ish flaws it was still a strong read hence the four star rating I have to see where this story goes but I really hope Thorn ueen doesn t have Eugenie going back and forth between both men sexually and horrors doesn t introduce yet another sex partner I might have toump ship then You would do better to find someone milder and malleable Someone less ambitiousI considered his words Maybe he was right Maybe Men without ambition are boringAnd that attitude mistress is why the females of your kind continue to struggle for euality And why they continue to fail toorealStorm Born follows the adventures of Eugenie Markham aka Odile a shaman who banishes ghosts elementals and fairy gentry in odd obs from her home in the desert While trying to rescue a teenage girl from the clutches of the evil gentry king Aeson she wanders into the Otherworld and seeks help from Dorian another gentry king with whom Aeson doesn t get along What Eugenie doesn t realize is that a recent Otherworld prophecy has proclaimed her as the soon to be mother of a great conueror Lewd propositions lots of fighting and a healthy dose of smut ensue as every being with a pair of legs and a dick tries to become Eugenie s next baby daddyI have a lot of feelings regarding the characters of the Dark Swan series so far They will be best summed up in gifsEugenieOdile imagined as if you ask me Kiyoimagined as if you ask me Dorianimagined as my reaction Volusianimagined as my reaction Everyone elseThis is part one in a series BR with the BBB peeps Edit 1952020Lately I had a bit of bad luck when it came to books I was often disappointed than not So that s a perfect time for a re read of I book that I ve loved rightAnd I still do There is not much for me to say other than that I had an absolute blast reading this I was grinning laughing I was enjoying what I was reading Oh God I m trapped in the fucking Chronicles of NarniaI m sure that would be an amusing reference if I understood it This is one of the few books that has lines on the spine from how often I held it open Especially that one which goes to pages 102 and 103 is really worrying meAnyway I totally loved all the Little Foreshadowing For The Rest foreshadowing for the rest the series which I did not see before Love it You used your power to toss one rock at me he exclaimed an almost comic note of incredulity in his voiceOn the contrary I heard Dorian say pleasantly I didn t use magic for that I ust threw it But what I did not like was Kiyo and during this whole book I was dying a bit inside because of the idea that he will be in the rest of the series OriginalOne of my favourite books And definitely my favourite series by Richelle Mead However I wish there was no Kiyo he s annoying and taking too much space Dorian should be there like all the time I could not get into this at all I m a big Richelle Mead fan since reading her. Sie ist sexy sie ist gefährlich in ihren Händen liegt das Schicksal der MenschheitEugenie Markham ist eine mächtige Schamanin Sie erhält den Auftrag ein unges Mädchen zu suchen das von Feen entführ. Succubus series but I feel she majorly let herself down with this one I didn t care for Eugenie Markham once during this novel I felt no real connection with her and she didn t even have the witty sarcasm that I so loved about Georgina Kincaid The plot was weak and ust generally messy that s not even mentioning the weird mythology overkill that interested me about as much as watching paint dry I couldn t tell you what the basic folkloremythology behind it was because my head got so screwed up in an array of odd creatures and poor charactersAlso if Richelle Mead had instead released several short stories of this kind entitle BDSM Erotica I would have probably been impressed Because that s essentially what it was And hey I m not against a bit of SM with my smut but at least get your story right first before you break out the whips and chains I kind of felt that this book was Going All the Way Planning for a Marriage That Goes the Distance just some sort of unleashing of Mead s weird fantasies couldn t she haveust started a blog and spared me the anticipation of thinking oh great another Richelle Mead novel only to then be faced with the disappointment that inevitably followedMead shouldn t have promised the reader a urban fantasy when all we got was smut And about that it never really does it for me when the heroine meets a gorgeous and sexy and hot and buff guy in the first few chapters and gets it on right away I m a fan of suspense I want to feel that inner yay when the heroine you re rooting for finally sleeps with that guy you Test logiciel en pratique just wish was real But here I had no time to give a damn about Kiyo or Eugenie before they got naked So even the smut that the book was pretty much centred around didn t really give me what I wanted anyway In future I llust stick to the Succubus series Read with the Urban Fantasy crew at Buddies Books BaublesWARNING BEWARE OF THE BERMUDA LOVE TRIANGLE Okay look love triangles are one of those things that I will put up with in a story if I like everything else but at the same time they bug the shit out of me Emotionally I struggle with them because I m an ALL IN kind of girl so I never really understand it I m the kind of girl that always Two Badges The Lives of Mona Ruiz just casually dated until I found one person that I meshed with better than the others I was dating and then move to exclusively date them And once in I m INas in maybe I notice when another guy is attractive but I definitely never get the I could be in love with two different men scenarioThat said the other story in this is strong enough that I m going to let the love triangle go for now By the end of this I clearly have someone I m rooting for in the l ve department but than that I like the idea and mesh up of the Fae realm and the human realm in this book and the different monsters demons magic etc It was a cool introduction to the world and with Eugenie s role in the potential prophecy things could get really hectic and messyEugenie is like a supernatural private eye If you have a demon that has taken possession of your favorite running shoes you call her to exercise it back to the underworld Because of her strange hours and oddobs she feels really on the outside of society and doesn t have many friends and definitely hasn t had much luck in the relationship department Fuck Eugenie You re becoming a hermit I almost miss Dean He was an asshole but at least he got you out of the house I made a face Dean was my last boyfriend we d broken up six months ago The split had been kind of unexpected for both of us I hadn t expected to find him screwing his real estate agent and he hadn t expected to get caught So when she meets a tall dark and handsome man in a bar and he seems to get her and drops all the normal crap that people say to A Queen's Spy Plus The Tudor Heresy - Mercenary For Hire Series: Tudor Historical Fiction Novels - Adventure Fiction (Tudor Mystery Trials) just give her some honesty she feels a strong connection to him It s good to know what flowers are what Makes it easier to send them And impress women eyed him and then swirled the beer in my bottle Are you trying to impress me He shrugged Mostly I must trying to make conversation I pondered that deciding if I wanted to play this game or not Wondering if I could I smiled a little What he asked I don t know Just thinking about flowers And impressing people I mean how strange is that we bring plant sex organs to people we re attracted to What s up with that It s a weird sign of affection As the story progresses we find out that Eugenie might have other reasons for not feeling completely at home in the human world and as she discovers the power that is inside of her with the help of another man King Dorian of the Oak lands she can t help but feel attracted to him as well And let s be honestwho could help feeling attracted to him He is powerful charismatic and charming He also likes to tie people upI don t really have a bondage fetish but Dorian makes me think I could I won t bother with the obvious things he said Honestly the main reasonwell in one night I think I might have convinced you that not all gentry are monsters Might You still have a long way to go But you ve already been intimate with one or something else from this world and you can t stop thinking about it And not because you hated it You ll mix that with what you ve seen tonight and then you really won t know what to think I want to make love to you while that indecision still torments you while you re still not sure if I m a god or a monster or simply a human like you I want to be with you in that ultimate moment of vulnerability when your desire wars with your instincts and every touch of my body triggers both fear and pleasure in you Fear Are you threatening to rape me like every other gentry lately No I told you I don t take women by force But it doesn t matter You ll come to me by choice Not likely Oh very likely Eugenie needs Dorian s help to save a girl that was kidnapped by likely Oh very likely Eugenie needs Dorian s help to save a girl that was kidnapped by king in the Fae Realm Most of this book is about learning about the Fae realm and the different magical powers in it and in Eugenie so that she can save the girl The rest of the book is about Eugenie being of two worlds and trying to come to terms with that and the man in each of those worlds she is attracted tooSo back to the love triangle discussion Eugenie s almost instant love and attraction for each of the men is over the top But if you take into account that she is really horrible at relationships and really doesn t have any experience with them for the most part then it makes a little sense Still that portion is a little rushed but the sex is hot and let s The Structure of Biblical Authority just say Eugenie doesn t have any problems with getting to the nitty gritty but I really want her to take a little charge of her decisions and her sex life She often tries hard to give power to the other person she is with and I really wanted her to own her decisionsThere are some other notable characters in Tim Eugenie s roommate who is Polish but pretends to be Indian in order to get girls it is hilarious And then there is Volusian a powerful spirit bound to Eugenie that must serve her now but if he ever breaks free there will be hell to pay Aw don t sound so glum Think of it asob security Make no mistake mistress I may protect you now but as soon as I have the chance I will rip the flesh from your body and tear your bones apart I will ensure you suffer so gravely that you will beg me for death Yet even then your soul will not find relief I will torture it for all eternity This is a good start up to a soul will not find relief I will torture it for all eternity This is a good start up to a and since I really liked the Georgina Kincaid series overall I m willing to go through some emotional strife with the love triangle in hopes that the overall vision is as good crossing fingers Reviewed by Rabid ReadsRichelle Mead is one of those authors who s grown on me slowly but steadily since I first discovered her tenish years ago At this point I ve pretty much read everything she s written BLOODLINES being the one exception but for whatever reason she s never one of my obvious choices whenever someone asks me who my favorite authors areDARK SWAN is a perfect analogy for my relationship with with Mead My most recent and than likely last reread of the series hammered home why as much as I tell myself I love it I m never completely convincedI realize that s a kind of confusing statement but as I m kind of confused myself it s appropriate Let me explain crosses fingers and hopes for the bestWhy I lovehate STORM BORN by Richelle Mead1 Fae are my favorite supernatural creatures and Mead gives good Fae Mead s version of Faerie is everything a lover of folklore could ask for The individual kingdoms are subject to their monarch s whim the landscape itself defies physics and the inhabitants are as diverse and tricksy as anything found in the in between spaces where European fairy tales thriveBUTThe men are rapey assholes Maybe not all of them but enough of them are that I gave up trying to keep track of all the times Eugenie had to fend off unwanted advances bc various gentry were. T wurde Dazu muss sie in die magische Anderswelt reisen Ein gefährliches Unterfangen vor allem da zahlreiche Bewohner der Anderswelt ihr plötzlich unsittliche Angebote machen während andere ihren Tod ,
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