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R High Performance Programming lBaker where Uncle Redives Initially Falling Bird is the and of wish Fulfillment All Of The all of the are given their own dream houses dream foods dream experiences and dream parent substitutes but the dreams end as abruptly as the plane flight did The children fall from a great height each in his or her own way and begin a race against time in this bizarre rule bound city with its walls tunnels silver rooms and its sky blue uniformed men and women The young taxi driver has told the kids that their ives somehow depend putting three wooden puzzle pieces together finding a tunnel dog and recovering a black boxI have to say I was wondering how the author was going to translate the dream Scala for Java Developers logic and tie up the story When she did it made perfect sense of course However this two hour reading journey with its apparently disconnected happenings strange gadgets and rides in trams carts and segways just felt tooong In real The Qur'an, Morality and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur life unless one is a Jungian analyst perhaps people s eyes tend to glaze over when another person recounts the intricate details ofast night s dream The dreamlike seuences that fill approximately 23 of this book provided a comparative reading challengeSadly the bulk of the tale focuses on India the superficial and unpleasant eldest child It makes sense of course because she is the one who most needs to grow Unfortunately being with her so much of the time was not particularly enjoyableCholdenko most definitely can write but all the odd bits and pieces did not seem to fit together enough to make an understandable or Vermeer to Eternity logical ateast in places narrative The resolution made sense of most of the earlier experiences and even cast them in a deeper philosophical Heaven to Betsy light Much patience is reuired in reading this challenging text and I personally would have appreciated being thrown a bone or two along the wayI admire what the author was trying to do or ateast what I think she was trying to do provide us with a sort of metaphysical soul rendering of a physical experience but in the end I don t think it uite worked Young readers may surprise me by So B. It liking this story but may gut feeling is that many simply won t stick with itong enough to find out what was really going on India Finn and Mouse whose mother has just ost their house to the bank are traveling alone "To Go Live With Their Uncle In "go ive with their uncle in To their surprise the airport where they and is strangely empty and a feathered taxi takes them to the mysteriously welcoming city of Falling Bird where they are treated ike royaltyat firstI just didn t get this book It had overtones of The Giver and Wrinkle In Time and Wizard of Oz but for me it just didn t coalesce I think it s because things were either never really explained or I didn t get the explanation In The Giver the world was explained enough to make sense in wrinkle in time to make sense In Wrinkle In Time went into another world that really existed in the world of the book Ditto Wizard of Oz In this book you just don t know if Falling Bird was real or not and that bugged me Maybe the author wanted to eave it ambiguous the city was just there to teach the kids a esson after all but I just wanted to know at Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice least enough to form my own conclusions I also thought the teen girl was a completely unsympathetic character I don t care that maybe her behavior and attitudes were teen appropriate I just wanted to slap her most of the time and hoped she d geteft behind I wanted the author to pull a Susan on her think Narnia While the ending seemed a En plein coeur little short and there were uite a few umaswered uestions this book was a fascinating read and a good discussion starter for tween readers It is the kind of book you want to go back and reread once you know the ending. Or understand Only if they work together can they call the driver back to help get them where they really belong Suspenseful funny dramatic and thought provoking this is a book that will stay with youong after you read the incredible endi. .
The ARC I read apparently had several pages missing Strangely this did not seem to impact the overall uality of this fantasy novel which read ike an everything but the kitchen sink fever dream crammed with random details that neither advanced nor enhanced the plot I "have a feeling this is going to be one of those ove it or hate it novels and "a feeling this is going to be one of those Dance Real Slow love it or hate it novels and coming months will see its ardent fans pushing for this to win the Newbery those whoiked Horvath s EVERYTHING ON A WAFFLE Potter s THE KNEEBONE BOY or Grey s FALCON S EGG and while a few of us detractors will be standing on the sidelines sputtering Butbutbut When three siblings get on a plane to go The Art of Memoir live with their Uncle Red they are whisked away to a mysteriousand of Falling Bird where they must choose to become citizens or remain passengers and try to return home The temptations are many and the siblings have to deal with their grief over The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life leaving their old home and decide if they truly are willing to step into a new adventure with their Uncle Red Each of the children deals with their turmoil in a different way and they make emotional choices in the face of dangerThe plot is all over the place and there are aot of things that are eft unexplained When the children first arrive in Falling Bird they are each given their dream home complete with all their favorite foods games and even a parental figure who plays with them and understands them perfectly Then the dream home is taken away from them and they are told that it is necessary for the next part of their journey But it is never explained why that was necessary or what part it really played in the plot Why tempt the children to stay in Falling Bird as citizens and then take away the dream home and still expect them to stay It was just badly explained or something Didn t make sense to me There were a LOT of things ike that which did not make sense or didn t fit in with the rest of the storyI really iked the interactions between the siblings They are always arguing and they each have their own weird uirksThe writing is good the dialogue is hilarious and sharp but I just can t get past how disjointed the plot was And then the ending was so disgustingly pathetic One of those it was all a dream deals and I HATE thoseIt also has a rotating POV between the three children and I HATE changing POVs UrghAnother thing that bothered me is that the children are all still dealing with the grief of osing their father in a car accident six years before This issue is addressed several times and we see the kids acting badly because of their heightened emotions being kind to each other because their dad would have been and talking about him and how much they miss him but then the issue is never resolved It s just eft out there with this horrible grief and they NEVER COME TO A GOOD CONCLUSION come to a good conclusion a ittle Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography lifeesson to help them So many things unresolved I really admire Gennifer Choldenko for trying to try out new genres She s a terrific writer but I don t think this matches her other recent stuffThis book didn t work for me More importantly it didn t work for for my 12 year old who couldn t even finish itI d rather h I am totally blown away by this book at this moment I just read it straight through However I think after it s sat with me a bit I might not ike it uite as much I knowweird Right Well Sometimes Books Well sometimes books me emotionally and I totally LOVE them right when I finish but after thinking about it with my writer brain instead of my reader brain I start finding things that maybe didn t work so well for me after all I am afraid that will happen here But for now I ove it And if you re a kid and not a writer I think it s probably pretty good The main. Siblings India Finn and Mouse are stunned when their mom tells them they are flying that night without her to their Uncle Red's home in Colorado But things take an even dramatic turn when their plane ands in a very unusual place A mysterio. Problem I have with it even right now is Three siblings India Finn and Mouse are put on a plane to stay with an uncle in Colorado Abruptly the plane ands and the three arrive in a strange and mysterious place Where are they And how can they return homeNo passengers beyond this point is an odd adventure Beyond This Point is an odd adventure a book where the kids meet uirky characters in a place that seems ike a paradisebut is it And what happens when everything changes You have to wait for good things to happen wait and wait and work so hard but bad things occur out of the blue ike fire alarms triggered in the dead of night blaring randomly a shock of sound a chatter of current from which there is no turning backThe three Tompkins siblings dramatic charmer India The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl level headed worrier Finn and peculiarly clever Mouse are unhappy passengers on a flight bound for Colorado Back home in California their mother has just told them that their house is about to be repossessed and they will beiving with their Uncle Red while Mom stays behind to tie up Exile and Pilgrim loose ends India is furious about having toeave her best friend behind Finn is concerned about how their family will move forward Mouse is confused by the whole situation but her invisible friend Bing is always there to reassure her Even when the plane ands in a place called Falling Bird where they are welcomed warmly and each given a dream home to ive in It will take all three of them to get back home but do they all want to goThis is a weird book and I mean that in the best possible way A Phantom Tollbooth kind of way It starts off Hannah Montana: The Movie like a realistic novel three mostly normal kids are hit with the horrible news that they are about toose their home And then it takes a sharp turn into fantasy while all three kids Trying To Make trying to make of things The narrative shifts between each siblings first person perspective in alternating chapters and Choldenko s creation of three distinct voices is spot on Little Mouse is particularly delightful While the time pressure the children face is keenly felt the uick paced action is never rushed There is family drama at the heart of this story wrapped in a satisfying blend of mystery and fantasy I hate to do it but I m going to have to call this book a complete failure I was with the story until the plane trip that anded the kids in Falling Bird At that point the story bounced around so much that it was impossible to follow and enjoy I think it was possible to craft a story in this world that did not feel so disjointed but for whatever reason Choldenko chose to eave that reader in complete darkness and just when you started to follow a thread she would switch to one of the other narrators and jump forward so much that you always felt ike you were missing pages from the book The ending did give me chills but I believe she had this idea in her head with a great ending and was just in too big of a rush to get there that she eft everyone else behind This odd winding and dreamlike story concerns the three Tompkins kids Their single mother who has been financially struggling to keep their California house announces that the bank will be taking it The children beautiful and self centred India 14 responsible worrisome Finn 12 and genius Aspie child Mouse 6 must fly out the next night to Denver Colorado to begin iving with Uncle Red Their mother will finish the school year in California with her grade 6 class hoping she will get a recommendation towards a new teaching position However the plane flight ends abruptly and the children find themselves picked up not by Uncle Red but by Chuck a child taxi driver impersonating an adult They are taken to the city of Falling Bird rather than Fort. Us driver meets them at the airport; when he drops them off at their destination each kid suddenly has a clock with a different amount of time eft If the time runs out they have to become permanent citizens in a place they don't recognize. .

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