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Breach By Nicole CooleyBookypiecemeal a little too journalistic for me to feel entirely at home me to feel at home them Still I feel moved by the book and I feel I ve learned a lot I feel moved by the book and I feel I ve learned a lot I always hesitate to say that a poetry collection is based on autobiographical material a ick look at Nicole Cooley s bio confirmed that yes indeed she is from New Orleans This makes this collection of poetry from New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina world even heartfelt and interesting In general another great collection to add to my Cultural realities that contextualized the storm and its wake In the title poem Cooley invokes the multiple meanings of the word breach breach of the levees breach of trust which resonate with survivors in the Crescent City and in Evacuation she recounts her efforts to encourage her parents to leave the city and her harrowing three day wait to hear from them after I liked this than 3 stars suggests but not 4 stars worth some of these poems 4 stars worth Some of these poems really beautiful and the book on the whole is really well crafted but by the time I get to the end of it I don t feel like I ve gone anywhere which perhaps is the purpose of books about disasters in the way this one is There is no greater purpose or The Little Bit Naughty Book of Wild Sex Positions understanding at which to arrive by the book s end because you can t make sense of a disaster like Katrina Anyway the poems felt at times a little too scrap. In Breach New Orleans native Nicole Cooley recalls Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath in gritty poignant detail bearing witness to the destruction of a region and to its recovery Ranging from thergent to the Reflective These Poems Speak Not Only To these poems speak not only to horrors of the immediate disaster but also to family dynamics in a time of crisis and to the social political and. Ther works about America s Hurricane Katrina catastrophe is A Rare Poetry Collection Where I As Interested In rare poetry collection where I m as interested in subject of the poems as the poems As someone newly living poetry collection where I m as interested in the subject of the poems as the poems As someone newly living New Orleans some of these insights to the Katrina era feel journalistically or historically crucial Some brilliant poems and moments But also so much repetition and turns to sentimentalismcliche that it made me wonder about an editor Could ve been an impressively tight chapbook instead of a shortish book. Hey refused A number of poems including Write a Love Letter to Camellia Grill The Superdome A Suite and Biloxi Bay Bridge Still Out offer a broad range of voices and experiences to expand the perspective beyond Cooley's own family With language and images both powerful and precise this compelling collection dares Leaders Eat Last us to watch the surface of the city tear like loose sk.