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E depth of the characters is superb I couldn t wait to read the next book to see how Charlie s ife progresses The best series of books by far on my bookshelf Have enjoyed so much that I read them all twice Interesting story ine The characters did not appeal to me though much that I read them all twice Interesting story ine The characters did not appeal to me though seemed one DIMENSIONAL JOHN HARVEY CAN BE DEPENDED UPON TO DELIVER John Harvey can be depended upon to deliver great story full of interesting and sometimes flawed characters as well as a wonderful puzzle to be solved via police investigation This series really gets better as it goes along Not all series can say that often authors seem to run out of insights into their characters and they become 1 dimensional So far each of the reoccurring characters in this series surprises me at some point in each book A Charlie Resnick storyBody of young girl found and another missing The story is entwined with twists and a harrowing conclusion with a policeman dead Vivid portrayal of the anguishes of families of the victims and the damage that occurs to the ives of the professionals who hunt the perpetratorsIn the opening chapters it was a times difficult to discern if the action was in the here and now or if it was reflective However this becomes ess evident as the story unfoldsAll round an enjoyable crime novel Off Minor is the fourth in the Charlie Resnick series by John Harvey and the best Harvey does a superb job of delineating characters especially the men and woman of the Serious Crime Division Charlie is so well defined the reader could recogonize him on any street consciencious caring food oving sloppy dresser cat over Jack Skelton the head detective fastidious and healthy Lynn Kellogg ate twenties single heavy Mark Devine Fragments lover of his pints at a pub Patel Pakistani never carring a gun The plot rises as a six year old girl disappears and is found under a disused warehouse Now the action rises as the Serious Crime members try to solve the mystery of how she died Before they do another six year old girl goes missing Now the focus in on her father mother and step mother and the people who are suspected The conclusion is unexpected. Ears of patient police work have taught him a thing or two including his conviction that those who jump to easy conclusions are often theast ones to solve a crime. .
In this fourth installment of the series Charlie and his team are presented with missing children an overworked topic that nevertheless always makes me cringe throughout his team are presented with missing children an overworked topic that nevertheless always makes me cringe throughout first missing girl is eventually found dead in an abandoned industrial building discovered by a young undereducated slaughterhouse worker and his new girlfriend which of course makes him an early suspectThe Second Missing Girl Was Playing missing girl was playing her yard while her parents had sex upstairs and then she goes missing for several days In the midst of these investigations there also will be a shocking change to Resnick s detective suad also will be a shocking change to Resnick s detective suad Charlie himself will have only the smallest Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries love interest in this story one that arrives andeaves uicklyWhat distinguishes these novels and raises them to a higher evel than many police procedurals is not only that Harvey writes so well but that he invests energy in detailing the personal ives of both police suspects and victims The young couple whose daughter goes missing is struggling in their marriage She is much younger than he is he has gone through a nasty divorce with his first wife who it becomes apparent is mentally ill and the missing child ooks as though it will either shatter them completely or bring them back together Meanwhile in an almost parallel plot one of Resnick s detectives Kevin Naylor is going through a separation from his young wife and baby and it takes steady efforts by the one female detective to possibly offer ight at the end of the tunnelThis also becomes the second novel in a row where Resnick s suad must figure out whether two similar crimes and really connected or notExtremely well done as always On to No 5 This is number four of the Charlie Resnick series This series grows on a reader and for those that enjoy books with stories with a arge amount of back story and development then this series is for that type of reader Also readers that enjoy this author and Charlie Resnick would most ikely enjoy books by Ian Rankin Rebus series and Henning Mankell Wallender series I am kind of surprised how often these three authors are not. Little Gloria Summers' body has been found hidden inside two plastic bin bags in a disused warehouse Somewhere in the city a child killer is on the oose free to st. Mentioned in the same breath Off Minor deals with the subject matter of a child murder the subject matter of a child murder Harvey has a practice of developing characters both the vile ones and decent ones in a way that does not turn them into simple plot based characters created to simply drive a plot forward This is not to say he makes villains ikeable but he does develop them to breathe Helpmate life into them One thing odd about Harvey s writing to this reader is how his books appear to sometimes abruptly end but that may be to show that this is really about a string of related tales involving people over a period of time instead of tying each book up in a neat tiny bow Another thing Iike about authors Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy like Harvey is how when be brings up a part in a book from one of his previous books he offers just enough information to remind the reader in case the reader has forgotten the exact details of the previous book Grim Gritty Gripping Iost sleep over this book simply because I couldn t put it down Credible three dimensional characters in vivid settings with some twists and turns along the way I was pretty sure I knew what had happened to Emily I didn t The only reason I haven t given 5 stars is that the Resnick

just gets better and better is only book 4 so I need something in reserve for the next one Recommended I was on the verge of not finishing the read as I was both bored and confused with the book The better part started around half of the page and the previous parts were very confusing Actually the writing is not that good as it gets to outline unecessary details and highlight characters in a not so interesting way Also there were than names that I could really remember in this book and it wasn t much of a help either The ending really remember in this book and it wasn t much of a help either The ending the story was also ame It tried to build up suspensethriller towards the end but it didn t seemed to really get it through I m rating this 3 but not recommending This was the first John Harvey book I read picked up from a second hand shop I thought it was absolutely brilliant and so I went on to purchase the whole series of Charlie Resnick Th. Rike again Then Emily Morrison vanishes on a sunny Sunday afternoon A week ater there are still no cluesInspector Charlie Resnick is as appalled as the media But ,
Off Minor