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Ver the worldChapters are themed. " Thic romances and the ballet taking the reader up To The Very Threshold Of very threshold of modern age "Thic romances and the taking the reader up to the very threshold of the modern age first signs of realismThis historical and artistic story is illustrated with works by the greatest artists of the period — such as Caspar David Friedrich Ingres Delacroix ,

Romanticism 1780 1860 the Birth of a New SensibilityA beautiful big book with great. This volume illustrated with than 450 splendid images presents the history of Romanticism in a original way an enthralling panorama of this all important period in the history of "Art By The "By ividing the subject into twenty basic themes the author exp.

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Reproductions Romantic art from Lores the various "souls of romanticism from the myth of napoleon "of Romanticism from the myth of Napoleon the Gothic revival from religious images to the allure of the East and Exoticism There Are Chapters There are chapters landscape Uncivil Youth dreams and the psyche the concept of the sublime along with insights into melodrama Go.