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Particular feelings about the main couple at all Fixed Up With Mr Right By Marie Ferrarella Is An Entertaining Read Mr Right by Marie Ferrarella is an entertaining read Ferarella has elivered a well written book I love the characters Kate is a lawyer trying to avoid her mother s matchmaking efforts Jackson is in need of a lawyer and is given Kate and her brother s names by his caterer who just happens to be Kate s mother There s plenty of rama humor and spice to keep readers attention on this fun story I enjoyed reading Fixed Up With Mr Right and look forward to reading from Marie Ferrarella in the future Fixed Up With Mr Right is book 2 in the Matchmaking Mamas Series but can easily be read as a Standalone This Is A Complete Book Not This is a

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book not hangerI read a print copy of this book. Hurt of losing what mattered most But falling for the beautiful willful woman was beyond his control Now he'd o whatever it took to earn Kate's trust and make her realize that they're right for each other. Fixed Up with Mr Right?Short cool reading This is fairly standard and enjoyable romance fare not too angsty or ramatic just straight up love story boy meets girl and they gradually fall in love but have emotional baggage that gets in the way Jackson is a banker looking for a lawyer Kate s Mom actually recommends her as a good family lawyer and they meet work around the professional boundaries she s set and begin to fall in love The characters were likeable enough and the story went very well up Until The Last 25 the last 25 or so At that point I got seriously confused They have a confrontation and I swear it sounded like each of Were In A Different in a ifferent He s all worried about her well being and her taking risks and she s taking his concern as eviden. After Kate Manetti's prince turned into a frog work became her new Number One She idn't want a new relationship especially not with a client and certainly not one sent by her matchmaking mother Then wealt. .

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Ce that he oesn t love her and that s what lost Me It Was Explained It was explained little bit later but I think the whole situation could have been handled a bit better Also the conclusion felt a bit rushed Where was the explanation about Rachel and the reason that Jackson felt the need to push Kate away in the first place Good but could have been better Matchmaking Mama s series book 2 There is no match for these mama s when it comes to meddling Although they New Writing, New Approaches (African Literature Today, Vol. 12) do not see it that way The see it asoing what is best for their children and getting the grandchildren they so want To funny what they Culture and Development in Africa (Comparative Studies in African/Caribbean Literature Series) do to get it to happen 35 starsI liked both characters and I can t uite put my finger on why Iidn t enjoy this I guess that it idn t leave me with any. Hy bank manager Jackson Wainwright strode into her life in need of a lawyerand with a sexy smile made her reconsider all Her PlansA Man Of Privilege plansA man of privilege knew how to get what he wanted He also knew the. .