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Ound them The book certainly wasn t as funny as Bryson s nor as wise and insightful as the best of the books on the list I can t uite give this a four since it s not the kind of book I can ever imagine rereading or urging on a friend but I thoroughly enjoyed it in the end I think for me what did stand out for me what I found most absorbing were the challenges of building a business from dealing with officious customs agents and obnoxious customers to the disastrous Category Four Hurricane Luis Also I really want to try that recipe for Banana Bread Ok so while I was pleasantly surprised by how this turned out to be sort of a foodietravel book it still wasn t the best account out there It had many strengths to it but in all ust wasn t as interesting as it could have beenMelinda and Robert Blanchard after selling their business at far below what they should have decided they want to live on the island of Anguilla Not as well known to the tourists but still with a thriving tourist economy they decide they will open a restaurant on the beach and make their living that way The only problem is that things are very very expensive in Anguilla and bringing things in from the outside even expensive And running a restaurant is tough *enough when you can get everything easily The easy peaceful life they were looking for uickly evolves *when you can get everything easily The easy peaceful life they were looking for uickly evolves something a little fast paced and difficultI found Melinda a somewhat ok narrator She focuses on the hardships than the pleasures of island living and even insults her husband by calling him an optimist like its a bad thing I guess I ust didn t like the negativity Her husband seems like he d be the enjoyable narrator but he doesn t really write this book despite his name being on the cover She does describe the island people fairly but I would have liked to hear a lot about themMost of this book as opposed to being about the island and the people was about the running of a restaurant And while I enjoy books about food immensely that wasn t what I expected going into this novel Although I was happy that she included several recipes for different foods But the food they did cook wasn t really island food per say It was fancy stuff as they opened a fancy restaurant I guess thats what happens when you re in a tourist area though To be honest the food places they visited sounded appealing to me than their restaurantAn ok travel book with food elements thrown in Not my favorite of the travel books I ve read but not the worst eitherA Trip to the BeachCopyright 2000296 pagesReview by M "REYNARD 2012MORE OF MY REVIEWS CAN BE FOUND AT "2012More of my reviews can be found at I seem to be one of a few that didn t give this book high ratings Why the low rating A few reasons the book is poorly written for starters It s a slow read and to be brutally honest not all that engaging once you get past the first chapter or so It s the memoir of a self absorbed couple who decide to move to Anguilla to open up a restaurant The adventures of an affluent white couple in a third world country Oh the stories they could tell about those nutty natives and all the crazy things they do Give me a break The book also collapses something like ten years into what appears to be one year in the life of the restaurant The author does make it clear in the beginning that she did this for the sake of a good story but bc of this editing choice I didn t feel like I got the whole story of their life in Anguilla My mother saw me reading this book and wanted to read it after me I told her not to waste her time Don t waste yours. Midst of hilarious pandemonium there are moments of blissAs the Blanchards learn to adapt to island time they become ever deeply attached to the uirky rhythms and customs of their new home Until disaster strikes Hurricane Luis a category 4 storm with two hundred mile an hour gusts devastates Anguilla Bob and Melinda survey the wreckage of their beloved restaurant and wonder whether leaving Anguilla with its innumerable challenges would be any easier than walking out on each other Affectionate seductive and very funny A Trip to the Beach is a love letter to a place that becomes both home and escape. ,

Oor plans our toes wriggling deeper into the sand as each new idea struck Fat lizards puttered around us their tails creating intricate patterns in the Fat lizards puttered around us their tails creating intricate patterns in the They snatched tiny bugs with the tips of their long long tongues we were hypnotized Concentrate we told ourselves concentrateI most definitely recommend A Trip To The Beach I finished it a week or so ago and already I m eager to read it again It would be the perfect I m tired of winter book to soak up every year If I can wait that long Part one is a whirlwind and exhausting move to Anguilla along with building stocking and staffing the beach restaurant An expensive and tedious process undertaken on Island Time Part two is an endless and tedious day in the life like year of being a restaurateur This section was endless and repetitive though some of the staffs antics were rather amusing Part three involved a disaster and a rebuild All in all a well written book that read like fiction than non fiction I m glad I read it since it totally turned me off of moving to an island and opening a restaurant Loved this book Not the most well written book but a good non fiction account of following your "dreams I finally got to visit Blanchard s the restaurant the authors opened on the island "I finally got to visit Blanchard s the restaurant the authors opened on the island Anguilla a few weeks ago It is now a world renowned restaurant The food was delicious and the atmosphere and location out of this world I highly recommend the book and the restaurant even If you ever make it to Anguilla Blanchards is a MUST After reading reviews for this book saying it moved very slow and didn t grab attention I didn t have high hopes But after reading this I couldn t disagree with those reviews The story of the Blanchards was rather interesting I admire their dedication to live out their dream It had to have been terrifying leaving all they knew so they could live in paradise Sometimes I tried to picture myself doing what they were doing and I almost could see it But I think Anguilla might be a little too detached from technology for my liking But the whole idea is rather enticing And I could not put the book down for the entirety of part three Reading about the hurricane and worrying about the safety of all the people they knew and loved made my heart race Wonderful book This is the memoir of a Vermont couple who moved to the tiny Caribbean island of Anguilla and poured their heart and sweat and life savings into creating a world class restaurant there It was recommended in the Travel Section of The Ultimate Reading List that had provided me with reading for years and this is the penultimate book left On that list travel memoirs seemed to split into two kinds tales of tourists such as with Bill Bryson s In a Sunburned Country or expatriates such as Frances Mayes Under the Tuscan Sun or Charles Stewart s Driving Over Lemons A Trip to the Beach falls into the second category It s not the sybaritic sensuous experience delivered by Mayes book which dealt with an Italian villa and was written in lyrical prose Like Mayes Blanchard included recipes and they share a love of fine food However as much as Blanchard might wax poetically when writing of sand that might have been poured from a sack of sugar and azure skies and water so warm it s swimming in a bathtub no one would call her style literary At first in fact the book seemed routine to me and I thought *I might abandon it after trying 100 pages but it grew *might abandon it after trying 100 pages but it grew me The Blanchards weren t as engaging in personality as Charles Stewart or as good as conveying a sense of the country and personalities ar. Ful Vermont food business and decide perhaps impulsively to get away from it all Why not open a beach bar and grill on Anguilla their favorite Caribbean island One thing leads to another and the little grill turns into an enchanting restaurant that uickly draws four star reviews and a celebrity studded clientele eager for Melinda's delectable cooking Amid the frenetic pace of the Christmas high season the Blanchards and their kitchen staff Clinton and Ozzie the dancing sous chefs; Shabby the master lobster wrangler; Bug the dish washing comedian come together like a crack drill team And even in the. My dream to live at the beachHow one couple can find the courage to give up everything they have to go live at the beach is beyond me Wish I had the guts to make such a bold move The island sounded beautiful already checking it out for a future vacation destination and I really ust wanted some rum punch and fresh seafood as I read the book A perfect book for starting summer vacation One can always dream A nice easy book that gave a general idea of life in Anguilla the sights the sounds etc I couldn t help but wonder how much money Melinda and Bob Blanchard had to pull off their move to Anguilla the movement of all of their possessions and the opening of their restaurant And o This explains why mealsaccomodations on some Carribean Islands can be so expensive The first half of this book is fun and interesting to anyone who has ever visited Anguilla A middle aged Norwich Vermont couple relocate to Anguilla and open a restaurant It is still in business and is called Blanchards Import duties taxes delays weather and the relaxed approach to life by Anguillans contribute to stress eual to that of any restaurant opening in NYC The second half drags a bit then Hurrican Luis hits with full force and destroys everything in its wake including the restaurant Everything is under water and rock The community all pulls together with the loyalty and hard work the Anguillans are so known forand with the Blanchards continued commitmentthe restaurant rises from the ruin It feels like a long time since I read a really good travel book Or maybe it s ust that it s the end of February and reading about a warm sunny island felt like such a relief Whatever the reason I loved this story of a Vermont couple who move to Anguilla to open a restaurant and make a life for themselves thereThis is the kind of travel book I like best the ones where the writers have done than ust vacation in their chosen spot they have lived there and because of that they can give the reader a much richer experience They immerse us in the culture let us get to know some of the locals and see a bit of what their lives are like and show us both how great and how difficult operating a business in this paradise can be It s so much than a trip to the beachThe Blanchards tell their story beautifully I was *completely absorbed They put me right there on the island of Anguilla feeling the hot Caribbean breeze *absorbed They put me right there on the island of Anguilla feeling the hot Caribbean breeze my skin and breathing the salt air I laughed with them over the cultural idiosyncrasies that sometimes tripped them up shared their frustrations with the legal hassles and the laid back island attitude toward time and grieved with them when they were victims of that enemy of tropical existence the hurricaneWhile telling their story the authours share some of their recipes in the book including Grilled
tuna with coconut 
With Coconut Cakes Gazpacho Cornbread Crisp Tai Snapper and Banana Bread a mix of Island and Vermont staples They know food Melinda Blanchard grew up cooking and perfecting her own recipes and together they run in addition to their highly rated restaurant a successful business selling gourmet dressings and saucesAs a last bit of enticement I ll leave you with these few lines from early in the book when they had made the decision to move and were sitting on the beach making plans for the restaurantWe had trouble paying attention in Anguilla Unencumbered by walls our blue beach umbrella created a delightfully distracting office We forced ourselves to concentrate to work in a spot where the rest of the world comes to play We sketched fl. This is the true story of a trip to the beach that never ends It's about a husband and wife who escape civilization to build a small restaurant on an island paradise and discover that even paradise has its pitfalls It's a story filled with calamities and comedy culinary disasters and triumphs and indelible portraits of people who live and work on a sliver of beauty set in the Caribbean Sea It's about the maddening exhausting outlandish complications of trying to live the simple life and the oy that comes when you somehow pull it offThe story begins when Bob and Melinda Blanchard sell their success. A Trip to the Beach: Living on Island Time in the Caribbean