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E the form existed If this is true consciousness is creating the collapsing of the field based on our inner emotions which would make the unpopular words like emotions feelings and insights the most valuable of all our senses I learned most of my beliefs were secondhand and limiting so I umped those fencesI documented my ourney in my memoir From Hollywood to God by Kelly Granite EnckhttpwwwFrom Hollywood I am leaving the link for those like me who love to explore the Inner Journey of the MindThanks Stephen for all your years of passion Love Kelly Now I read this book cover to cover line by line methodically going back over passages that were challenging line by line got to the last page closed the book and said out loud Nope sorry Steve you lost me There The Universe In A Bookshell Tehe The universe in a bookshell Tehe sigh First of all I expected the Hawking s electronic voice for narrating the audiobook Though it might sound silly I m fond of his uniue voiceAfter his international bestseller A Brief History of Time in 80s he wanted to propagandize the current frontier we re encounte The purpose of science is not only to answer the most perplexing uestions but also to arouse curiosity in the mind of the readers about the universe While many books on science do give valuable information they fail to achieve the latter purpose as mentioned earlier This book however succeeds in achieving bothThe Universe in a Nutshell is considered as a seuel to Hawking s previous bestseller A Brief History of Time The book as the title suggests discusses about the history and principles of the physical universe in a nutshell The topics are discussed in ust the fair amount of detail and simplicity although there are some topics which are ust too advanced to understandDespite being nearly 2 decades old the book still holds it value and readers can give it go if they are curious to know about the universe but lack lots of free time Hawking is an exceedingly clear and "occasionally uite funny writer not easy when the topic is uantum physics etc I would be lying if I to "uite funny writer not easy when the topic uantum physics etc I would be lying if I claimed to much of this book especially in the audiobook format in which an exceedingly pleasant British voice hurls a flood of Hawking s words and concepts one challenging than the previous one It might repeat might have been possible to understand this material on a printed page which in this case included a lot of nifty diagrams on the presumption that repetition might have helped But probably not I did enjoy and generally understand the opening chapter in which Hawking explained the history of physics and our conception of the universe with a beautiful presentation of the life and work of Einstein and to a lesser extent his contemporaries and immediate intellectual followers But after that when Hawking moved into contemporary physics and the exploration of the cosmos where he made his own contributions mind you I was mostly gasping for air down for the count you get the idea Once I let go of the expectation that I could actually master the material I kind of enjoyed the periodic appearance of concepts and phrases I had sort of known about arrive in their natural and proper context things like string theory black holes uanta Heisenberg principle nebula etc Perhaps than anything I enjoyed the ebulliance and delight with which Hawking presents his material as if it is the simplest and most fun thing ever which to him it probably is The Universe in a Nutshell Stephen Hawking The Universe in a Nutshell is a 2001 book about theoretical physics by Stephen Hawking It is generally considered a seuel and was created to update the public concerning developments since the multi million copy bestseller A Brief History of. لجمهور من التطورات منذ صدور عدة ملايين نسخة من الكتاب الأكثر رواجا موجز تاريخ الزمن نشر في عام 19. A gestalt or mass consciousness of which makes up our physical reality While physical we follow physical laws or assumptions These form the framework for corporeal expression Within physical reality While physical we follow physical laws or assumptions These form the framework for corporeal expression Within framework you have full freedom to create your experience your personal life in all of its aspects the living picture of the world your personal life and to some extent your individual living experience helped create the world as it is known in your timeIt is important before we continue that you realize that consciousness is within all physical phenomena however It is vital that you realize your position within nature Nature is created from within The personal life that you know rises up from within you yet is given period Since you are part of Being then in a certain fashion you give yourself the life that is being lived through you Jane Roberts Seth Material Although I "cannot move and i have to speak through "move and I have to speak through computer in my mind I am free Stephen HawkingWhen I fully realized my entire reality was created by me and global consciousness I could chose what to give my attention to for the change I wanted to see The you examine your thoughts and feelings the excited you ll get when what you were thinking about appears You ll notice integrity plays a role as well even when no one but you knows what good things you ve done because it s liking yourself that is most important in your ability to thrive without limitations It only works if you truly believe Just like Yoda said there is no try only do Whatever you hold in your consciousness you put in your reality If YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT SOMETHING IT WILL APPEAR IN are thinking about something it will appear in similar form Don t get scared when you notice you have a lot of negative thoughts about yourself and the world These types of thoughts are your current vibration giving you the reality you have now Any change towards better inner feelings about yourself and your surroundings will show up immediately in a in an event confirming your power to create your reality I am now excited about cleaning up my thoughts especially my deep inner feelings that were not as great as I wanted them to be Below are examples of limiting beliefs you may want to removeExample of limiting thoughts1 My behavior is hidden in my subconsciousness 2 My life is a result of my childhood or Karma 3 Old age causes illness and regression 4 People are out to screw me Or People don t like me5 I am not smart enough good enough someone is better than me6 My religion is the right one and so are my beliefs 7 I have no control over the events in my life8 I am fat9 There is something wrong with money People who have it are greedy less spiritual than those who are poor They are unhappier and snobsThese are all beliefs held by many people Those who have them will meet them in experience Physical data will always seem to reinforce the beliefs therefore but the beliefs formed the realityThe ego which is ever changing based on a flow of new experiences looks out upon physical reality and surveys it in relation to those characteristics of which it is composed at any given time It makes its udgments according to its own idea of itself Jane RobertsI try to catch myself in conversation making okes about myself and stop it When science has proven consciousness creates everything in our reality our focus will turn to beautiful stories ideas and breathtaking environments We will spot giving our attention to garbage news stories filled with violence and fear because we don t believe what we hold these emotions in our consciousness mind If I could ask Dr Hawking one uestion it would be thisYou said that we collapse waves when we observe an event But what if our expectation collapsed the wave our belief befor. ? من جوائز افنتيس لكتب لعلوم 2002 وقد نال شعبية كبيرة في السوق ويعتبر عموما كتتمه وقد انشئ لتحديث ا. .
I really enjoyed A Brief History of Time and so was looking forward to The Universe in a Nutshell and its updated material I was hoping it would be a dumbed down version of some of the high end theoretical physics ideas that I haven t had the time or brain cells to keep up withWhile I m sure the content is dumbed down from Stephen Hawking s level most of it is covered at a level and speed that kept it out of my comprehension To be honest I find a lot of modern theories and ideas very skeptical it almost seems to me that the theories are created and given weight because they might be possible and that s good enough because to prove otherwise is incredibly difficult A part of me no doubt remnants of thinking left there by my college professors downplays my pessimism and wants to believe them at face value In this book I was looking to confirm that part but it ust didn t happen There didn t seem to be any real explanations or support or maybe it was above my head and I zoned out It was simply describing the theories eg M Theory and presenting them as fact We used to call this hand waving in my Physics classes in college like a magician s hand waving as misdirectionThere were a lot of good parts that were interesting and engaging Near the end there was a part on the evolution of life on Earth and humans that was really intriguing It had to do with DNA as a form of evolutionary method of saving data which has now been augmented by humans ability to store information outside of our DNA now And I do now have a better understanding of the framework on some modern theories Like Multi Dimensions That multi dimensions that didn t have before I PARTICULARLY LIKED COMING TO A particularly liked coming to a understanding of the theory of our perception of reality being a mere projection of 4 dimensions 3d time that derives from a real existence that exists in a 5 dimensional membrane universe much like a 3d object casts a 2d shadow Cool stuffMaybe I ust need a bigger brain Yes I m a dork and in addition to reading grammar books for fun I also read science books I ve been told that Stephen Hawking is not as complicated to read as one might assume While I did learn a lot from this book I also was left with a lot uestions Further the illustrations were either confusing or totally unnecessary I m not going to pretend that I understood most of it but he does raise a few thought provoking points about the future of the human race Plus it s very well written Stephen Hawking stated in The Universe in a Nutshell that our history is filled with infinite potentiality and what we got was due to disturbing the uantum field "by our observations Profound I thought and pondered about his theory for months "our observations Profound I thought and pondered about his theory for months better understand Dr Hawking s theory I read everything on uantum physics I could understand and a pile of books on the brain Bruce Hood s The Self Illusion was the most helpful Below is what I believe correlates with Hawking s theory It is from the book The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts Seth Material I have included a uote and then how I am seeing life now through a magical lens An examination of your conscious thoughts will tell you much about the state of your inner mind your intentions and expectations and will often lead you to a direct confrontation with challenges and problems Your thoughts studied will let you see where you are going They point clearly to the nature of physical events What exists physically existed first in thought and feeling There is no other ruleWhat if our observations were first feeling tone shared by all consciousness focused in physical reality The cells and organs have their own awarenesses and a gestalt one So the race of man also has individual consciousness and. مختلف المسائل المتصلة إلى نظريه P branes جزء من نظرية الأوتار في ميكانيكا الكمفاز هذا الكتاب بجائز?. .
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