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M into their traveling picnic hamper and leave Pickaxe to *spend some time at the Klingenschoen cabin by the lake In Moose County Once There Despite The Beauty Of His * some time at the Klingenschoen cabin by the lake In Moose County Once There Despite The Beauty Of His County Once there despite the beauty of his he proceeded to piss and moan and generally be useless about all the little things that needed to be done to rough it in the luxurious cabin Maybe all that money is going to his head Maybe he s grouchy and horny because Polly was away in England for the summer Whatever he was ust annoying Sorry but I unapologetically prefer a Man Who Knows How who knows how check the damn pilot light can hammer a nail and isn t freaked out by a few spidersAs a rule I don t mind the leisurely pace of these novels but this one seemed to have even less forward momentum than usual The mystery took uite a while to solidify and the solution was both. Moose County Their vacation starts off ominously with the disappearance of a handyman hired to patch up wi. ,

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The Cat Who Went UndergroundFar fetched and sad All in all not my favorite But I M Sure Will And The Cats Will Be I m sure will and the cats will be in my good graces with the next installmentOriginally published 1989Body Count 6 view spoiler 5 carpenters bludgeoned by a serial killer who is the alter ego of a female plumber the larcenous Captain Phlogg from the antiue store alcoholism hide spoiler The only reason I purchased a cheap physical copy was the mention of cats and solving mysteries with a cat I ust love cats OK XDIn all seriousness this is the ninth book in a series and having not read the other eight before this seemed to be a little set up for a co In one of the earlier books in the series willeran takes a break at the cabin with the cats He meets new unusual characters and the regular cast except Polly are invited An enjoyable read. Lleran's cabins But the felines really start throwing catfits when they come across a couple of dead bodies.
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