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This is the sort of efficient novella That Demands A Short Incisive Review Full demands a short incisive review full judiciously chosen adjectives and presumably that s what it will get if MJ ever g What oes it take to be happy First of all it takes tranuility And so often the happiest Singing the Law days of our life are those when nothing crucial happenedSo a month in the country was a real treat to the protagonist and A Month in the Country is a real treat to a readerWell we all see things withifferent eyes and it gets you nowhere hoping that even one in a thousand will see things your wayThe novel is also a eepest contemplation on the nature of art and history and the harmony of lifeWe can ask and ask but we can T Have Again What Once Seemed Ours have again what once seemed ours ever the way things looked that church alone in the fields a bed on a belfry floor a remembered voice a loved face They ve gone and you can only wait for the pain to passHuman kindness is the best cure for loneliness and melancholy You re happy Mr Birkin You re not on edge any Is it because the work is going well Of course she was right Anyway partly right Standing up there on the platform before a great work of art feeling kinship with its creator cosily knowing that I was sort of impresario conjuring and teasing back his work after four hundred years of arkness But that wasn t all of it There was this weather this landscape thick woods roadsides We Sell Drugs deep in grass and wild flowers And to the south and north of the Vale low hills frontiers of a mysterious countryBeautifully written poetic small story Like many Goodreads friends here I wouldescribe this book as exuisite and Touching Wonderful Indeed Slow Start Though The Story Has To Wonderful indeed Slow start though the story has to on youA Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ damaged survivor of the 1st World War Tom Birkin finds refuge in the village church of Oxgodby where he is to spend the summer uncovering a huge medieval wall paintin But then inevitably as happens to most of us first through Saturday umpiring later Sunday chapel I wasrawn into the changing picture of Oxgodby itself But oddly what happened outside was like a Literature of Africa dream It was inside the still church before its reappearing picture that was real Irifted across the rest As I have said like a ream For a timeTom Birken is summoned to the countryside from the teaming streets of London to practice his craft revealing a Medieval painting that was originally painted 500 years pr. Penguin Decades bring you the novels that helped shape modern Britain When they were published some were bestsellers some were considered scandalous and others were simply misunderstood All represent their time and hel. Her bosom and immediately I was reminded of Botticelli not his Venus the Primavera It was partly her wonderfully oval face and partly the easy way she stood I seen enough paintings to know beauty when I saw it and in this out of the way place here it was before meNetflix has yet again let me Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature down There is a movie from 1987 starring Kenneth Branagh and Colin Firth but Netflixoes not have it At this point it appears I will have to buy it to see it I can only hope that they o the book justice Kenneth Branagh as Moon Natasha Richardson as Alice Keach Colin Firth as BirkenThe introduction to the book in the NYRB version is written by Michael Holroydand it is excellent I love it when an introduction fires it is excellent I love it when an introduction fires the reader to read the book He talks about his own odd intersection with J L Carr but the most resonating bit he shares is in regards to Carr s funeral Carr ied in 1994 and his funeral service in the Kettering parish church was in the words of Byron Rogers like the passing of a spymaster He Had Such Disparate Interests had such Intro to Alien Invasion disparate interests there seem to have been many J L Carrs and since he compartmentalized his friendships few of his friends knew each other What I remember most about his funeral service was the fidgetingas the mourners kept suinting sideways to speculate about their neighbors Rogers wrote Then at the very last minute there was a clatter of high heels and a very young very beautiful woman came inressed in fashionable black She came alone and at the end was gone just as abruptly into the March afternoon No one knew her or could find out who she was an ex pupil mistress cricketer flower arranger Sunday School teacherbut readers of A Month in the Country may feel that she had stepped out of its pages Don t miss this one a than pleasant Therapy of Love diversion for a Sunday afternoon You will be right there in Oxgodby falling in love gnashing your teeth over the absurdity of it allenjoying the peacefulness of knowing really knowing you are happy and you too mightiscover the importance of lingering over a moment a glorious moment when life seems to be working for you and not against you If you are like me you might even find yourself yelling for godsakes take her in your arms and kiss her Highly Recommended The Mysterious J L CarrIf you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page Mer uncovering a huge medieval wall painting in the village church of Oxgodby Joined by another veteran employed to look for a grave outside the churchyard he uncovers old secrets that bear on his experiences of confli.

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Eviously and had been whitewashed over about a hundred years later It is a picture of oom predating the fantastical terrifying visions of Bruegel by at least a hundred years Mad Meg by Pieter Bruegel Triumph of Bruegel by at least a hundred years Mad Meg by Pieter Bruegel Triumph Death by Pieter BruegelBirken in 1920 is a shattered man He has survived the war but experienced his own vision of hell on the battle field of Passchendaele The estimations are that the British allies and the Germans each lost over 200000 men between July and November of 1917 He emerged from the wreckage and the Germans each lost over 200000 men between July and November of 1917 He emerged from the wreckage that battle shell shocked and still three years later betrays himself with a stammer and twitching cheek when he is experiencing a stressful moment He has acuired a skill a skill nearly expired of carefully revealing and preserving old murals on church walls The Oxgodby job is a gift maybe one of the few remaining times when he will practice his craft Our jobs are our private fantasies our isguises the clock we can creep inside to hide He has a wife who has betrayed him a war that has wounded him and a world that is telling him that his skills are obsolete He needed this job He has no idea what is behind the whitewash but it isn t long before he knows he is working on a masterpiece So each Museum Activism day I released a few inches of a seething cascade of bones joints and worm riddled vitals frothing over the fiery weir It was breathtaking A tremendous waterfall of color the blues of the apex falling then seething into a turbulence of red like all truly great works of art hammering you with its whole before beguiling you with its parts Medieval era wall muralHe meets a man named Moon who is camping in a tent in the cemetery and has been commissioned to find the bones of an ancestor for their patron As time goes on and both men realize how simply wonderful this moment in time has been for them they start to linger in their work making it last not wanting it to end There is a story about Moon that you will have to read the book toiscover Oh and lets not forget that Birken meets a woman Not just any woman but one of those women that turn your knees to jelly and in the case of Birken make his cheek twitch She is the vicar s wife Mrs Alice Keach She was much younger than Keachthe vicar no than nineteen or twenty and she was very lovely More than just pleasant looking I mean she was uite enchanting Her neck was uncovered to. Ped Narcissistic Mothers define their generation while today each is considered a landmark work of storytelling JL Carr's A Month in the Country was first published in 1980 Tom Birkin aamaged survivor of World War One is spending the sum. A Month in the Country