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Mill Hill oAte I turned and saw Chaston Anna and Elodie walking toward me They looked amazing in the fugly gym uniforms Shocker Unlike Tina Fey s masterpiece the girls don t make up and sing kumbaya I thought it was heading that direction for a while and was sadly let down view spoilerElodie turnsut to be a power hungry bitch after all Yeah sure she passes Sophie her powers in the end Cry me a river hide spoiler It s been years since I read Hex Hall for the first time and for some reason I got a strong feeling that I need to re read this ne After six years So here I m and this read this ne After six years So here I m and this in EnglishThe main character is 16 which is a little younger than books I usually read right now But honestly I did not care at all Sophie is so damn hilarious I love that girl view spoilerBut I need to take This Poison Will Remain one star down for the instacrushinstalove hide spoiler As to date this has beenne Un eroe dei nostri tempi of the most enjoyable fantasy books I ve read that deals withtherworldly creatures like witches vampires faes werewolves shape shifters and demons collectively called as Prodigium through the author s creative effort Geldsack of putting them all together inne monster high called Hecate Hall Rescued by a Horse: True Stories of Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing or simply Hex Hall It s a fast fun read told by Sophie a supposedly powerful witch who at 16 barely knows anything about her real powers Thus she gets enrolled at Hex Hall which has this Vampire AcademyHogwart s vibe but inclusive I could practically imagine Rachel Hawkins do this in frontf Richelle Mead and JK Rowling after writing the book Or probably not Lol It s very enjoyable because the heroine is funny witty and sarcastic Exactly my kind The Secret of the Glass of gal She doesn t care so much about her appearance She also knows how to properly appreciatether people s beauty without a tinge Discovery: Poetry and Art by Rick and Jan Sikes of jealousyThe narration and dialogue are delightful and easy to read I m experiencing some teenage angstI need to like write in my journalr something The events are fast paced and very INTERESTING THE AUTHOR MANIPULATED THESE FANTASTIC CHARACTERS PRETTY WELL The author manipulated these fantastic characters pretty well created interesting conflicts and twists although personally I think the plot could use a bit action But this is The Genealogy of the Family of Francis Beaman, Sr Northampton County, North Carolina (American Surname Series) only the first bookf the series so I m sure there ll be a lot Lions and Tigers and Snares of those in the seuel This is highly recommended especially for young readersr even ld looking for a light enjoyable fantasy read I was so pleasantly surprised by this book almost as surprised as I am by the fact that I actually decided to read it I d all but given up n young adult novels that the fact that I actually decided to read it I d all but given up Fox Play on young adult novels that anyf the following vampires werewolves witches shifters fairies angels demons you get the idea Young adult fantasy and urban fantasy seems to have been constantly churning Star Wars: Lando outf the same but Hex Hall really ticked all the right boxes for meGranted a boarding school for witches and whatnot isn t exactly Genius Loci: Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture original and it s a hard field to compete in when you re up against the likesf JKRowling but I liked Hawkins laid back and kind f chick lit style writing The novel reminded me f something in between Vampire Academy and this TV show that I used to love when I was a kid called The Worst Witch maybe I m wrong but I d be willing to bet that not many people Aria Appassionata outsidef the UK have heard The Five Bells and Bladebone of it Anyway you basically have all you expect from a regular high school bullies bitchiness crushes dating school dances etc But then you also have the added trouble that comes with supernatural creatures and magical powers killersn the loose demons being summoned bullies that can turn you into a slug I won t say that Ein Internat für junge Hexen Gestaltwandler und Feen Dort teilt sich Sophie ein Zimmer mit der einzigen Vampirin der Schule Bald nach ihrer Ankunft versucht ein Trio dunkler Hexen sie für ihren Zirkel zu gewinnen Und.

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Actual Rating 35 starsIt took me a while to start reading this book My last Rachel Hawkins The Untold Story: My 20 Years Running the National Inquirer one didn t attracted me that much and It s not anriginal plot A young witch who screw up and let humans see her magic Firstly how can she be that dumb to show her magic to Betrayed, Betrothed and Bedded others like nothing Who she doesn t even know that well and is like let me be your fairy godmother Ops sorryThen she is sentenced to a magical boarding school for delinuent supernatural beingsAnd there she makes friend with this pinky girly vampire who is her new roommateview spoilerAnd I loved how the homosexual card was played here Jenna is so sweat and her relationship with Sophie was really awesome I really liked that we have a book that finally portraits that having a gay girl friend doesn t means she will be differentr that she won t like pink Anna Laetitia Barbauld Poems 1792 or be femininer even that she will like you She is just a sweat friend 3 hide spoiler Well this is just the same Caught in the Net old tired format for paranormal YA boarding school romps I ve seen the same story time and time again in books like Secret LivesEvernightFirespell and it is just boring me1misfit teen sent to boarding school2she doesn t want to be there3getsn wrong side Blue Road to Atlantis of popular bitchesn day Bioetica Della Sessualita, Della Vita Nascente E Pediatrica one4instant crushn sexiest guy at school5her Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light only friend is a fellow misfit6grim teachers7obnoxious students8murderern the looseThe characters are either Itinerari nel sacro. L'esperienza religiosa giapponese obnoxious muppetsr cardboard cut uts that have no depth r interest to them The teachers don t seem to give a damn about discipline explain to me why the werewolf who attacked Sophie Bad Land on her first minuten campus got no punishment Is attempted murder seen as acceptable at this school The Lettere: 1942-1943 onlyne who was given a stern talking to was the guy who saved Sophie by using magic to protect her from the werewolf Strange moral code from the head teacher don t you think As usual in these books the kids do what the hell they like with the teachers ignoring them which defeats the whole hell they like with the teachers ignoring them which defeats the whole L'ipocrisia dell'Occidente. Il Califfo, il terrore e la storia of the school in mypinion These kids are sent to this school because they can t control their power so surely they should be watched closely I hate stupid plots like thissigh I think it s time to give up The Fire of Origins on these cloned books and pick up a proper urban fantasy book with a decent story and characters that don t bug me to death HEX HALL is an insanely fun hilarious and HOT book I can t even tell you how many times I laughedut loud Count Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy (Critical Heritage) or had to put the book down because I was laughing so hard Sophie Mercer is nowfficially Pasto nudo onef my favorite heroines and I just might be a little bit in love with Archer Cross too I can t say enough wonderful things about this book Escaping Me only that you need to pick it up ASAP when it debuts next March I mnly sad that I have to wait so long to read the next book in the series Archer is smart and funny in addition to being hot Elodie his girlfriend is stupid and dull The second the second I read that line I logged into Goodreads to check which year it was published 2010 Also known as YA s embarrassing puberty years I tend to stay away from books published during that time since they re filled with unhealthy romantic relationships and girl n girl hate YA now is like college relationships and girl n girl hate YA now is like college all grown up and cringing at the The Maxx: Maxximized Vol. 3 occasional photof your tween self that pops up Il cacciatore on FacebookHex Hall is juvenile YA The writing is a inane versionf Meg Cabot s style filled with cutesy internal monologues and pop culture references The plot is an typical mystery type without much punchAnd the girl hate God the girl Sophie Mercer ist eine Hexe Doch die Sache mit der Magie klappt noch nicht so richtig Als sie einer Mitschülerin helfen will endet dies mit derart katastrophalen Folgen dass ihre Mutter sie an die Hecate Hall schickt. ,

Hex HallExpected to hate it but I did expect to be bored I never imagined there would be moments that made me laugh ut loud and annoyingly stereotypical bad boys that are actually never imagined there would be moments that made me laugh ut loud and annoyingly stereotypical bad boys that are actually enough to get away with being annoyingly stereotypical bad boys Yes you heard me right another young adult novel with another hot but dangerous male love interest but this time I completely loved it Maybe my mid life crisis came early but I thought Archer was really hot If I d been at Hex Hall I know I would have both hated and wanted to be with him at the same time I think I liked him most because he had a sense f humour and didn t say really stupid cliched and didn t say really stupid cliched like I m wrong for you because I m so badass kay maybe it doesn t uite go like that but I hate literary heroes that believe they re so bad that they ve earned the right to apologise for it Ugh My point Archer wasn t like thatThe mystery was alright but it wasn t my favourite bit the novel s strength was in the characters and the dialogue not in the plot behind it all Basically someone died someone was accused real culprit was found The Hug out the end Probably was what stopped me from giving it 5 stars my full marks demand a better story But what the heck it was fun I enjoyed it a lot and I now have every intentionf reading Demonglass Fun This book really grew The Resurrection Tree and Other Stories on me It took several tries to get past the first couplef chapters but Autostop con Buddha: Viaggio attraverso il Giappone once Sophie finally gets settled in at Hex Hall things start moving along The witchy battles are pretty cool there s good build upf the mystiue behind the school and behind Sophie s past and powers and the author does a nice job with creating a variety Speak the Ocean of different characters with distinctive voices I especially liked BFF Jenna and the super cute and witty Archer and Sophie herself turnsut to be a pretty kick ass heroine It did take me a little while to get used to the author s voice but the humor actually gets to be really good as the story develops and I ve gone back to giggle ver certain passages Again Overally This Is Overally this is really terrific debut and a fast paced entertaining read It s always a plus when a YA author manages to surprise her audience with twists and turns in the plot too and there are a couple f really good nes here that will leave readers n the edge for Besidesyou can t not love a girl who tries to stop an attacking werewolf by yelling BAD DOG OK I Tolstoy Lied: A Love Story originally gave this 35 stars but I have decided just to give it 4 stars I m experiencing some teenage angst Mrs Casnoff I answered I need to like write it in my journal I ve wanted to be a witch forever Long before anyone uttered the words Harry Potter You see there was this awesome movie called Teen Witch Have you seen it Well the girl findsut she is witch turns her little brother into a dog gets to meet a famous singer AND snags the most popular boy at school All because she had magical powers I so wanted to be a witchPerhaps that is why I loved this book so much Second Sight (Circle of Three, or maybe it s because Hex Hall is a laughut load fast paced and easy read It could really go either way The point is however that it was marvelousI ve been trying to write this review for days I m not sure why I find it so difficult to explain why I find something so enjoyable but for whatever the reason I do Ask me why I don t like something I can write you a list a mile long but describe why I like it I just do that s whyIt could be Sophie the main character She is just an enjoyable protagonist She s caring Strife open minded a good friend and she might be a lit. Sophie verliebt sich Hals über Kopf in den traumhaft gut aussehenden Hexer Archer den Herzensbrecher von Hecate Hall Da werden auf dem Campus einige Hexen angegriffen und der Verdacht fällt auf Sophies Zimmergenossi.