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Stars rounded down to 3 starsTamika I ve put the entire review for this final book in the series below Hope you enjoy cause you know I only posted this for you Clean Tech, Clean Profits: Using Effective Innovation and Sustainable Business Practice to Win in the New Low-carbon Economy lolNOTE This review contains spoilers for the previous three 3 books in this series Please read those books prior to reading this reviewTalking to Dragons is the fourth and final installation in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles It s been a fun ride and I m aittle sad to see it endI found Talking to Dragons to be a Managing Conflict, A Women's Guide to Controlling Confrontation (Conflict EXTINGUISHER) lot fun than Calling on Dragons but it neverived up to the expectation set by the first two books in the Enchanted Forest ChroniclesTalking To Dragons Stars Daystar to Dragons stars Daystar the MC and starts 16 17 years after then ending of Calling on Dragons Daystar is the son of previous MCs ueen Cine and King Mendenbar but he does not know this All he knows is that he was the son of a and King Mendenbar but he does not know this All he knows is that he was the son of a mother named Cine One day a wizard showed up at Daystar s cottage and in surprise he watches his mother melt the wizard Afterwards Cine comes to Daystar with a magical sword and sends him off into the Enchanted Forest with no instructionI really enjoyed Talking to Dragons but I found itnot as interesting Wrede completely changed the tone of the series by making Daystar a boy removing the gender role reversal theme that the rest of the books in the series have I was disappointed in that but I am glad that there is a male character in the series that young boys can relate to besides Mendenbar There is a strong MC female character in the book a fire witch named Shiara butshe s a major PIA and nothing ike the strong and capable Cine Shiara is unbelievably rude to everyone and prone to either major attitude or tears at all times When the reader meets Shiara she can t do magic Later she is able to perform magic but she has to be polite first Instead of being happy that she can now perform magic she was being chased by the magicians because she was unable to perform magic and thus unable to defend herself Shiara gets a major attitude and starts bitching Daystar on the other hand is closer to the male euivalent of Cine with a ittle 기신전기 던브링어 3 less senseol but he s Erziehen ohne auszurasten: Wie ich aufhörte, meine Kinder anzuschreien - und wie Sie das auch schaffen lackingimagination Personality Curiosity Maybe all three Daystar is not really curious as to who he is He s not too concerned that his mother randomly sent him into the forest with a magic sword Daystar isn t particularly interested in most things it mostly feelsike the adventures in Talking to Dragons happened to Daystar instead with Daystar Daystar basically takes everything that happens to him in stride with no real surprise Talking to Dragons was fun but it was also missing uite a bit of the whimsy of the previous novels too I would consider Talking to Dragons the most conventional and canon Scala High Performance Programming like book in the series Daystar is not an orphan or a farmboy but he s pretty close to the orphan farmboy trope Daystar is given a magic sword and sent on an unknown uest Almost everyone around him knows whowhat he is before he does The outcome of the world the Enchanted Forest is dependent on Daystarearning and doing specific things As I said very canon Prayogshala Nepali Sankramanma Dilli Ra Maobadi (प्रयोगशाला नेपाली सङ्क्रमणमा दिल्ली, दरबार र माओवादी) likeAll in all I enjoyed Talking to Dragons aot than Calling on Dragons and I m sad to see the series end Regardless of any complaints I had about this book I did enjoy my read I also purchased the series omnibus rereads will occurWrede wrote Talking to Dragons first in 1985 The rest of the series with gender themes was written afterwards 1990 1991 1993 and then Talking to Dragons was re written and re released A very entertaining series of fantasy books for children of all ages as the familiar cliche says that have many elements of classic fairy tales while the author offers us a hilarious parody of well known myths Charlie the Caterpillar legends and fairy tales Their way of writing is particularly interesting and is based mainly on the very clever confrontation between the heroes each of which has something special Surely in some places this humour is not particularly apt there are some silly moments but in general the series maintains a goodevel especially in the first two So this series might not be a very great thing but are definitely four books that offer relaxation and put a smile in the face I oved the first two books in this series but the third and this the fourth books seem to be geared to a younger and younger audience And while I ove a good middle grade fantasy story I felt this one didn t have the complexity within the plot or characters that I would have Pure Land Buddhism in Modern Japanese Culture liked and that MG readers can handleThe main focus of this tale seemed to be to encourage politeness And while Iove that theme it did feel a bit heavy handed at timesFor 16 years of age I felt our protagonist wasn t as mature as he should have been He was kind and smart and very polite but to me he sounded younger I did ike him But as a protagonist who will one day be king at 16 I would have expected a wiser protagonistAlso so many times I felt that the actions of the characters wer. Always be polite to dragons That's what Daystar's mother taught him and it's a very wise esson one that might just help him after his mom hands him a magic sword and kicks him out of the house Especially because his house sits on.

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Talking to Dragons

Summary Talking to Dragons

Know Nevertheless I iked her was adorableA DragonBio Its gender was unknown because it was not old enough to who adorableA DragonBio Its gender was unknown because it was not old enough to define who itMy Feelings It was sort of a funny character I iked it and its comedy It always wanted to eat every thing I Kemilau Cinta - Brighter Than the Sun liked the scene how it entered the book The characters who were the focus of the previous books became the secondary characters in this book But I did t hate hate that fact Instead Iiked how they appeared in this book OVERVIEW I think this book is a sort of retelling of a tale Sleeping Beauty I Kept Feeling Many References feeling many references that tale while reading I haven t read that but I have heard about it many times that I think I don t need to read it But if someone knows about a book totally on this tale you can tell me I may get new things from thatAt the end of its previous book King of Enchanted Forest was captured by the Society of Wizards in some secret place in the Castle And castle was surround by a shield created by wizards through which no one except for wizards can pass Only King s Sword can break that shield which can only be handled by the right heir who was Daystar That means only Daystar can free his father Daystar was born at the end of its ast book So the story continues in this bookThis book takes place after 16 years of the previous book Cine and Daystar ive at the edge of Enchanted Forest They encounter a wizard Antorell one of the villains of the previous books and also in this book After melting him Cine gives the King s Sword to Daystar and force him to go to the Enchanted Forest without telling him anything for a reason He goes and meets Shiara who is escaping from wizards Both are alone so they stay together and wander through the Forest Eventually Daystar finds his reason that Why he is in the Enchanted Forest and What he supposes to do So he free his father from the Wizards trap that s obvious not a big revelation I thinkHow simple is that But it s not There are adventures in this book LESSONS FROM THIS SERIES I don t have plans to follow them wink hehehe Always keep a handkerchief with yourself Never take a shortcut THINGS I DIDN T LIKE This book was very predictable for me I almost guessed every part of this book except for the ending That was Red November: Inside the Secret U.S.-Soviet Submarine War little unexpected but didn took that bad Villains were same This whole series have the same villains Wizards Villains should have changed I didn t A Silent Ocean Away: Colette's Dominion like this fact because neither the Protagonist did any thing to kill wizards permanently nor the Antagonist did any thing to get rid of melting by Protagonist in its previous books Regardless of its predictability Iiked how author wrote each scene in an excellent manner I The Magic Question liked this fact in all of its books According to the facts I mentioned above I wouldike to give48 Bright Stars round off to 5 stars BEST BOOKS OF THE SERIES GOES TO 1 Dealing with Dragons 2 Searching for Dragons3 Calling on Dragons 4 Talking to Dragons That s my personal thinking Different people may have different thoughts about itFeel free to point out my mistakes in this review or my misunderstandings about this book if there are any I would be happy to see that Thanks for you attention The first three books in the series are in 3rd pov but this one is in 1st pov This really makes the flatness of the characters stand outThe main character has no thoughts No signs of intelligence or A Writer's Reference with Writing about Literature with 2009 MLA and 2010 APA Updates life The kid is a 16 year old boy scout who only shows the barest of hints of interest in the girl who is suppose to be hisove interest they end up together at the end yet it just feels forced as there isn t any flirting or romantic interest expressed in any other way etc throughout the book He s super polite careful and just has no real substance or flaws He just simply isn t human or alive by any meansWhat do I mean when I say that Well there is NO emotional response or thoughts or anything when at the very end of his journey he finds out he s a prince and meets his father a king he just saved for the first time What happens NOTHING Likeeff you so much He s just mild and accepting and goes along with everything No response or feelings or thoughts etc He s not happy overwhelmed or any realistic intense emotion upon seeing his father a king for the first time in his America Lost and Found: An English Boy's Wartime Adventure in the New World life I hate you authorThe book revolves around keeping all of the information from the king s kid and sending him off into the woods The girl that he runs into is useless and ill tempered USELESS She cries Often Over silly and stupid things Did I say how often she cries I need to emphasizes this here The only thing she does through the entire series is either needs to be protected chitchatting with the main characterstating the obvious is merely there existing crying or I generally don tike time jumps but I uite American Pronghorn: Social Adaptations and the Ghosts of Predators Past liked this book Daystar and Shiara were veryikable After a weaker 3rd book this one was back to the An Audience of Artists: Dada, Neo-Dada, and the Emergence of Abstract Expressionism level of the first two books I m glad I re read this series from my childhood It was a deligh. Ake a particularly hotheaded fire witch a very verboseizard and a badly behaved baby dragon to help him figure it all outAnd those good manners certainly won't hurt From the back cover of ISBN 0152046917 9780152046910Length 0638. ,
E over described or that Wrede was trying to justify an action when either the explanation justify an action when either the explanation already obvious or when a different action really should have been takenAnd yet overall it s still a nice uick read with main characters who try to do the right thing And I appreciate that it s nice that the tale isn t dark or disturbing as some MGYA books can be 355 strsThis is my third time reading this one and I took down half a star Not because it s bad but because it s uite weak comparing to the first 3 booksThe characters are still good and the humor is still there the whole plot is just so repetitive I was getting bored a ot especially in the middle of the bookAlso the reunion of son and father wasn t very reunion Aristotle's Rhetoric: An Art of Character like I wish he would have ateast hugged himI have always felt meh about this 4rth book Not bad not good jus t didn t care that much about it My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG The weakest of the series and surprisingly the first book written chronologically Daystar doesn t have a Anthropology as Cultural Critique: An Experimental Moment in the Human Sciences lot of emotional reaction to anything much Shiara is rather spectacularly selfish I rarely dislike what would amount to a defiant underdog character but she s just not enjoyable So even though this is chronologically theast book in the series PC Wrede wrote it first the first 3 are preuels So as I was re reading this book I kept thinking why this is really uite impressive the way that PC Wrede created such an elegantly seamless backstory to this book in the form of the first three books And she s so effortlessly woven it into the details of this story when she didn t even really know what was going to be in them But then I got to the end of the book and there s a whole chapter that just explains everything that happened in the first three books I don t know maybe she added that ater when they were published But why anyone who had read them would already know what happenedAnyway this book is nice enough although it does feel ike the odd one out when I think of Dealing With Dragons being so in your face about Yes Princesses Can but Cine and Morwen are relegated to very supporting characters in this one I do wish Morwen and Telemain had just stayed friends instead of being neatly tied up at the end They make good friends and the characterization of each of them through the series is very strong And since we have such a good idea of who each one of them is I can t imagine why Morwen would want to marry him Or why he would want to marry her honestly BafflingMostly I wish these books were Between Silences longer That would give PC Wrede room to work things out so that they don t feel rushed And also I m just sad that I m done rereading them already I would have preferred that Wrede end this series with the third bookmoving on to the second generation of characters is usually not as fun For me the motivation of the main character just didn t seem strong enough and while I realize that this fantasy series is meant to beighter in tone than some of its dramatic counterparts the characters emotions were a trifle too understated for my taste WOW WOW WOW My feelings are just out of control after reading the Betrayals last book of this series Maybe that s because this is my first series I have ever completed OR maybe I am over happy after reading a series of 4 books because this is my biggest series I had ever started I don t know the exact reason Never mind who cares I just wanted a good series and I think I have read one Before saying anything else I must say this series is totally for children Maybe some teens or adults will not enjoy this because some elements I felt were totally for children But I also must say I enjoyed this no matter whatTheast book was totally unexpected for me At first I couldn t understand that I am reading a right book or not because this book started just Betrayals: The Unpredictability of Human Relations like a proper story notike a seuel to the 3rd book I think persons who haven t read its previous books will also enjoy this book But if you have read its previous books you will understand it better and things may get predictable for you BOOK S INFO Chapters 22 Narration First Person I really iked it Actually it s my favouriteSetting Enchanted Forest One of the amazing settings I have ever readThis forest is full of magic Magic floats in its atmosphere Every place in this forest changes its position after some time To get the info on this forest you should start from the 2nd book 1st doesn t contain much info about it MAJOR CHARACTERS DaystarBio 16 years old son of Mendanber and Cine King and ueen of Enchanted Forest He is also the narrator of this bookMy Feelings This character was just amazing I couldn t stop myself from Reading Just Because Of This just because of this I iked this very much I will always remember this characterShiaraBio A fire witch who doesn t know how to use her magic But when she finds out How to use her magic I can t stop aughing My Feelings She was also amazing but sometimes she became a bad girl type you. The edge of the Enchanted Forest and his mother is ueen CineBut the tricky part is figuring out what he's supposed to do with the magic sword Where is he supposed to go And why does everyone he meets know who he isIt's going to ,