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In Robin Owens s Enchanted No More the first installment in the Mystic Circle series this was a fantastic urban fantasy romance with very vivid scenery and details of an imaginary world For the last remaining Mistweaver Jinnesfarne Jenni Mistweaver is a half ling with magical elements and mourned the loss of her family from years ago She s called upon to rescue her brother Rothly and heal him while she was sent on a mission to help raise the bubble with her magical elements to help the Eight Lightfolk battle against the Darkfolk She was reunited with her ex lover Aric Pandamon a Treefolk to go on this mission Together they travel to new foreign lands a world like no other when they ve learned to care for each other again and about their magic to save their world from dark forces with a happy ending I love love love Robin Owens and *HER EARLIER BOOKS ARE SOME OF MY ABSOLUTE * earlier books are some of my absolute favorites writing style is always a pure pleasure to read and she writes some deliciously strong heroines who are still extremely feminine One thing I ve noticed in her recent books however is ust how nice the heroines are to the point where for me it s ust a little too much ENCHANTED s heroine is so very very very nice I d have liked her to be a little less so She goes after her brother She helps out the faerie world She lets the homele The story is written in our world but all its magic is not public known Jenni is an elemental balancer and the leaders of the magic world need her Even though she doesn t want to Help Them Cause Of them cause of past history with her family she finally agrees when she learns that her brother is in trouble Now Jenni have not only to save her brother but also help them While she do that she learns new things about them herself and looks like fate is there and giving her a chance to correct her mistakesWhat i loved most from this book was the world and the idea behind the story It uses elemental magic and has in it all the creatures you can imagine elves djins dwarves etc All of them live together and actually take care of our world The idea of the story is some bubbles that come out from there which have in them new magic for the world The Eight two leaders for each element need help to control them and the only alive who can do it Jenni Jenni is a balancer She can make all the elements in a place live together in balance All of the characters ha. As one of the last surviving Mistweavers half blood Jenni knows what it's like to be caught between two worlds the faery and the human But the time has come to choose The Lightfolk ,

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Ve previous background and great history too and it s something that i find pretty interesting Usually we get the very first adventure of our main characterNow while all that sound good and interesting the book had some problemsFirst it was Jenni All the rest characters are pretty much acceptable except her At the first half of the book you have her being sad and mad with herself cause of her past She repeats herself so much the book you have her being sad and mad with herself cause of her past She repeats herself so much she is getting an emo Like she loves to be sad Annoying Then suddenly is normal and all well and at the end we get again a bit of her old selfThen it s the details Oh my godthey are so many Most of the time i was getting either bored or confused Detailsdetailsagain and again They were necessary but not well introduced to usLike here get some details and then we go on I did a month to finish the book cause of thatAnd last annoying part was the end For 20 pages or so you read about the preparations of the final battle And when finally the times comes you get about 4 pages battle That s it you have to read all the details about it ust to enjoy ust 4 pages of it And not only that but while the book is girly written without too much violencebloodetc the author decides To Throw Some Sentences throw some sentences gutsetc in Not only didn t fit but it felt unreal with the whole environment of the storyI like the idea behind it it was clever and something new but you will lose it while you read it A Magical Lesson of Love Valor and ForgivenessFifteen years ago the family of halfling Jindesfarne Mistweaver was caught in the middle of a vicious magical battle between the Lightfolk and Dark ones All but one brother were slain and that brother Rothly was maimed physically and magically And he blamed Jenni for it allBut no than she blamed herselfDisowned by her brother stripped of her entire family ripped apart by guilt and loss she fled her family s land in Northumberland England and moved west through America until she landed in Denver There she built a little world for herself living as the human Jenni Weaver away from the magics of the Lightfolk and the treacherous power of the Eight who rule powerful elemental beings she blames for their poor treatment of halflings in general and her family in particular It was they who started the portal ceremony early It was they who share responsibility for her family s death But it is Jenni who pays the. Euire her uniue talent for balancing the elements to fend off a dangerous enemy and rescue her missing brotherOnly for Rothly will Jenni deal with those who destroyed her life Only Enchanted No MoreSteepest price for self guilt and burning resentmentNow fifteen years later a knock on her door draws her back into the world she turned from forces her to take up again the elemental balancing that is her gift once eschewed The Eight had offered her brother something he couldn t resist to take on a dangerous task he was ill euipped to complete and now he is lost
In The Interdimensional Mist 
the interdimensional mist only Jenni and he can enter They use her love for him to manipulate her into Taking Up His Task And up his task and herself once again for the Lightfolk She must balance the elemental power of a rising force of the purest magics or risk unimaginable wild forces of creation and destruction letting loose on the worldWith little than Aric Paramon to be her guardian and guide a half Elf half Treeman who was her lover on that fateful day of greatest loss Jenni faces a bitter battle against forces of great evil and her emotions and the horrors of the past threaten to break her before the fight even begins Only by healing from wounds still fresh in her psyche and soul and embracing the full grace of her nature can she even hope to survive let alone triumph But the risk of opening herself up to that sort of pain once again may prove too much for Jenni to takeWhat a rich deep magical world Robin D Owens has created with this series debut Straddling the human and Lightfolk worlds Enchanted No More offers up a thorough three dimensional reality that is both intriguing and captivating as Jenni and Aric work together for the good of the world at large I was very impressed with the complexity and originality of the concept for the fantasy elements of the Lightfolk cultures and the plot of the story in generalJenni was a fascinating heroine Her ourney was about forgiveness and finding an internal balance that allowed her to heal from her loss and take her rightful place in the L Mostly a meh bookIt reads easily but it lacks gripping power It is difficult to warm to the MCs one is too easily moved to change the other Is Too SketchyI Appreciate Growing Up But Here It Felt too sketchyI appreciate growing up but here it felt wishing upon magic There s no feeling of growth it ust happens But then it s a common problem with this books things happen and there are no reasons for it and this is a world building problemThere s no depth to characters either No real drama and false easily removed angst Pleasant but not a book I ll kee. Or him will she agree to work with her ex lover Tage and revisit the darkest corners of her soul For a reckoning is at hand and she alone has the power to hold back the forces of dar.