Confessions of a Listmaniac The Life and Times of Layla the Ordinary (E–book)

E end Layla does do something view spoiler she wins an art competition and finally she wins an art competition and that being popular in school isn t everything hide spoiler This bookIt was early morning as the rays of sun brushed past my cheeks in the month of decemberIt all happened in a moment as I was oing to my school and was sitting next to one of my dearest friendsTHE BOOK GOT OVERI could not believe how much a connected you can be to a bookI kept my head down as hot tears rooled down my cheeksThats the magic of this book it s a light read meant for teenagers the first time. Hole blog thing in meant for teenagers the first time. Hole blog thing in notebook Layla’s journal entries often morph into uirky lists that record her observations on her life and times Light confessional and brimm. Okay so I ll begin right on I can t remember the details but this is all I can doConfessions of a Listmaniac is a light book which every teenager even one who lives a very busy life can read It s breezy and one can really connect with Layla the lead The story is basically about teenage angst and shows Layla s secret desire to be extraordinary to "Be Popular In Her "popular in her is a really sweet character She isn t the moaning type like some protagonists from chick lit books usually do and though she is confused about her feelings who isn T She Got It All she ot it all in the end In th. A seriously funny coming of age novel by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan Seventeen year old Layla knows that journal writing is way retro but thinks why not recreate the Confessions of a Listmaniac The Life and Times of Layla the Ordinary

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I read iti was like don t you know how to write womanthenwhen i read it for the second timei began liking itthe protagonist doesn t have a clue about lifei meanshe dumped all her friends for some popularmean peoplenow that is extremely stupidthey make out that teenagers doesn t have a mind and brain of their owni liked some of the other Characters Like The Grandmothersuzze Etcbut like the randmothersuzze etcbut laylashe is such a wasteshe could have made the book bit original and indian instead of just copying from hit series like princes diaries and suchanywayit is ood for lightunimaginative reading. Ing with witty teenage angst Layla’s observations on her family and friends provide a commentary on the lives of urban teenagers and the way they think and functi. .