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Tono BungayOnly halfway through this one but am loving it once again a white male british rotagonist must read women writers soon but the rotagonistauthor is incredible with writing descriptive detail a great social commentary on class systems industrialization in london exploitation of the masses through marketingadvertising etc and an incredible vocabulary builder SO many words i didn t know but so well used i can discern their meaning contextuallyupdate as with most satire i got the oint and started to get bored with it but that was well into the novel i may lack เพชรพระอุมา (ตอน 04) อาถรรพณ์นิทรานคร patience I d first heard of TONO BUNGAY when recently reading a biography of F Scott Fitzgerald Apparently this book by HG Wells was one of his favorite books HG Wells you mean THE WAR OF THE WORLDS and THE TIME MACHINE HG Wells Yes that s the one While I enjoy much of Wells writing I had a difficult time conceiving his creating a tale that would be one of Fitzgerald s favorites Well TONO BUNGAY is very different from what I would imagine from theen of the distinguished English author and it had a great many elements that would have appealed to Fitzgerald It has distant attractive women who are difficult for men to fathom a world in which money opens doors as long as it flows for men to fathom a world in which money opens doors as long as it flows the glamor of adventure for anyone willing to ursue it The central story revolves around the creation of a uack revitalizing medicine that takes the country by storm and keeps growing as sideline rojects are intermixed The main character repeatedly uestions the ethics of making and selling something that can t deliver what was advertized but is consoled that if eople are buying it it must be doing something good Although there are many satirical moments I had the sense that the writer was steeped in this literary realm he created For instance the class system is skewered but it is no longer eternally closed to anyone not born with a golden spoon Indeed when anyone acuires enough money they can roam in virtually any class circle Yes England was changing There were three general themes that greatly influenced the actions of the various characters First men by their very nature need an audience Their accomplishments their dreams and their failed attempts are all done with the expectation that someone important to them will notice Women are uncertain about their emotions versus what is roper to do However they also have the wisdom that men lack When allowed they can be the guides that add substance to the wild flights of fancy from men Finally over all of Life is a very real sense of Fatalism People may strive and endeavor all they wish Whether or not they will be successful has already been determined If actions head in a different direction from what is meant to be the Baby Girl (Erik Ead Trilogy, perpetrator will run into a blockade These themes while ablyresented were not a strong draw for me TONO BUNGAY the name of the revitalizing medicine is a long book with many rewards scattered throughout There are also times that the story will dwell extensively #on details as i d mentioned some of #details As I d mentioned some of had to be very ersonal for the writer My biggest complaint was the tendency to tell the Reader what was going to happen and what the result would be BEFORE entering into the narrative There would be statements similar to I then entered into this enterprise which would eventually result in My Failure And Then failure and then story of that articular enterprise is told in great detail All the while the Reader knows the final result but not specifically what happened to cause the failure That happens multiple times in the course of the book I cannot give it a strong recommendation There are many worthwhile elements and concepts However I cannot see myself reading this one again At times I almost really liked this book for its criticism of consumer capitalism for a book ublished in 1909 T B feels ahead of its time in this respect and the realness of some of the characters but I got fed up with the narratorauthor constantly explaining his own symbolism not to mention his random anti semitic remarks his roblematic relationship to womenmarriage and that especially disturbing Heart of Darkness voyage into Africa where in a typical heart of darknessuap fevered state he loses all his european moralitycivilityetc and kills a totally innocent African man I mean shit come on Tono Bungay is a novel written by H G Wells and ublished in 1909 It has been called arguably his most artistic book As for Wells himself he considered Tono Bungay as the finest and most finished novel upon the accepted lines that he had written or was ever likely to write While reading the novel I also And as I went along the embankment the first effect was all against my uncle He shrank for Ead a biography of Wells and found many interesting things about the authorAlthough Wells was a Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt prolific writer in many genres including the novel historyolitics and social commentary he is now best remembered for his science fiction novels His most famous science fiction works include The War of the Worlds The Time Machine and The Invisible Man He has been called the father of science fiction of course other authors have also been called the father of science fiction so I guess we all get to ick whoever we want for the title As to Tono Bungay I ve read at other laces including the introduction to my copy of the book that it is a realist satire on consumer capitalism and a commentary on social injustice but since these are terms that sound nothing like something I would say and I would never use I won t use them here either I will simply take the writer of the introduction s word for it In 1874 when just a young boy he had an accident that left him bedridden with a broken leg To Social Media and Social Movements: The Transformation of Communication Patterns pass the time he started reading books from the local library He soon became fascinated with the other worlds and lives to which books gave him access and they stimulated his desire to write Wells spent three very unhappy years as an apprentice to a draper he also worked as aupil teacher at a school in Somerset and again apprenticed for a chemist in Midhurst Wells studied biology at the Normal School of Science earning a bachelor of science and doctor of science degrees I wonder who decided to name the school the Normal School of Science I ll have to go see if there is an abnormal school of science somewhere when I m done with this His first writings were short stories and articles ublished in journalsNow I m moving on to what I thought was the most interesting and uzzling thing about his life He first married His Cousin Isabel Mary Wells In 1891 cousin Isabel Mary Wells in 1891 divorced in 1894 after Wells fell in love with one of his students Amy Catherine Robbins whom he married in 1895 For some reason that I don t know he called her Jane Ok some reason that I don t know he called her Jane Ok s the Ouroboros puzzling thing with his wife Jane s consent Wells had affairs with a number of women including the American birth control activist Margaret Sanger adventurer and writer Odette Keun and novelist Elizabeth von Arnim He had a daughter with the writer Amber Reeves and in 1914 a son by the novelist Rebecca West What I have a hard time figuring out is why in the world his wife gave her consent to this Oh well I llrobably never know so I will give up on Hollendartida i Norge: 1550–1750 pondering the subject and move on to Tono BungayOur main character and narrator of the story is George Ponderevo the son of the housekeeper at a great estate called Bladesover When as a boy he has a fist fight with a young aristocrat he is sent by his mother first to her cousin Nicodemus Frapp and after he runs away from there he is sent as a fully indentured apprentice to his uncle Edward Ponderevo Uncle Edward dreams of making it big and after years of failure he succeeds with hisatent medicine he names Tono BungayUncle Edward is bottling a sham tonic it is completely devoid of any actual medicinal benefit but he is advertising it with a flair and succeeding very well Edward is a genius at marketing Tono Bungay advertisements are everywhere On billboards all over the city of London newspaper advertisements and osters And as the advertisements tell us Tono Bungay could do just about anything Eventually we have Tono Bungay Hair StimulantConcentrated Tono Bungay for the eyesTono Bungay Lozenges Tono Bungay Chocolate You can GO for twenty four hoursthe ad tells us on Tono Bungay Chocolateand finally Tono Bungay Mouthwash You are Young Yet but are you Sure Nothing has Aged your Gums And so Tono Bungay grows and grows and Uncle Edward gets richer and richer However like all businesses that grow and grow eventually it stops at least that s how business seems to me Except maybe McDonalds come to think of it I ll have to give some thought to see if I come up with any other businesses that just grow and grow and never stop growingNow skipping over what happens to Tono Bungay whether it keeps growing and has now taken over the world you will have to find out for yourself I am moving on to uap yes uap Somewhere in the middle of the novel an explorer named Gordon Nasmyth appears in the Tono Bungay offices telling a strange story about a substance called uap the most radio active stuff in the world Now if I found the most radio active stuff in the world my first move wouldn t be to run to a company that makes medicine even if it is fake medicine but that s what Gordon Nasmyth does and uncle Edward and George both. Little while he continued to shrink in erspective until he was only a very small shabby li. Seem to be interested Godon Nasmyth tells them this about uap yes uap I m sorry I came But still now I m here And first as to uap uap sir is the most radio active stuff in the world That s uap It s a festering mass of earths and heavy metals olonium radium ythorium thorium carium and new things too There s a stuff called Xk rovisionally There they are mucked up together in a sort of rotting sand What it is how it got made I don t know It s like as if some young creator had been laying about it lies in two heaps There it lies in two heaps one great and the world for miles about it is blasted and scorched and dead You can have it for the getting You ve got to take it that s all He then shows them a sample telling them Don t carry it about on you said Gordon Nasmyth It makes a sore As for where you get this stuff in the first lace within the thunderbelt of Atlantic surf of the dense tangled vegetation that creeps into the shimmering water with root and sucker He gave a sense of heat and a Bauern In Mexiko: Zwischen Subsistenz Und Warenproduktion perpetual reek of vegetable decay and told how at last comes a break among these things an arena fringed with bone white dead trees a sight of the hard blue sea line beyond the dazzling surf and a wide desolation of dirty shingle and mud bleached and scarred A little way off among charred dead weeds stands the abandoned station abandoned because every man who stayed two months at that station stayed to die eaten up mysteriously like a leper with its dismantled sheds and its decayingier of wormrotten and obliue iles and lanks still insecurely Punainen metsä possible I can t uite remember why anyone would actually want to touch this stuff or carry it around or turn into a leper getting it among the dead trees or buy it for that matter but as I said they do seem interested and it does take the book in another direction at least for awhile anyway Now why I am mentioning uap other than it is an interesting though creepy section of the book is because I decided to look up the word like I usually do and was actually surprised to find there was a definition for it Here s the first definition a hypothetical nucleararticle consisting of a uark and an antiprotonThere wasn t too much in this definition that made sense to me so I looked up the words uark and antiproton and as I suspected would happen after reading the first line or two I just gave up and moved on So I am now done with the uap whether anyone is stupid enough to go get this stuff I m not telling In fact I m about done telling anything as far as the story goes There are love affairs marriages divorces deaths and lots about aeronautical experiments with gliders and balloons There s even a flight and I do mean flight from the authorities As for the actual word or words I don t know which I have been trying to figure out since I Forever Im Yours picked up the book what Tono Bungay is I could say it is the title of a book No kidding I could say it is aatent medicine that is just a sham no kidding But what is Tono Bungay I never found a clear answer From what I ve read the name is a Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown play on words It has been suggested it stands for ton of bunk but otherossibilities are tonic bunk or even tonic Ben gay Regardless of what it stands for it is clear that Tono Bungay is not entirely good for you and certainly does nothing to help you in the long run I m having trouble believing the tonic Ben gay one because the only Bengay I know is that cream you buy at the drug store that is supposed to temporarily relieve muscle and joint Honey, I Wrecked the Kids: When Yelling, Screaming, Threats, Bribes, Timeouts, Sticker Charts and Removing Privileges All Don't Work pain backaches stuff like that and I don t think it was around when the book was written but of course I ll have to go look it up I liked the book I read at several differentlaces that Wells with Tono Bungay is able to claim a ermanent lace in English fiction close to Dickens because of the extraordinary humanity of some of his characters but also because of his ability to invoke a lace a class a social sceneI liked the book alot but for me anyway it s not Dickens at all Read it for yourself and see what you think I have read a number of HG Wells s early sci fi novels This is the first time I have read one of his other novels and I am surprised to see that it is by far his best work Tono Bungay is a bildungsroman about growing up oor in Victorian England and making one s way in the world by a combination of luck good and badThe good luck is hero George Ponderevo s association with his uncle Edward the inventor of a nostrum called Tono Bungay He brings his nephew George in with him and becomes a fantastically rich financier until until the whole thing comes undone The bad luck consists of George s three attempts at love He marri. Ttle man in a dirty back street sending off a few hundred bottles of rubbish to foolish buye.