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Great short stories Easy to read in bits or as a whole this is out sept as a whole This is out Sept What I learned so far was that I loved writing my story for it and can t wait to see who the other authors are Rescue can take many forms from a firefighter literally digging someone from the rubble of a building to a child in a canoe trying to find his family before they drown Rescue can be needed in China in Sudan in Vietnam in North Carolina It can be literal emotional or spiritual and can take many forms These stories reveal some of the many ways healthcare workers have helped people or have witnessed others doing so whether from using a clown suit to relieve tension and provide an anonymous counselor to teaching skills for life after a disaster all their patients have taken comfort in the fact that people care understand and gi. Every year around the globe hurricanes earthuakes wildfires and a host of other disasters devastate the lives of millions But upon notice of a catastrophe like Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans or the tsunamis in Indonesia physicians nurses and EMTs go into. To the RescueIce As it was it seemed AS IF THE EDITOR MADE EVERYONE if the editor made everyone the same The only sound of life I heard was from the guy in Florida who said Oh shitThese could have been very engaging stories and they could have made us a part of the action Instead I felt like I was reading a boring documentary Great stories very touching As a recent graduate from an emergency management program I look forward to touching people s lives the way these people have I stopped about 23 of the way through This Book I Think book I think stories would have been much interesting if I was involved in the heathcare field As it is I was only somewhat interested in but couldn t really get into the short tales of heathcare workers in the book As Co editor of this book I heaghly reccomend to all who have an interest in disaster work at home or abroad. To the Rescue provides a fascinating ourney into the hearts and minds of the people around the world who save and care for the millions who are affected every year by extreme situations Heartwarming and inspiring these are stories readers won’t soon forg. ,

Ve unstintingly of all they Have To Keep Their Patients keep their patients and improving dailyWorth a read for anyone and because each story is short you only few minutes at a time to read through this Another Kindle freebie Interesting read although would have liked to have detail on many of the essays Thank You to all Healthcare workers Themes disasters emergency preparedness kindness miraclesSetting various including Vietnam Hurricane Katrina NYC 911 California earthuake Tsunami etcI got this collection for free for the Kindle and went through it pretty uick Basically it s ust motivational stories about people who help others during disasters and why they serve Some stories were not very well written but some were ve This book would have been a LOT better if each person telling their story had their own vo. Action to save lives In To the Rescue those closest to the scene of disaster share intimate tales from the frontlines about the people they meet and the remarkable obstacles they must confront in order to care for patients under extraordinary circumstances. .

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