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Style and Idea Selected WritingsI think I would enjoy this now that I m not using it for a course Schoenberg s ideas and hilosophy were uite interesting if I remember correctly In specific topics like music of Mahler and Brahms music critics and his own works Schoenberg exposes his views about function form and idea in music specially in the work of composing Schoenberg s thoughts are easy to understand but shows a very deep knowledge of music history and assionate but solid basis for his thoughts The use of technical language can make some Parts A Little Difficult a little difficult nothing that can make one misses the oint His music may make you #Think He An Exacting Imp. One Of The #he an exacting imp. One of the influential collections of music ever ublished Style an.

Summary Style and Idea Selected Writings

Ossibly harsh megalomaniac but in this wide ranging collection of writings he comes #Off As An Inspired #as an inspired uite hilarious hilosopher of sound Every tone which is added to a beginning tone makes the meaning of that tone doubtful If for instance G follows after C the ear may not be sure whether this expresses C major or G major or even F major or E minor and the addition of other tones may or may not clarify this roblem In this manner there is roduced a state of unrest of imbalance which grows throughout most of the iece and is enforced further by similar functions of the rhythm The method by which balance is restored seems to me th. D Idea includes Schoenberg’s writings about himself and his music as E real idea
of the composition 
the composition tool itself may fall into disuse but the idea behind it can never become obsolete And therein lies the difference between a mere style and a real idea An idea can never Organizations As Knowledge Systems perishHe who really uses his brain for thinking can only beossessed of one desire to resolve his task He cannot let external #conditions exert influence upon the results of his thinking Two times two is four whether one likes it or #exert influence upon the results of his thinking Two times two is four whether one likes it or One thinks only for the sake of one s idea And thus art can only be created for its own sake An idea is born it must be molded formulated developed elaborated carried through and Little Scarlet (Easy Rawlins pursued to its very end. Ell as studies of many other composers and reflections on art and societ.