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My Wife's Affair fTheirst half of the book was mostly repetitive if You Ve Read A Lot Of Books On Writing Craft ve read a lot of books on writing craft in the last year I have but the last part of the book in which Maass deep dives into publishing Chicken, Chicken, Duck! from agents to editors to contracts to how to make sure you re getting the best rightsor your work to why getting paid a lot Inspirations for your book can actually hurt than it helps is invaluable Rating 45 The Breakout Novelist is aantastic handbook that should be on every writer s desk It should be marked up highlighted paper clipped and sticky noted if That S A Word Let S Pretend s a word Let s pretend Is There Is So Much Great Advice And Information In There is so much great advice and information in it would take weeks and multiple readings to really get it all but it s not meant to be read through rom start to Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You finish It s a handbook workbook dictionary type tool There are many categories such as plot theme characters chapters on voice and hyper reality protagonists vs heroes and information about what to do when you ve got your manuscript done and ready There are exercises uestions prompts and examples carefully explained and outlined It s easy to read and understand and doesn teel like an instruction manual it s Slo Mo! fun and enjoyable and interesting to read I wholeheartedly recommend any serious writer just starting or multi published to grab a copy of The Breakout Novelistcheck out my blogor an excerptguest post A man who s not a writer tells people how to write What could go wrongI. The all inclusive guide Poor Mrs. Rigsby for novel writersIf you're serious about making youriction vibrant engaging and marketable you've Pirates, Ships, and Sailors found the right book The Breakout Novelist gives you the craft and business know how you need to make your book stand outInside veteran agent Donald Maass brings together the most innovative and practical informationrom his workshops and previous books to lead yo. .

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He Breakout Novel and the title OF THIS NEW ONE INTRIGUED ME THIS NEW ONE INTRIGUED ME new one intrigued me timely with the empowerment of writers by self publishing on Maass thoughts on self pubs later and digital book sales blowing past traditional offerings Data shows a slew of new authors emboldened by a successful novel success being a relative word who want a career in writing I wanted Maass thoughts on the viability of that as well as how to do itFor those of you who don t know Donald Maass he is a veteran agent currently the head of the Donald Maass Literary Agency in New York which represents than 150 novelists and sells than 100 novels every year to publishers in America and overseas By his own count he receives annually about 7500 uery "Letter I Ve Been Reading Writing Books "I ve been reading writing books I started writing Some of them are really helpful they have helped me improve my craft ix a couple of recurring laws adjectives show verses tell that sort of thing After you ve read thirty plus writing craft books they all kind of start to eel derivative Actually you start to skim Not with this book It s insightful relevant and offers the greatesr example of craft pieces done well Not only does it stop there it talks about the business of writing of making a career And this I A Boy in Winter found most helpful I m currently uerying agentsor my novel and it s given meafresh perspective to take to my uerying process I m not only a stronger writer because of it but savvy too Thanks Donal. Ses to help you move your writing Frost at Midnight from blah to breakoutYou'll also learnrom Maass' experiences over than three decades in the publishing industry Get straight talk rom an insider about agents contracts how the industry is changing and how to be the kind of author who builds a successful career book after bookGet the best of Maass' expertise and instruction in one easy to use referenc.
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The Breakout NovelistFound this book extremely content thin I ll sum up the experience You need high stakes Here are some examples of high ll sum up the "experience You need high stakes Here are some examples of high You need vibrant descriptions Here "You need high stakes Here are some examples of high You need vibrant descriptions Here a ton of examples You need strong characters Here are examples Et cetera Maass does to his credit somewhat vaguely define what a strong character is though I ind his taste cheesy and makes a useful distinction between public and private stakes But it s all just categories of things you should have in a story Maass knows what he likes but not how to write itHonestly I skimmed Something about Maass style is grating It might be that he writes this weak tea which is literally a best of book rom his previous work one wonders what he of book rom his previous work one wonders what he and talks in the intro about how writers have his other books at their bedsides or uick access I could have given this another star it s not thoughtless there are a ew nuggets and you never expect much Nini from these kinds of books but did I mention how disorganized it is Some sections are eerily similar to previous ones but with examplesI didn t read much of the section on the writing lifestyle which may ironically be closest to Maass expertise because I m skeptical that there s any particularly timeless advice beyond practice and perseverance I also skipped the exercises providedor each chapter not my thing so they may be useful But again it s not like this guy used any of them himself I loved Donald Maass last book Writing U through every aspect of setting your novel apart I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) from the rest Maass shares examplesrom contemporary writers across all genres to euip you with the strategies great writers use to craft great Flight, Vol. 7 fictionrom core iction writing elements like character setting description and plot to advanced techniues including point of view voice and suspense Plus you'll ind over 70 practical exerci.