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Hey moved from London to live work in CornwallTessa is a postwoman but It S Not Like Any s not like any postal service Things are different in the countryside especially if you live miles away from civilisation She is forever busy rushing from one place to another eeping up with all her various chores Her husband Ben is an actor when he has no work he does various jobs here there to help make ends meetThe two children are at a local school help out where they can They are all happy with their lives here although money is tight most of The Time But They time but they uality of life never want to return to London An entertaining read plenty of laughs It would make me want to move to Cornwall if I didn t already live along a lovely part of the Essex coast Tessa Hainsworth used to think she had it all as a high up executive with the Body Shop in London Until she suddenly realised something was missing She and her husband Ben and two children moved to South West Cornwall Her first year is described in Up with the Larks Now she considers herself a member of the community Yet is some ways life is no easier Finances are tight Being part of a small village life sometimes presents its challenges especially when she has ideas for change that do not go down well with long time locals Despite her job as a postwoman Tessa has time for a community garden and learning new ways of using and cooking food Along the way she manages to provide moments of amusement at her expense But there are some with whom she builds a relationship some are human Others are ambivalent relationships as with Elvis the snake Google the seagull Patch the lamb and Gruff the goatI enjoyed this gentle lyrical read Absolutely loved the descriptions of Cornwall and the "changing colours of the sea Also enjoyed Tessa She is enthusiastic " colours of the sea Also enjoyed Tessa She is enthusiastic and than a little naive at times but I liked her and some of the other uirky characters even if sometimes they are laughing at Tessa s expense Having lived in a small town in Australia for a time the way folk were resistant to the slightest change to the way things have always been done was absolutely spot on There are moments that make you smile or laugh and other tender momentsMaybe it s not the sort of book I would read all the time but in this present crazy world situation it was a breath of fresh air I very much enjoyed it Anyone who likes stories about Cornwall or starting over and fitting in to a new community will probably enjoy it too Very glad I read it I hadn t read the first book in the series but it didn t matter This reads well as a stand alone If you re looking for a gentle enjoyable read give this non fiction book that reads like fiction a tr. Illar of the community or so she thinks She finds the fun and resilience to turn all the hardships to her advanta. Fun Herriot than Mayles Second in this heart warming true story of life as a rural postie in Cornwall following her her family uitting life

"In London I Want Tessa "
London I want Tessa life reading it made me wish I was there My blog post also incudes photos I ve taken of seagulls in Cornwall enjoyed Up with the Larks a few years ago I ve actually had Seagulls in the Attic sat on my bookshelf for years waiting to be read My husband bought it from for me so it was a pleasant surprise to discover it was a signed copy As it s Non fiction November I thought I d use this opportunity to finally pick this book up I ve chosen this book for the HOME category in the Non fiction November 2017 challenge seeing as I Live In Cornwall These DaysWhereas The live in Cornwall these daysWhereas the book focuses of just arriving in Cornwall and getting to now the locals and their way of life this book is about being settled in the community but trying to embrace the Cornish way of life which also includes having hens vegetable growing foraging living a humble life and a very cute but cheeky baby seagullIn this book Tessa has hens for eggs and also starts growing her own vegetables I love growing vegetables I grew up with my dad growing all sorts of fruit and veg as my parents have a large garden He still grows vegetables to this day and I have grown my own veg for a few years since leaving home too However it s one of the things I ve hardly done in the six years I ve been living in West Cornwall Just maintaining our garden is such hard work with all the brambles and nettles that insist on constantly taking over and attacking us each time we try to get rid of them Cornish nettles are fierce I have four raised vegetable beds but they re clearly not raised enough as they are almost permanently full of overgrown grass these days It s so much effort trying to clear them I have to admit that over the last couple of years I ve given up Don t get me wrong I do love gardening but I ve taken to letting our garden do its own thing for now with a bit of tidying up here and there The vegetables will have to wait until I have time energy and motivation to face that challenge againI giggled at anywhere north of the Tamar River being referred to as up country It s true I m not sure some of our neighbours can comprehend us travelling seven hours in the car to visit family up in Yorkshire It seems travelling a whole six miles to Truro is somewhat of an extravagant adventure for these parts I ve never thought to ask but I bet some of my neighbours have never even left Cornwall Can you imagineI just loved Google the baby seagull I m afraid I m one of those pesky outsiders who has a soft spot for seagulls and is guilty of doi. In 'With the Larks' Tessa charted her first turbulent year with the Royal Mail and her transformation from outsid.

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Ng the unthinkable by actually feeding themThis was a fun easy read That Had Me Giggling had me giggling places and even tears in my eyes at one point I definitely recommend this book if you have an interest in Cornwall especially if you re an outsider living in Cornwall like me A follow on from Up with the larks about Tessa and her family s move to Cornwall from London Now settled in Cornwall for their second year the family start to explore becoming self sufficient and share the warts and all ups and downs of rural living Second book by this author detailing her downsize from high powered executive for The Body Shop to Cornwall postie in a picturesue seaside village It s of the same reallybut a cosy easy read that makes such a huge change seem really appealingMainly consists of a variety of small episodes about animals gardening and misunderstandings where a uptowner even in her second year in Cornwall gets things badly wrong Not a lot happens but the scenery is lovingly described and she and her family obviously love the new lifeA very pleasant read and gives you lifestyle envy but her fasination with foraging remains a total no for me I don t think Tessa has ever raised a seagull grown her own vegetables gone camping or shopped in charity shops Certainly not before she wrote seagull grown her own vegetables gone camping or shopped in charity shops Certainly not before she wrote bookIf she had she would now that seagulls do not get glossy grey feathers so soon they are brown speckled all summer long as teenagers I have never in my life heard or seen a slug inside a potato They eat leafage they are not worms And I have grown potatoesThe week s campingwhere do I beginoh my So inaccurateFYI charity shops are not full of vinatage clothes they have very normal clothes if Tessa ever cares to go in one have a lookAND she left the dog in the car in summer several timesAND the wedding was scheduled for middday so how long did that man play those bagpipes forThey were all supposedly around the church from the wedding ceremony until the sun was beginning to setthat s gone 5pm in OctoberI don t think soThey have so little money yet she s always out having lunch or coffee at a cafe She drank half of a precious bottle of wine without any thought for her husband s share when wine is now so rare for them She Cobbled Together Her Home From Nothing Does She Forget cobbled together her home from nothing does she forget van that brought their stuff from LondonSo many inaccuracies it was ridiculous It was a heart warming story but a little bit boring at times I felt like I got to now the characters and liked the happy ending It s definitely worth a read if you re interested in Cornwall or moving to a new area Non fiction but reads as good as any novelThis is Tessas second book about her life her familys when Er to 'Posh Postie' adopted Cornishwoman and much loved member of her new community In this book Tessa is now a Seagulls in the Attic Making a New Life in Cornwall