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G Joe because dry humor very rarely translate well IN BOOK FORMI THINK WITH COMEDY WRITERS TEND TO book formI think with comedy writers tend to think it and they think every sentences has to be a hilarious line Which isn t the case And this satire turned out to be a little too ridiculous I couldn t even get through the chapter about Tiger Wood s sex addictionNot to say there wasn t some truly funny parts you just had to dig and look past the affectedly vulgar tone I also might not have enjoyed it as much considering all the jokes were rather time sensitive and I don t care any about half of the people that are made fun "OFSORRY WILLIE. IVE ON WWE'S the people that are made fun "OFSORRY WILLIE. IVE ON WWE'S NIGHT RAW "Willie. Ive on WWE's Monday Night Raw her renegade victory in the 2012 election We go inside the ballroom for a Dean Martin style welcome roast of Bernie Madoff pon his arrival in Hell with Pol Pot serving as sidesplitting roastmaster Geist provides s with never before seen FBI wiretap transcripts of the mundane but eually profane telephone conversations of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich And George W Bush's batting cage and waterslide themed plans for a presidential library are laid out publicly for the first time From Obama to Oprah Afghanistan to Lohan and Snooki to the Salahis Willie Geist spares no one as our host of this wild American Freak Show You'll laugh out loud while weeping for the future of Ameri. ,
Bination with the first two "I Hate Having To Give "hate having to give book such a low rating because I really like Willie Geist In fact I will admit to having a bit of a crush on his very tall self Some of his premises were really very funny and everyone he wrote about totally deserves the ridicule but much of the wrote about totally deserves the ridicule but much of the was lost in so much profanity and crudeness It was overdone in my opinion I gave it an extra star however for the list of people he wished he could have included at the end It pains me to give this book two stars I m so sorry Willie Maybe you should just stick to being adorable on Mornin. Al icon and threatening to move from Wasilla to the White House with the world's most famous athlete now associated less with the Masters and with the strippers and with reality TV working around the clock to ensure the constitutional right of every man woman and child to fifteen minutes of fame Geist's business is thriving In his hilarious first book American Freak Show Geist takes the smart biting observation loved by his television audience to new satirical extremes The real life characters who now haunt our daily lives are cast as stars in completely made p scenes that frankly are not all that far from reality Geist treats The New Competition us to the first look at President Sarah Palin'snconventional inaugural address performed I loved this book Absolutely hilarious and completely terrifying because its so realistic Portions of this book are laugh out loud funny And read out loud funny as I performed certain fabricated stories for my husband when I could stop snorting with laughter Witty Worth reading if you re Domestic Slavery Considered as a Scriptural Institution by Francis Wayland and Richard Fuller up on history religion and culture to get it I think this is one of the worst books I have ever read In fact Isually see books all the way through This book was obviously written by Willie Geist in one day while he smoked crack cocaine This is poorly written nimaginative and vulgar "which I only mind in com. This is not the first book "I only mind in com. This is not the first book about antum mechanics but it just might be the last The theory presented inside these pages is so revolutionary that it has stunned the scientific community into reconsidering centuries of thought about the behavior of energy and matter Prepare to have your mind blown Sorry that's the introduction to Willie Geist's next book the culmination of his life's work Look for it next spring just in time for Mother's Day This book is about his other passion freaks When he's not in the lab Geist spends his time on MSNBC's Morning Joe sifting through the wreckage of

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politics and popular These days that's a big job With an Alaska hockey mom turning almost overnight into a nation. ,

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