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A fast paced paranoia fueled thriller I wouldn "t look for much in the way f "look for much in the way Hidden Witness (Return to Ravesville ofr character motivation here But it is enormously fun to read There are some really interesting choices in the art as well I especially liked the panels that had anatomy text like illustrations verlaying the simpler as well I especially liked the panels that had anatomy text like illustrations verlaying the simpler art that carried the action I think this would make a really fun movie and it makes for a very entertaining read I am pretty clueless when it comes to art When I read a graphic novel for me it is generally ALL about the story but with this The Earl and the Governess one the art definitely made an impression It wasjarring I m not sure how best to describe it but it made me uneasy from the beginning If it had been music I would say discordant Edgy This is a book that will give you nightmares We cannly HOPE Prima Donna our governmentfficials are not so corrupt The pages fly by and there is no satisfying ending Is there justice Do the bad guys get punished Maybe Do the good guys get rewarded Not so much Definitely food for thought here In Talking Head s song Don t Worry About The Government David Byrne paints a portrait شرح التعرف لمذهب التصوف -پنج مجلد of typical American naive complacency This book does an excellent job at shakingne s complacency and assumptions upWell not me so much as I already mistrust the governmentI do not think it is Steelhands (Havemercy, outlandish to imagine forces inur government fabricating a terrorist attack if it gave them control and power Words of Life over it s citizens as a result See Operation NorthwoodshttpenwikipediaorgwikiOperatioWithout the words the art looks sterile and strange butnce I started reading I grew to appreciate the art and indeed applaud it s innovative approach A compelling plot and creative art Wow what could I ask forThis book starts us Ten Orange Pumpkins out slow and builds fast It tells a story fromn the ground not as if there s a narrator Amarcord or any inkling thatutsiders are peering in and wondering what s going nThis was a lot fun to read than I usually give credit to non capes graphic novels So many lack a really tightly plotted story and imaginative backstory this must ve taken Venditti uite a while to put togetherThe art is uite a mix f styles and palettes all evoking different moods and focus American General of the reader Obviously some strong talent here that doesn t suit the usual comics style but that we should start demanding fromur big publishers I think the medium would be much better for it Full review posted at Worn Pages and InkThe most alluring thing about this graphic novel is the absolutely stunning artwork and illustrations scrawled elegantly across the pages From page Wishes and Worries one this graphic novel had my attention wholly What s absolutely fantastic about thisne is that each location geography charac. As head The Downs Syndrome Handbook of the National Center for Infectious Diseases Dr Laura Regan isne Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, of the world's foremost authoritiesn viral and bacteriological study Having dedicated her career to halting the spread When All Hell Breaks Loose of infectious disease she has always considered herselfne f the good guys But when her research .

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The Homeland DirectiveUr base instincts ur demand for survival They stoke the fires Friscos Kid (Tall, Dark Dangerous, orur and even the f them fail to thrill if they get "and even the smartest f them fail to thrill if they get smart At that point they cease to be thrillers and become some kind Seven Bad Ideas of careful literature that makes knowing usef the thriller s mode Either that Alien Diplomacy (Katherine Kitty Katt, or they become bad thrillersFortunately The Homeland Directive is neitherf these neither the inept thriller nor literary fiction capitalizing Togo on the forms and tropesf the thriller Instead Venditti s and Huddleston s brisk work is pure thriller and succeeds in purpose mostly admirably The Homeland Directive is Bikini onef those mid level Better or higher government conspiracy yarns cut from the clothf Harrison Ford s Clear and Present Danger and Will Smith s Enemy Slakes Limbo of the State at leastne All Clear (All Clear, of these was a novel but in both cases I havenly seen their cinematic expression The good guys find themselves somehow at Straight Up and Personal: The World According to Grapes odds with special secret and murderous services without the US bureaucratic behemoth and spend the story s bulk speeding toward two goals 1 exposing whatever fraudr injustice they ve run across and 2 surviving long enough to expose whatever fraud The Killing Season (Trail of the Gunfighter, or injustice they ve run across Just because it s predictible doesn t mean it isn t funVenditti s script is smart in that way that television sitcoms may be smart Itsbservations are never particularly astute and its dialogue is all a touch wooden but it prides itself Saving Sweetness on its snappy banter It s kindf like Brian Azarello s scripting in 100 Bullets A Great Day for Pup! only so deeply toned down that you no longer want to kick its teeth in with a boot madef schoolbuses Venditti moves the plot along at a good clip and the reader will never feel as if he s simply treading water and padding his page count For what it is it s hard to find any fault save for maybe that Modern Love one might wish it were slightly less thriller y The Homeland Directive s most evident strength sits in Huddleston s interesting art choices It s all very explosive and fits well the bombastic talef a government gone rogue Huddleston s drawing and figurework would probably nly be considered adeuate if it weren t for the tremendous dynamism he infuses into the work through his "Palette I Couldn T " I couldn t be certain why he chose ne set f colours for ne page and another set for another but the colours he employs almost always excite and contribute nicely to the thrill The Real Deal of reading It s really not Stop itAt the endf the day The Homeland Directive probably wouldn t be considered anything particularly spectacular Nursing Care Plans outsidef the genre niche into which it carves a home but taken Caste on its home turf the book is uite good and accomplishes its purpose wellReview courtesyf Good Ok Bad. Ife than she does all while trying to expose a sinister plot that will impact the lives The World's Sexiest Bedrooms of every American Set in the Orwellian present The Homeland Directive is a modern day politicalmedical thriller from Robert Venditti creator writerf the New York Times bestselling graphic novel The Surrogates. .

Ters setting is defined not Win Bigly only by a different stylef artwork that encompasses the feel and tone and character Deal Breakers of each location but is further enhanced by the colours that drewut the essence
Of Each City Charcoal 
each city charcoal the White House rainbows for the clubs Death Note One-Shot Special (Death Note, Chapter of New York black and whiten grid paper for an The Lynching of Emmett Till office and son It is so intricate and contemplated and it s beautifulThe story too is fast paced and thrilling and sweeps you up in the action and the threat Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky (Tristan Strong of an imminent and deadly epidemic As the action intensifies the illustrations become artful capturing fast an erratic movement bloody conflict and ubiuitous death The climaxf the story was exhilaratingly tense I couldn t put it downAnd I ll say ne last thing about the artwork and specifically the cover art The image above depicts the threatening tones f this book perfectly The government and death are united into ne seemly image capturing the heart f the story you cannot trust the very presence that is instilled in society to keep society safe Disappointing I was hoping for a take Answering Mormons Questions on the Deep State the military industrial complex that dominates Washington Drones assassinations torture widespread surveillance data mining there s so much to work with But instead it was just a cookie cutter political thriller Didn t really care for this Conspiracy theory type story where the government isut to kill some peopleyawn For his first creator wned work since the groundbreaking Surrogates Venditti delivers a taut thriller "that elevates the genre within the comics medium After Dr Laura Regan s research partner is murdered and she "elevates the genre within the comics medium After Dr Laura Regan s research partner is murdered and she blamed for the crime police the FBI cyber detectives and mercenaries hunt for the CDC researcher Why does everyone want Regan dead What are the upper echelons f the federal government trying to hide Who are the mismatched uartet Sweet Summer and Other Stories of inter agency spooks trying to protect Regan The nuanced and extraordinary artf Huddleston enhances Venditti s intelligent tension filled script Paranoid and addictive The Homeland Directive provides a level Queen of the Sea of suspenseful excitement rarely encountered this sidef a John le Carre novel Let s just hope they do a better job with the movie version than they did with The Surrogates I bought a buncha Top Shelf comics recently and I m really coming to appreciate how bad some Beijing coma of their catalogue is The Homeland Directive is yet another jaw droppingly shite piecef work that I m stunned anyone read and thought That s AMAZING people need to read this let s publish Thrillers are fluff There s really no way around it Even the best are designed not to engage the philosophical beast but to entice the reptile man Thrillers appeal to Artner is murdered and Laura is blamed for the crime she finds herself at the heart Notso Hotso of a vast and deadly conspiracy Aided by three rogue federal agents who believe the government is behind the frame up Laura must evade law enforcement mercenaries and a teamf cyber detectives who know about her ,