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W event Very readable and reminder Of The Bastardy Of The Japanese Army. the bastardy of Japanese army. And serve in WW2; Chicken Smallhorn the Brownlow medal winning ittle man with the huge heart; and Weary Dunlop the courageous doctor who cares for the POWs as they endure malnutrition disease and often inhuman treatment This is a story of courage and the invincibility of the human spirit and highlights not only the Australian ove of sport but its power to offer consolation in times of extreme hardship. ,
Urma railway Despite the title the football games at CHANGI WERE A SIDESHO. ON WAS BETWEEN VICTORIA were a sidesho. On was between Victoria the Rest of Australia which attracted 10 000 spectators and a uniue Brownlow Medal was awarded in this unlikely setting under the curious gaze *Of Japanese Prison Guards Meet The Main Characters Behind This *Japanese prison guards Meet the main characters behind this Peter Chitty the farm hand from Snowy River country with unfathomable physical and mental fortitude and one of eight in his immediate family who volunteer to fight. Focuses on the fall of Singapore and the subseuent building of the Thai After Singapore falls to and the subseuent building of the Thai After Singapore falls to Japanese early in 1942 70 000

including 15 000 Australians are as POWs at the notorious Changi prison Singapore To amuse themselves and fellow inmates a group of sportsmen ed by the indefatigable and popular Chicken Smallhorn created an Australian Football League complete with tribunal selection panel umpires *And Coaches The Final *coaches The final of the one and only seas. ,
The Changi Brownlow