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Wonders whether an archaeologist in the future could possibly believe that an empire such as Great Britain could be so negligent of its own poor starving children It sums up perfectly the tone of the whole collection his frustration with the status uo and its disregard for the most vulnerable7 Betting Shops concerns itself with the vice of gambling and implores employers and parents to curb the vices of those in their charge Dickens admonishes the unscrupulous betting agents who set up shop take bets and leave before paying out As a political essay it s uite uaint but the issues are sadly still under contention To what extent is the government reuired to intervene in the lives of its citizens is the main uestion Dickens poses and is not one that we have answered today8 Trading in Death is A Rather Scathing Critiue Of Ostentatious Funerals And Those Who rather scathing critiue of ostentatious funerals and those who to exacerbate and profit from the trend In particular Dicken rails against the State Funeral of the Duke of Wellington going so far as to include excerpts from other publications advertising rooms for rent to view the processionIn short this collection of short essays is heartbreaking and vivid in its insight into London in the 1800 S Though It Will Though it will come as a surprise to any student of political history the uestions Dickens is grappling with about moral decay are still present and debated to this day though we might frame the in different language Night Walks is a collection of Dickens essays He s a great essayist I hadn t had any idea until I stumbled upon this thin volume in a book shop Dickens was a great walker walking back forth across London and astutely observing the city around him These essays are all about things that Dickens saw or investigated while roaming the streets of London its suburbs Night Walks the titular essay was my favourite A surprisingly excellent little collection of Dickens thoughts and observations on Victorian society Displaying all the finesse and sharp observation of character he is nown for in his fiction works this truly shows Victorian London through his eyes and how the populace suffered in the burgeoning city I highly recommend this if you are new to Dickens and want to have a taste of his style whilst nonfiction it retains a strong narrative plot throughout Even if you now the City of London very well like me you will get new inspiration by joining Dickens on his walks through town You meet the underprivileged in a working house come to now the secrets of a betting house see a children s hospital from the inside and stroll to many places that are still existant today as they were in Dickens times I really enjoyed those 8 stories inside and would have liked some Trading in Death was a brilliant satire on the attraction of funeral marches for the masses look at the exorbitant prices for watching a coffin pass by back then Don t worry you can also do the walks in bright daylight Typical Dickens recommended both to Dickens fans and new reader. Beat All the Year Round 27 February 1869 Betting shops Household Words 26 June 1852 Trading in death Household Words 27 November 1852. .

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Es children s hospitals and chats with many of the poor people living on the margins of society At times I felt some of his writing was a little voyeuristic but then he admitted to being unmanned by the poverty and hunger of the children he came across and you were once again drawn in Obviously Dickens was a powerful writer and his journalism and eye for detail were And Are Important Windows Into The Poverty Of Victorian London are important windows into the poverty of Victorian London all he treats the companions he talks to as euals and with humanity never condescending and always interested in human nature A good read and a nice collection to dip into if you have never read any Dickens before and just want to have an idea #Of His Writing Style Before Embarking On His Much Longer #his writing style before embarking on his much longer Short stories describing labors life in London in the half of the 19th century True realism given via vivid descriptions while Charles was strolling around the city combined with some socioeconomic comments of how life ought to be instead if you like to now how it feels to walk on the London streets at night you should read this book Night Walks from the Penguin Great Ideas Collection Gives A Wonderful gives a wonderful of snapshots of life in London during the mid 1800 s Dickens is in his element discovering injustice and vice in every corner of the city and writes passionately about his ideas for moral improvement of citizens and the role of government It might be non fiction but Dickens way with words drew me into almost all of these short essays and I thoroughly enjoyed the book1 The title story Night Walks is wrapped up in loneliness the peculiar bleak loneliness that exists before dawn In it Dickens recounts a long night spent walking the streets of London during a phase of insomnia This story though non fiction is written in a lyrical reflective style and you feel as though you are walking along beside him It was my favourite of the collection2 Gone Astray was a sweet recollection of Dickens day lost in London as a boy of 8 or 9 His observations of the city for the perspective of a child were charming3 Chatham Dockyard was a rather dull to me ode to British ship building It does amaze me the way Dickens appears to wander places unuestioned or interrupted but I suppose he has used some literary licence This was my least favourite of the collection4 Wapping Workhouse was a strangely positive account of Dickens visit to a workhouse for women I say strangely as the unChristian nature of workhouses is the core to his famous tale Oliver Twist and it is strange to read him talk of workhouses with positive feeling5 A Small Star in the East A thoroughly depressing account of Dickens visits to the homes of poor families in London and to a hospital for children mostly suffering from malnutrition This story was completely heartbreaking6 On an Amateur Beat A brief tale with less substance than most of the others but containing one my favourite sentences of the book Almost a whole page long in a single sentence Dickens. 1863 Wapping workhouse All the Year Round 3 February 1860 A small star in the east All the Year Round 19 December 1868 On an amateur. Essays charting Dickens s experiences walking through the city of London recording characters observing industry noting hypocrisies and humorous scenes as he passes through Dickens is at his best when he records and recreates the scenes of the Victorian street These Essays Are Touching And Engaging Without essays are touching and engaging without presence of that melodrama that can exhaust the reader of his fiction I must say that it is immensely unfortunate that I am only coming to become acuainted with Charles Dickens at this current time and after having read over 90 books throughout my lifetime The sheer joy that accompanies reading anything by the pen of Dickens is one that must not
missed by a single soul complete disregard to their affiliation to an age group It is my firm belief even if done at the best of my ability that critiuing this book in no matter how positive a light will do it absolutely no amount of justiceFollowing with my common habit of assigning to each of my favorite authors an adjective defining in a sense the emotion or sensation that arises deep in my breast upon reading his or her work I cannot find a better description to ascribe Dickens with but by announcing that his work is delicious and if I were to be as vivid as is possible with describing my prevalent feeling I experienced while reading this book it would be that I felt I was softly sinking or rather drowning in a sea of letters encompassing me with an overwhelming feeling of jubilation and euphoriaAnd my in what better way can man rekindle his love for writing reading and English than by reading the words of Dickens I can only but hope that his novels could in some way if even slightly resemble these beautifully written articles Each word in my most humble but assertive opinion was a stroke which upon putting them all together reveals this brilliant and elegant masterpiece The author of these articles is a man who anyone upon reading his work would agree is one everyone wishes was in actuality acuainted with His political and social opinions and especially his affinity for children and his deep genuine empathy displayed in these articles in the most pleasing of ways for their cause and suffering led me to ponder as if I were a young child that I walked alongside this magnificent character Dickensian brilliance as always I really enjoyed reading some of his non fiction for A CHANGE AND DISCOVERING SOME OF change and discovering some of s views and observations on Victorian London This short book has a number of essays by Charles Dickens about walks he took through London Insomnia caused Dickens to walk the streets at night but there are also other essays about his time walking the London streets including one where he becomes separated from his adult companion as a child and believing himself to be lost forever determines to go off and seek his fortuneDickens was always interested in social reform and his walks tend to take him to the seedier parts of the capital During his travels he visits workhous. Night walks All the Year Round 21 July 1860 Gone astray Household Words 13 August 1853 Chatham Dockyard All the Year Round 29 August. Night Walks