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Marcus Sakey ½ 9 Summary

Ise and wasn t convinced it was my *OF BOOK FOUR PEOPLE STRANGERS AT ONE IN *book Four people strangers at one time in lives met and formed the Thursday Drinking Club it blossomed from humble beginnings into bi weekly get togethers that included Saturday brunches and Cubs games in the summer Their lives going nowhere they were in a ut always looking for excuses to meet upEvery Thursday night the foursome met at Rossi s a bar slash estaurant where Alex worked as a bartender Ian is a trader partial to the lure of the white powder and his habit appears to be intensifying Mitch a doorman at the Continental Hotel has had his fill of ignorant guests and Jenn the last of the four is a travel agent who can t afford to travel to any of the exotic plac. E in the ear view mirror none of them are turning out to be who or where they hopedAt a time WHEN CEOS STEAL MILLIONS WHILE THEIR EMPLOYEES WATCH SAVINGS CEOs steal millions while their employees watch savings these four are tired of the honest approach They're going to stop waiting and start takingThey have a fail. Es she persuades her clients to visitTruth be told they are all at a crossroads no one is completely satisfied something has be told they are all at a crossroads no one is completely satisfied
Something Has Give That 
has give that is inevitable Alex is called into his boss s office he spots what appears to be an enormous amount of cash in the safe and casually suggests to his friends they steal the money What could go wrong the plan was fool proof no one would get hurt and their crime untraceable It was the perfect crimeComplete eview on my blog here Man I loved this The guys a good writer the Story Was A Cracker Good was a cracker good build lots of suspense 5 stars One of the best crimethriller books I ever eadNo super duper action heroes Harlan Coben whats up buddy and unbelievable pilotThank you Mr Sakey. Safe victimless plan that will change their lives for everWhat could possibly go wrongMarcus Sakey is an award winning thriller writer He has also contributed to a number of short story anthologies in the thriller genre He lives in Chicago with his wife wwwmarcussakeyc. No Turning BackNot Sakeys best book by a long shot but it flowed well It lacked a character you hated and one you loved which most of his other books have not bad have e mailed author as i was expecting a follow up later in the book after the mailed author as i was expecting a follow up later in the book after the takes alex home from the hospital and asks him if one of the intruders had a black eye nada will let u know if i have a eply also asked to be subscribed to his newsletter as there was a fault ON THE APPROPRIATE PAGE KIND REGARDS BEV TO USE the appropriate page kind egards bev To use popular vernacular it came from left field accurately describes No Turning Back by Marcus Sakey I was completely shocked and surprised at its *Ingenuity Style And Pace It Was A *style and pace It was a of fresh air that I honestly didn t expectI ead the prem. They thought it would be easy They were dead wrongAlex is failing as a father Ian keeps dangerous secrets Jenn wants adventure Mitch wants JennFour friends just scraping by finding comfort in each other and the hope that things will get better But as their twenties fad. ,