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Le characters are no less round and three dimensional I ve been A Stevenson Fan From Stevenson fan from and have read all four of his major novels and a number of his short stories Of the three major adventure novels I like this one the best though that s not a majority position Many modern readers are stymied by his approximate reproduction of 15th century dialogue but for me this was actually easier to understand than the Scots dialect of Kidnapped and the nautical terminology of Treasure Island And though I m not usually a fan of the romance in the Harleuin sense genre I like an element of clean romance in a book and I "appreciate stories that incorporate characters from both genders unlike the nearly all male no girls "stories that incorporate characters from both genders unlike the nearly all male no girls territory of the other two booksA valid criticism of the book is the inaccuracy of Stevenson s portrayal of the future Richard III The date here is May 1460 January 1461 not stated directly in the text but inferred from a reference to the death of the Yorkist leader in battle Richard Duke of York was killed in the battle of Wakefield in December 1460 at that time the ounger Richard was an eight ear old child In fairness to Stevenson he noted the discrepancy himself in a footnote but if he wanted that character to be 17 18 it might have been better to move the date of the story to 1470 71 More importantly the very negative portrayal of the latter Richard is taken directly from Shakespeare s Richard III which itself slavishly follows Sir Thomas More s Tudor inspired hatchet job on Richard from earlier in the 16th century In fact though while nobody would argue that Richard was a saint neither were any of the other political leaders of that day the weight of historical evidence is that he was far less malevolent than More and Shakespeare depicted him And much of this evidence would already have been available to Stevenson for instance in Horace Walpole s Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of King Richard the ThirdOther criticisms IMO are less justified Comparisons between Ellis Duckworth and Robin Hood are inevitable for modern readers since both are leaders of outlaw bands living in the woods using arrows and at odds with the nasty and powerful local establishment But while modern pop culture clearly ascribes exclusive title to that territory to Robin Hood 19th century British writers and readers were aware that outlawry was a persistent feature of the English scene for centuries after Robin Hood far from being anachronistic the social conditions of the Wars of the Roses with their displacement of the poor and opportunities for legalized plunder by the powerful were well calculated to mass produce bands of angry and vengeful outlaws with plenty of grievances And in the 1400s arrows are still their projectile weapons of choice and the forest their natural refuge Related to this no one can deny the influence of Sir Walter Scott on every Romantic historical novelist who followed him Stevenson included But that s not the same thing as proving that this novel is a direct knock off of Ivanhoe On the contrary the differences between the two novels are much significant than the similarities Finally Stevenson has been faulted for celebrating ideals of chivalry that are scorned today and weren t really much followed in the Middle Ages either The latter reality of course is clearly recognized in the book the villains here are anything but honorable and chivalrous and things like the summary hanging of prisoners and the sack of Shoreby are realistic for the time but far from chivalrous But even if they weren t widely practiced concepts like keeping one s word even when it would be convenient not to treating even one s enemies with fairness and respect and showing mercy and protection to noncombatants actually were held up as social ideals in the 1400s and for centuries after and actually were practiced by some individuals Other words for chivalry in this sense would be honor and personal integrity In choosing to celebrate and encourage these ideals I would submit that Stevenson has the right of itThis novel was originally serialized in a story paper marketed to teenage boys our hero and heroine here are 17 and 16 ears old when we meet them and the book can be found in the YA or children s sections in some libraries I discovered it in my school library But teens in the Middle Ages grew up fast Dick and Joanna think like and are treated like adults than like today s adolescents YA readers who can handle late Victorian diction and aren t daunted by medieval dialogue could enjoy this I think and identify with the characters But I personally would characterize this as an adult novel that happens to have teen protagonists and that teen readers could enjoy rather than as a YA novel that some adults could enjoy I don t know if that distinction is clear or helpful to anybody but I make it for whatever it s worth Enjoyable historical fiction set during the Wars of the Roses featuring a merely moderately disfigured Richard of Gloucester that is Richard III before he became infamous ship stealing and crashing thereof assaults on fortified houses minor battles a sinister leper sinister wall hangings and a sinister stolen inheritanceIdeal for impressionable children if ou want to leave them with a life long suspicion of wall hangings. Romanzo storico di grande respiro dalle intense emozioni ricco di avventure ben congegnate e momenti di alta tensione in cui l'inestinguibile aspirazione dell'uomo alla giustizia e alla libertà si scontra con la ferocia del pote.

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Rrow had somehow passed me by before now It s a medieval Treasure "Island Set During The "set during the of the Roses and published like Treasure Island first pseudonymously as a serial publication 1883 and then as a novel 1888 Like Treasure Island The Black Arrow is often labeled as children s fiction though the current Young Adult category fits it better ie there s a lot in it for old adults as well Stevenson was amusingly dismissive of this book he sympathizes with his wife in the dedicatory letter for never having managed to get through it but it s actually a splendid arn and immensely readable I ripped through it in a few hours on a long distance flight the perfect reading context for a novel of this kind The uality isn t uniform a few passages are by the ard but there s also some excellent action writing and taut evocative scene setting You can also see interesting anticipations of some of Stevenson s later novelistic themes especially in the latter stages where Richard of Gloucester the future Richard III has a memorable cameo as a kind of dark Hyde like double to The Black Arrow s boy protagonist Richard Shelton revealing the ambiguities in Shelton s own character and actionsI liked someone s description of this novel in a review on this site as like reading an accelerated Dumas novel The Black Arrow is certainly closer to Dumas than Scott in terms of historical heft although it draws substantially on Ivanhoe especially for its Robin Hood like band of outlaws Stevenson makes no attempt to track the actual political events of the 1460s and he cheerily admits to having adding ten ears to Richard III s age to allow him to participate in the novel s entirely fictional final battle The point about acceleration is also good Stevenson writes with great economy as always His descriptive language is always graceful and precise and sometimes inspired A battered ship in a storm half disappearing beneath a wave rose on the other side with appalling tremulous indecision the revenge bent men of a village came clustering in an inky mass onto its snow bound streets In our first glimpse of the outlaws camp predictably sinister elements cauldrons arrows a deer carcass hung on a hawthorn bush mix with the surreally poetic a man lay slumbering rolled in a brown cloak with a butterfly hovering over his face There is something faintly miraculous about reading a simple tale of swashbuckling folk narrated with such refinement I would happily read a shopping list written by this man It was a very enjoyable book but I really liked Treasure Island much Black Arrow by Robert Louise Stevenson is a historical fiction set in the time of War of the Roses The book tells the story of a oung man named Richard Shelton who in the uest of obtaining justice for his father s murder and rescuing his love from the grip of the villainous warden displays loyalty and courage and becomes an important warrior for the Yorks For his unwavering valor he is rewarded with and becomes an important warrior for the Yorks For his unwavering valor he is rewarded with knighthood The story is interesting enough but what I liked most is the history that is set as the background to the story which was uite informative It is well written using language appropriate for the time period coupled with local dialect The dramatic uality and fast pace created suspense and set the tone appropriate for the battles However I wish Stevenson could have worked on making his writing a little personal and close to heart for so far I have observed that his writing though good is distant and detached And for this reason the reader is unable to feel as much for the characters as he ought to Overall it was a good engaging read and I did enjoy it This was a reread for me but my previous experience of the book was back in junior high school A lot of it I consciously remembered much of it I recalled once reminded and some of it was like a new book to me I d wanted for some time to reread it both so as to write a better informed review and to see if my outhful liking for it held up under the scrutiny of an adult perspective and experienced taste Obviously it did Some might say I m too prodigal with five star ratings but based on my sincere enjoyment of it I couldn t give it lessThe Goodreads description is somewhat sensationalized but the plot does indeed involve war murder past and present revenge shipwreck and love which if not exactly forbidden certainly has a lot of obstacles It also involves derring do disguise and concealed identity outlaws secret passages and peepholes elements of mystery treachery and mortal danger The whole mix is written in good Romantic style with its frank appeal to emotional engagement from the reader Since this is the kind of thing I can eat up with a spoon its appeal to me isn t hard to understand But the adventure and romance elements aren t all it offers there s genuine moral and psychological growth on the part of the main characterStevenson s gift for adroit lifelike characterizations is very much on display here All of the major and many of the secondary characters are sketched with wonderful vividness and depth and regardless of which side they re on or whether they re good or bad they re genuinely nuanced His portrayal of the two main female characters has won praise which I agree with even from one of the negative reviewers of the book and I d say that the ma. La parte della Rosa Bianca e della Freccia Nera una banda di fuorilegge che stanca di vessazioni e soprusi combatte le crudeli ingiustizie dei potentiSeguendo le vicende della guerra Stevenson avrà modo di offrire al lettore un. Originally published on my blog here in January 2002This medieval romance is one of Stevenson s minor adventure stories Its main character is naive oung noble Richard Shenton who discovers is one of Stevenson s minor adventure stories Its main character is naive oung noble Richard Shenton who discovers his guardian is in fact an evil man who murdered Richard s father and who looks to become wealthy by continually swapping sides in the Wars of the Roses The point of the guardianship is this When a noble heir was orphaned his revenues until he came of age were in the hands of his liege lord or such guardian as he appointed over the guardian was also freuently granted the tax payable on coming of age or marriage These rights were the subject of lucrative trade in medieval England and were one of the crown s major sources of incomeTo a modern reader the main obstacle in The Black Arrow and the major reason it is less well known than say Treasure Island is the flowery pseudo medieval language used in the dialogue This is something that has gradually been toned down in historical novels during the twentieth century until now they are usually written with characters who speak or less collouial modern English This is due to a change in philosophy it is now considered better to accessibly reproduce what it felt like to be alive at the time the novel is set than to attempt to literally recreate it and a modern reader will react differently to the kind of language used here from the way their medieval counterpart would have done to hearing it spoken And of course there was regional and class based differentiation between individuals when people travelled less widely this would be extremely difficult to duplicate even for an expert in dialect development Writers like Scott Morris Stevenson and so on didn t attempt to do this and gave their characters dialogue based on a romanticised version of the formal speeches in medieval poetry at least as inauthentic as modern usageOne of the merits of Stevenson s writing is the imperfection of his heroes They tend to be as Shelton is here naive not too bright but with a strong moral sense this makes them interesting than the characters of many of the other writers of what might be termed proto thrillers Interestingly when first published in serial form The Black Arrow was successful than Treasure Island had been this ordering has since been reversed to leave the earlier novel as one of the classics of English popular fiction with The Black Arrow as just another novel by the same writer This was a really fun read A God de vader en God de moeder young brave noble hero and aoung fierce heroine go on an adventure There s lots of action and danger and ou really root for the main characters because they have such good hearts honesty and depth of feeling I ll be honest I didn t really pay very close attention to the fighting scenes of which there were plenty It felt a little naive Had I read it as a teenager I think it have joined my favorites shelf Another classic child hood favorite I haven read it in over 20 ears so it s time for a re favorite I haven read it in over 20 Deliciously Ella entre amis years so it s time for a re m glad I re read it I appreciated it on a number of different levels this time around beyond simply enjoying the action adventure and romance aspects There were all sorts of historical characters and events that 9ear old Ian failed to recognize apparently I didn t know much about Richard III or the War of the Roses back then Stevenson creates arguably the most successful fictional adaptation of Richard III presenting him as a complex multifaceted man who while not conventionally likable is a brilliant leader and powerful warrior I also suspect that this novel formed the inspiration for Lloyd Alexander s The Book of Three as the relationship between Dick John reminded me of the relationship between Taran Eilonwy Despite Stevenson s own contempt for this novel I appreciated its frank depiction of the wages of war and the complicated nature of the YorkLancaster struggled Definitely a book I ll be reading to or recommending to my children This book was such an unexpected dissapointment It was one of my 20 or so favorites when I was a kid My son is now of that age and I wanted to recommend it to him so just in case I wanted to re read it first since I didn t remember anything except that it was set in England during the War of the Roses period It is an interesting coming of age adventure story with action revenge and forbidden love Unfortunately it is so poorely written Considering how much I liked it then I will give it a blended score of 3 the average of 5 and 1 I was so excited Now I am heart broken I have no idea why The Black Arrow is not canon in the way that Treasure Island or Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hide are It is a fantastic read especially if La vie sexuelle de Tintin you are like me and are in any way attracted to all things medieval But there is much to love for anyone who is fond of thrilling adventure and surprisingly complex characters sword fights maidens in distress who areet not helpless class warfare ala Robin Hood spies historical figures revenge love thieves daring night raids from the sea the list goes on and on The book is not perfect There are moments in the middle when the plot languishes and the ending feels a bit too much like RLS was running out of time at the end of an exam and had to rush everything to its conclusion But I have to give it five star I love Stevenson as a writer et The Black La Rosa Rossa o la Rosa Bianca York o Lancaster In un'Inghilterra insanguinata dalla guerra delle Due Rose il giovane Dick Shelton un cavaliere senza macchia e senza paura per vendicare la morte del padre decide di schierarsi dal. .

The Black Arrow A Tale of the Two Roses