[City of Thieves] E–pub ´ David Benioff

When Red Cried Wolf fOt being available at all The black marketlourished or those who could afford it but mostly people stood in long ueues to buy whatever was available at the moment Everything was scarceimage error You know how annoying it is when a book s ending is so unrealistic that you say to yourself in disgust This would never play out like this in real life It s happened than once right But A Funny Thing Sometimes Happens On The Way To The funny thing sometimes happens on the way to the Sometimes your peevishness gets assassinated Sometimes you re so damned entertained by a book that you act like a sailor on leave and say Ah what the hell Sometimes you re so amused by the characters that you see that suspension bridge of disbelief and you cross it cheerfully yetThis is the case with David Benioff s oddly mesmerizing historical oray CITY OF THIEVES The uixotic uest book offers a little something The World in the Curl: An Unconventional History of Surfing for everyone Russophiles and history buffs will love it because it s set in Leningrad during the siege and the author has done his homework making the setting and background events accurate Coming of ageans will like it because the protagonist a tough but runty Russian Jew who is only 17 will worm his way into the apple core of your heart Humor enthusiasts will take to it because it is rich with witty badinage much of it thanks to Kolya the Red Army sidekick whose libido leads him AWOL and into deep doo doo with the Russian militaryTogether Lev and Kolya are spared death one Song of the Forest for breaking curfew the otheror looking or love when he should have been on guard with his unit What a wonderful book and why have I not read it before It reminded me of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas both for its remarkable story and the uality of the writing The book is its remarkable story and the uality of the writing The book is as a retelling by the author of his Grandfather s early life specifically one week in 1942 the irst week of the year the week he met my grandmother made his best A Constellation of Vital Phenomena friend and killed two Germans During that week the Grandfather Lev was just 17 years old and living in Leningrad which was enduring the Nazi siege of 1942 Various events cause him to meet up with Kolya a Russian deserter who is only aew years older in years but much in experience Together they set out on a ridiculous uest and witness many of the awful atrocities that occurred during that warThe characters of Lev the awful atrocities that occurred during that warThe characters of Lev Kolya are what makes this book Kolya is by turns unny and infuriating but is always lovable Their dialogue is reuently hilarious which prevents the story Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights from becoming overwhelmingly sad and horrifying The history was amazing how those poor people survived starvation during the siege I had not come across library candy before The will to live brings about some incredible inventionA sad sad ending with a sweet epilogue I have anotheravourite book. Strette e veloci Il colonnello ha detto che era sua Still Life with Chickens figlia e che stava per sposarsi con un importante uomo del partito Un matrimonio vero alla russa con musica e danze e un solo problema la torta nuziale C’erano lo zucchero il miele laarina e tutti gli altri ingredienti ma mancavano le uova una maledetta dozzina di uova introvabili in tutta Leningrado per gli eroici soldati dell’Armata Rossa ma non orse per una volgare coppia di ladri Eccoli dunue Lev e Kolja alla disperata ricerca di dodici uova durante gli eroici giorni della resistenza di Leningrado Le loro vite di criminali sono state salvate dal magnanimo Stato sovietico in cambio di una piccola commissione Una commissione stramba ma non dannatamente impossibi. Dst of the almost unimaginable suffering "taking place all around them was a urther display of superb craftsmanship on the author s "place all around them was a Paradox Bound further display of superb craftsmanship on the author s The description of the casual sadistic atrocity perpetrated by the German einsatzkommandos against a Russian peasant girlor trying to escape orced prostitution is seared on my memory Most noteworthy is that Benioff HANDLED IT WITHOUT ANY MELODRAMA AND THIS UNDERSTATED JUST it without any melodrama and this understated just acts ma am recounting made it all the chilling The Chess game I loved it I m not going to spoil anything but I thought this scene was handled wonderfully when it could have derailed easily into Hollywoodness It didn t and so another cap tip to the author In addition to the above I enjoyed the way Benioff blurred the lines between reality and STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare fiction by using the story within a storyraming device The novel is told as the embellished memoir of Benioff s own grandfather detailing his experience during the siege This adds a real sense of authenticityhowever it was also part and parcel of its downfall or me as it added another layer between me and the events of the story This urther heightened my lack of connection to it In the end I think this is a skilled work by an excellent story teller with real talent Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays for writing The story just never uite clickedor me and I Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All found myself hopelessly undevoted to it I wish that wasn t the case but it was Thus the best I can do is 30 stars and to point to all the kudos above so that you will understand why I am still recommending that you give it a shot There is much to like here and hopefully you have a engrossing experience Growing up in Poland you couldn t escape but be exposed to Polish war movies and dramas The war defined this country and its people with the country being completely destroyed and around 56 million people dead because the Western powers trusted Stalin the country borders also changed with parts of eastern Poland being ceded to contemporary Ukraine and Lithuania But the rotten top of the cake came when the countryell under the influence of the USSR and disappeared behind the Iron Curtain What a Lass Wants for over half a century However Polish people are stubborn the 1980 Solidarity led to the creation of the Soviet s blockirst trade union and the subseuent protests ormed a wave of reactions throughout Europe which eventually led to countries breaking away rom the Soviet sphere of influence and gaining independenceSo what did the Polish people do during all these grim years And they were grim all right imagine walking into a store and seeing nothing literally nothing on its shelves and then going into another one and seeing empty shelves again and in another one and another Food stamps were not welfare number of goods one could purchase was limited with most O e abbandono della divisa la pena prevista in tempo di guerra è una sola la ucilazione Stamattina i soldati sono andati a prenderli Alle Croci Il Cupo Croci il cupo di mattoni rossi sulla Neva e li hanno condotti in una maestosa villa col portico di legno dove si aggiravano centinaia di berretti rossi e blu della NKDV la polizia segreta Dopo ualche istante di attesa i due ragazzi si sono ritrovati al cospetto di un colonnello con un collo taurino e tre stelle ben in vista sulle mostrine della divisa Il colonnello li ha dapprima suadrati poi li ha invitati a seguirlo ino ai margini del The League for the Suppression of Celery fiume Sulla Neva ghiacciata una ragazza pattinava I capelli corvini legati in uno chignon morbido le guance sferzate dal ventoaceva piroette. I have read some good iction lately but this one is special like Catcher in the Rye or The Curious Incident or maybe The Kite Runner Instead of telling the story I will make observations as to why I loved it 1 Many historical Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery fiction novels are writtenrom the perspective of the thinking of the time Although it is interesting to observe how people think people thought in the past it can be a little too un modern and sometimes boring like reading Moby Dick or some other great but somewhat over the top book Here we are set great but somewhat over "The Top Book Here We " top book Here we set in time by the grandson who is just like us telling the st in the aftermath of my tryst with this beautiful intelligent novel I was hobbled by lancinating pain stemming rom a burning itching uestion repeatedly sounding off in my headwhy didn t I love this book MORE Why I love historical The Day Fidel Died fiction especially tales set in WW the Seuel and Benioff s crisp effortless prose is smart and pleasurable without ever become overly clever or self indulgent The plot device of surrealorced shopping expedition to track down a dozen eggs against the backdrop of the horrific Siege of St Petersburg was a wonderful vehicle to spotlight the everyday struggles of life during the longest and most destructive siege in the history of modern warfareAll signs point to a love connection Soagainwhy wasn t I smitten The only diagnosis I arrived at to explain my muted affection or this novel was that it was too detached an experience The story while giftedly told never truly pulled me within its sphere of influence The events encountered by the plot s main characters Lev and Kolya despite being well described and at times harrowing never completely captured me This lack of involuntary engagement in the story left my enjoyment dulled and pretty much doomed me I think being actively vested in the characters and being held captive by the sense of place created by Benioff is vital to a genuine enjoyment of this story For me sadly it like seeing photos and video of someone else s exciting vacation rather than experiencing it myself Still there were lashes of engagement or me that left me breathless and cemented the act that I would at least like this story The scene with the cannibals had me duct taped to my seat Benioff s talent during this portion was writ large on the maruee as he handled this potentially cartoonish scene so deftly that you just knew he was writing truth I haven t personally researched the level of cannibalism that occurred during the 900 day Siege but Benioff s depiction of it Gulp!: The Seven-Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge felt absolutely authentic The mine strapped anti tank dogs lying dead in the snow and the sole survivoround bleeding by the characters was very powerful and I The Outlaw and the Upstart King felt ache To be able to evoke such emotionor an animal in the mi. È l’inverno del 1941 a Leningrado La città è sotto l’assedio delle truppe tedesche e i suoi abitanti non hanno mai patito tanta ame e tanto reddo Per Lev diciassette anni naso grosso e capelli neri Standing By: The Making of an American Military Family in a Time of War figlio di un poeta ebreo scomparso un pomeriggio d’estate del 1937 dopo una visita della polizia sovietica alla sede della sua rivista letteraria e per Kolja giovane cosacco con laaccia impertinente il mento orte il naso dritto e un ciuffo ribelle in testa la ame e il Stories for a Kindred Heart: Over 100 Treasures to Touch Your Soul freddo sono però ben poca cosa rispetto a uello che la legge marziale prevede per loro Lev ha rubato il coltello a un paracadutista tedesco morto assiderato e Kolja ha avuto la brillante idea di disertare E per simili reatiurto ai danni dello stat. .

City of Thieves