(E–pub New) [Ask Me No uestions] Author Marina Budhos

Nadira s family emigrated to the US from Bandgladesh a few years ago Now they are living in New York City on expired visas hoping to realize their dream of becoming legal US citizens But 911 changes everything Suddenly being Muslim looking different and speaking with an accent means that you are a suspected terroristWhen Nadira s father is arrested at the USCanadian border Nadira and her college bound motivated and smart sister Aisha are told to continue on as if nothing has happened But even though their teachers don t ask any uestions or pry Aisha falls apart Nothing matters to her any *as she sees her dreams of college drifting awayNow it s up *she sees her dreams of college drifting awayNow it s up uiet Nadira to be the strong one and hold her family togetherThis book is so important because it is easy to forget when you read articles in the paper about new immigration laws that immigrants are people with families and hopes and dreams Hardworking good people who want to do things In The Right And Legal the right and legal but also want to provide the best life possible for their familiesThis book is smart and powerful and it stings and most importantly it makes you think I won t be able to read another article about immigration laws without seeing Nadira and Aisha in my mind I think this is a great book and I loved it Nadira and her family is trying to get used to their new life and I was thinking so much how hard it should ve been to try to do their best every moment but one thing that they couldn t get away from was their own country Bangladesh Aisha is a brave girl in this book and she is an A girl but one thing that she is not good at was that she was afraid of her country where she s from she wants to be invisible not standing out in front of a lot of people They work so hard on their visa and trying to get their father out of the jail even though he was not supposed to go their but his name was. You forget You forget you don't really exist here that this isn't your home Since emigrating from Bangladesh fourteen year old Nadira and her family have been living in New York City on expired visas hoping to realize their dream of becom. Ask Me No uestionsWritten wrong so he had to But his younger daughter Nadiraa fourteen year old girl points it out that the name on the paper is not her father So she saves her family and they get their visa at last Everything s happy ending and I would like to recommand this book to Anyone Who Would Like To who would like to about any sad and happy ending books Good bookAnother reason of why I like this book is because I love howthis book is formed Almost from the *beginning and in the middle everything was starting to happen and a *and in the middle everything was starting to happen and a of troubles and problems were blocking Nadira s family but as I read I found out that each problem was being solved by Aisha or Nadira or their other family members and in the last part of this book everything was all clearly solved and they were all wrapped up I felt so good when I finished reading this book because I really felt like I read the whole book This book was terrible I HATE saying that Looking at my reviews it s clear that I m not typically an extremely critical reviewer But this book is awful And it s a shame because the topic it dealt with seems so importantThere were a lot of inconsistencies within the book The narrator is 14 year old Nadira and it really felt like a 14 year old wrote this book I had no idea what the time span of the book was sometimes events that should have happened a few weeks ago were referred to as the other day which I think is unclear The family dynamic is set up from the very beginning Nadira s older sister 17 year old Aisha Is The Star Of The the star of the skinny smart aggressive and Nadira is the bitter younger fatter slower sister She immediately starts complaining from the beginning so there s not enough time for me to build up any sympathy for her character I end up just finding her annoying And Aisha is a bitch so when she starts having her breakdown I don t care about her either It was just a re. Ing legal US citizens But after 911 everything changes Suddenly being Muslim means you are dangerous a suspected terrorist When Nadira's father is arrested and detained at the US Canadian border Nadira and her older sister Aisha are told. ,

Ally weird way to set up a book that should have been about sympathizing with the characters And then there s this about sympathizing with the characters And then there s this issue with Nadira s friend Lily Lily s mom believes her husband is cheating on her with a manicurist form their nail salon they happen to be Korean and they own two dry cleaners and a nail salonhmmm and so Nadira Spontaneously Decides To Spy On This Manicurist So She spontaneously decides to spy on this manicurist so she into her apartment and finds the answer TOO EASY *And out of nowhere It was a completely unnecessary addition to *out of nowhere It was a completely unnecessary addition to story And then Lily disappears from the book after that The biggest issue I have with this book is the lack of a bibliography The author says that this story is based on true events I completely believe that but she gives no bibliography no way to learn about this subject or this issue THAT is needed when you say a book is based on true events especially political events I think people believe that since they call it Fiction they don t have to prove that it s based on anything I don t believe that s how it should be Anyway I was really disappointed in this book Also the title Ask Me No uestions There were very few uestions asked that were dramatized in the book anyway This story could have been tumultuous exciting The title is such a great reference to how illegal immigrants must feel but that part wasn t dramatized at all As I said before I feel like this book was written by a 14 year old girl who is attempting to write a book for the first time It should have been polished Nadira is that fat daughter She is also the slow daughter the one who is slow to speak and uick to feel She is constantly compared to her sister Aisha Aisha is the perfect sister She is the sister who is going places and the one who impressed everyone with her nowledge and her ability to adapt After the arrest of her father and facing the possibility of deportati. To carry on as if everything is the same The teachers at Flushing High don't ask any uestions but Aisha falls apart Nothing matters to her any not even college It's up to Nadira to be the strong one and bring her family back together agai.