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Janae (Blacktop, fConfederacy of Dunces Parts of the novel are laugh out loudunny not a gut reaction I ve ever had to a Mann novel I m thinking in particular of a scene that could have been cut rom Dunces where Krull a character very much like M Gustave H rom Wes Anderson s ilm The Grand Budapest Hotel that is a character whose sexuality has nothing to do with a desire or men or women both of whom are eually at his disposal but with his erotic appetite or romantic civility is seduced by an older woman a novelist who calls him a slave in bed and wants him to call her a whore imagine Don uixote s reaction to something like this The scene is hilarious because he truly thinks she s chosen him or his social graces and charm he s a hotel elevator operator at this pointMann conceived of the book in 1905 published it as a short story in 1911 and attempted a novel the year before he died Imagine how different the Mann of 1954 must have been rom the kid who irst put Krull to paper That sort of disparity between decades of intellectual and emotional transformation deranges the plot of this novel unfortunately You never really get a Grip On The Trajectory on the trajectory can delight a reader if one senses movement toward crisis or conclusion But the many aces of Felix Krull are not as the title would suggest the masks of a confidence man but rather the personas of different actors in different stories whose paths of a man but rather the personas of different actors in different stories whose paths refuse to intersect Ultimately I m not sure if it s worth the read unless you re a Mannophile like myself Hence the three loving stars I had a sudden thought about this book which I had read some time ago which was how curious it was that a writer s last work was ocused on a confidence trickster and his trickery when what is writing but a confidence trick created with the collusion of the reader As a result this is a book about Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., fantasy and invention in which we might be best advised to trust nothing and to believe lessI wondered howar the subject of the book was a confession on the part of the author the Patriarch with bad relations with many of his children the husband with a taste Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, for same sex relationshipsthe non political man who ended up in exileor political reasons all the same we can see the author as one who played at different identities as much as his Everyday life in medieval times fictional herosuch anyway were my idle thoughts on my way to a hospital out patient appointment as I wondered if my shirt and underwear would pass muster as Felix s did before the conscription board. L appeared in a short story Mann wrote in 1911 The story wasn't published until 1936 in the book Stories of Three Decades along with 23 other stories writtenrom 1896 to 1929 the year in which he was awarded the Nobel Prize North for Literature Much later he expanded the original story into a novel managing toinish and publish Part 1 The Early Years of the Confessions of Felix Krull to great public success Due to Mann's death in 1955 the saga of the morally lexible and irresistible con man remains unfinish.

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Who knew the man who wrote Magic Mountain and Death in Venice actually have a sense of humor I orginally read Mountain and in Venice might actually have a sense of humor I orginally read in college while doing a course on Hesse and Mann After many grueling hours pushing complex sentence structures up Magic Mountain this came as uite a shock It was as if it were written by a completely different Mann This is probably the Dead Giveaway funniest book I ve ever read out of Germany I particularly liked watching Felix worm his way out of the German draft and trying to pass himself off as an accomplished tennis player I don t think it will wind up on anyone s top 10 list but it s certainly worth a read I recently reread Confessions of Felix Krull Confidence Man The Early Years Thomas Mann s last novel and a comic masterpiece Felix Krull s confessions areilled with humorous episodes worthy of the Mann s story telling mastery Mann based the novel on an expanded version of a story he had written in 1911 and he managed to Andrew Lost In the Kitchen finish and publish part one of the Confessions of Felix Krull but due to his death in 1955 the saga of the morallylexible and irresistible conman Felix remained unfinished In spite of that it is still one of the best novels I have read dealing with the uestion of identity It is that and much Early in the story Felix learns to deal with circumstances by changing his character as needed and he continues to shift identities becoming whomever he needs to be in all the ensuing predicaments that he encounters The expression of a latent admiration Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism for a human being who can metamorphose himself into multiple identities reminds me of The Confidence Man by Herman Melville That earlier novel is in a way a precursor to the modernity of Mann s unfinished opus Felix Krull seems to view the world like a chessboard on which he can take pleasure in manipulating the pieces at will and cultivate his ambition and his knowledge of the ways of the world by spending whole days peering into shop windowsThere are three moments in the Confessions that exemplify the merging of identity and destiny of young Felix Krull Early in the story Felix encounters an actor Muller Rose whose extravagant operetta performance makes an indelible impression on him The contrast between his stage character and his backstage repulsive self is a vision that impresses the young boy The second moment occurs in Paris when Felix attends the circus The performance of the acrobats and the high wire euilibrist Andromache were mesmerizing to Felix Andromache Her vision. Thomas Mann'sinal novel recounts the strange and entranced career of the gifted swindler Felix Krull through his childhood and early manhood Krull is a man unhampered by moral precepts that govern the conduct of ordinary mortals and this natural lack of scruple coupled with his Nope formidable mental and physical endowments enables him to develop the arts of subterfuge and deception with astonishing success and to rise swiftlyrom poverty to affluence Following Krull along the shady paths his nature has de. Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix KrullPainful and uplifting at once lingered in my mind long after her act was over and others had replaced it p 194The third moment occurs after Felix has settled into his identity as it p 194The third moment occurs after Felix has settled into his identity as and is established in Lisbon There is a bullfight which combines the Rejected Rejected Rejected flamboyance of the toreador costumes with the ravishing sensation of the duel to the death with the bull Felix describes his impressionsthe atmosphere that lay over all at once oppressive and solemnly joyous a uniue mingling of jest blood and dedication primitive holiday making combined with the profound ceremonial of death p 375Each of these moments capture the sensation of Eros and Thanatos pleasure and death andorm a counterpart to the often light hearted way that Felix led his life as a confidence manHe ools Venosta s parents with a lengthy letter that mimics the style of the man whose identity he has assumed and goes on of the man whose identity he has assumed and goes on impress his contacts in Lisbon Yet he maintains a calm demeanor throughout his escapades illed with confidence in his ability The reader eventually succumbs to his charm in spite of an episodic life in different identities that was Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz full of nervous suspense It seems that Mann still had story telling magic left at the end of his life after World War II and decades after his great beginnings with Buddenbrooks and Death in Venice The only regret is that Mann was unable toinish the novel yet the early years of Felix Krull still amounts to a small masterpiece A Buck: A Memoir friend s review of this is greatirst half dull second half My review is the exact opposite which suggests that this is just about taste The Oh, the Things They Invented!: All About Great Inventors first halfor me was a little too cutesy with the symbolism as Krull discovers how much he enjoys acting impersonating and being praised Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures Series for his beauty Well done but alsoor me hampered by the impossibility of doing anything new with the Five Days Left first part of life stories You ll be surprised to learn that Felix has aamily there is a crisis he matures and strikes out to start life on his own There is Searching for Robert Johnson fun to be had with the threefold perspective of young Felix narrating Felix and implied author Mann but to be honest if you haven t had yourill of unreliable narrators at this p Know that these are three loving stars given out of respect or what the novel accomplishes even though it s incomplete and most of the time aimless and wanderingConfessions of Felix Krull is Thomas Mann s attempt at the picaresue and Krull is time aimless and wanderingConfessions of Felix Krull is Thomas Mann s attempt at the picaresue and Krull is of a mix between Don uixote and Ignatius J Reilly rom Stined him to take the reader moves through a world peopled by bizarre characters Buzz: A Graphic Reality Check for Teens Dealing With Drugs and Alcohol from the lowest to the highest reaches of European society Chameleon like Krull readily adapts himself to the situation of the moment and so adept in the practices of chicanery does he become that his victims almost seem to count themselves privileged And so it is too with the women who encounter the irresistible Krullor where Krull is the normal laws of human behavior are in suspenseOriginally the character of Felix Krul.