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Really wanted to nail this in one sitting but still managed it in two wow this still etains it s power to shock all these years later disturbing and even funny Sabato features possibly the most chilling ending I have come across to date Narrated by an artist in jail that being Juan Pablo Castelwho practically goes about stalking a woman named Maria after he spots her eying one of his canvases in a gallery From this moment on he forces his way into her life learning she has a blind husband and ex lovers drives him derang The Tunnel by Sabato inspired by Dostoevsky and Kafka is not just an intriguing novel but also an important existential classic It cannot be totally denied that there are some similarities between Castel of this novel and Meursault from The Stranger but Castel is not too nihilistic in his views The heart of Castel might have been frozen but there was a drop or two of love just enough to feed the birdsSolitude is often thought of as something self warranted Sometimes even a man who built his own fortress of solitude from which he can watch and sneer at others waits eagerly for someone to breach the wall that confines him God or Man Solitude is not indestructibleCastel doesn t want to be judged but to be understood That s why Castel having ended up in the prison cell narrates the events that changed his life He was oblivious of all human sorrows in his tunnel of solitude There were no intruders His He was oblivious of all human sorrows in his tunnel of solitude There were no intruders His inside his tunnel has always been unobtrusive with occasional suspicious sneaks from the outside and a faint hope of meeting someone inside from the outside
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the walls narrowing in Darkness keeps creeping in Such was the life of Castel Usually that feeling of being alone in the world is accompanied by a condescending sense of superiority I scorn all humankind people around me seem vile sordid stupid greedy gross niggardly I do not fear solitude it is almost Olympian He was free but incomplete and waiting anxiously for someone or a guiding light Along came a lovely being avaging his solitude and denting his vanity After gazing from the outside for a while at the tunnel wall of paintingMar a viewing Castel s painting #OF MOTHERHOOD AS SHOWN BELOW MAR #Motherhood as shown below Mar left without a word There was a strange distant silent sea which beckoned to them and which would sweep him away in the name of love Here is Castel eflecting on his past and a love affair which otherwise would have lasted had he not killed the only person who would understand him What went wrong Who wronged their. عندما ظهرت النفق أخذ عليها بعض النقاد عدم دقة عالمها الخارجي، وغموض الشخصيات التي تتحرك حول بطل الرواية كاستيل وهدوءها، ولكن ساباتو يقول إنه أراد كتاب قصة رسام أصيب بالجنون لأنه لم يتمكن من التو?. ,

Love which could have otherwise been beautiful and maybe everlasting It also happens that when we have Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness reached the limits of despair that precede suicide when we have exhausted the inventory of every evil andeached the point where evil is invincible then any sign of goodness however infinitesimal becomes momentous and we grasp for it as we would claw for a tree oot to keep from hurtling into an abyss But soon the goodness seemed not enough His perverse predictions deceived him His syllogisms had become sinful delusions His absurd uestions made him confront his love His fractured love metamorphosed him into a heartless murderer It is not solitude any but a sordid museum of shame Here is he animated by the faint hope that someone will understand him even if it is only one person giving an impartial account of the events which ensued from his love affair if you want to foreground a affair If you want to foreground a misogynist stalker s sense of urban isolation and alienation against a woman s prolonged emotional and physical abuse at the hands of the same person and call it existentialist literature your choice Just don t expect me to appreciate it Just as Opaue the Second Time RoundIn The Tunnel Ernesto Sabato has
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mysogonistic puerile apparently psychopathic murderer tell the eader his every thought about a folie a deux with his victim and its ationale My first time through The Tunnel left me bewildered Of what literary ather than ideological merit is this work For whose edification or amusement is it meant My original conclusion It s a difficult book to be interested in much less like But I picked up on a hint by another GR eader and found that Sabato was a scientist before he was a writer and had incorporated uantum physics in The Tunnel as a sort of hidden metaphor Indeed there is a short book by Halpern and Carpenter which outlines the way in which the metaphor is meant to work at key points in the book This led me back into The Tunnel for another LOOK HALPERN AND CARPENTER SUGGEST THAT SABATO FOLLOWED BORGES Halpern and Carpenter suggest that Sabato followed Borges his interest in the labyrinthine character of history through which the world changes direction at critical nodes They also point out Borges allusions to alternative and even parallel universes that were of interest to Sabato They contend that Sabato builds on these Borgian tropes to create scenes of discontinuous time in his storyMaybe so But I find the argument of Halpern and Carpenter to be somewhat tendentious But even stipulating their observations I don t see the point The meta. ?صل مع أحد، حتى مع المرأة التي يبدو أنها فهمته من خلال الرسم والنفق مكتوبة بلسان مجنون، وهذا النمط من الشخصيات يستدعي، لكي يكون وجوده ممكناً أن ينصرف كلياً الى هاجسه، يحب ويرى ويسمع ويروي ما ينبغي. Phor if there is certainly central to this tale of murder and psychopathy Of course there are always alternative for any story or for any #Historical Reality But The Idea #reality But the idea using the collapse of the uantum wavefront as the signal for a decisive turning point seems to me trivial and fatuousTrue the protagonist Juan Pablo is continuously analysing his situation in terms of alternative possibilities as in this internal monologue I constructed an endless series of variations In one I was talkative witty something in fact I never am in another I was taciturn in still another sunny and smiling At times though it seems incredible I answered udely even with ill concealed Der Bilderwächter rage It happened in some of these imaginary meetings that our exchange broke off abruptly because of an absurd irritability on my part or because Iebuked her almost crudely for some comment I found pointless or ill thought out But this is a symptom of madness not a symbol of impending uantum esolution Even the speaker ecognises that this damned compulsion to justify everything I do isn t normalConseuently it seems to me that the metaphor of uantum physics does nothing to explicate Sabato s very dark story Juan Pablo is a misanthrope without any mitigating not to say edeeming features The Tunnel therefore doesn t get any interesting with a possible metaphorical foundation Unless of course sabato s intention was simply to create a sort of uantum uncertainty about this very foundation In any case not terribly stimulating My original eview us here Cui bonoI have been trying to finish this short novel for weeks But I can only get through 10 pages at a time I ve finally given up I don t get it Is there something beyond an obsessivecompulsive folie a deux that I am simply unable to comprehend Someone please explain where I am going wrong El t nel The Tunnel Ernesto S batoThe Tunnel is a dark psychological novel written by Argentine writer Ernesto Sabato about a deranged traditional is a dark psychological novel written by Argentine writer Ernesto Sabato about a deranged traditional techniue Juan Pablo Castel and his obsession with a woman The story s title Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris refers to the symbol for Castel s emotional and physical isolation from society which becomes increasingly apparent as Castel proceeds to tell from his jail cell the series of events that enabled him to murder the only person capable of understanding him Marked by its existential themes The Tunneleceived enthusiastic support from Albert Camus and Graham Greene following its publication in 1948 2008 1386 174 9644482956 20 1387 160 9789649234816 0407139. أن يرى بهواه الخاص والمتأجج قراءة النفق في المستوى الأول ليست سوى اعترافات رسام أصيب بالجنون وقتل بدافع من الغيرة، لكنها في مستوى أعمق مأساة الوحدة، ومأساة التواصل، ومأساة البحث عبثاً عن المطلق.