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A great biography by a master musician who was a great representative of the USA though out the worldgreat book Les mmoires du grand Duke en diffrentes formes tapes de ses tournes journal dans diffrents endroits dtail de son concert sacr etcue du bonheur de lire ce grand Monsieur u tait Duke Ellington A consomm sans modration etcue du bonheur de lire ce grand Monsieur u tait Duke Ellington A consomm sans modration Duke nous le fait tout le monde il est beau il est gentil mais les anecdotes et les commentaires sont agrables lire m me si elles sont embellies Etat du livre impeccable La note faible concerne le contenu ui est un ramassis d autosatisfaction et de brosse reluire De plus assez mal crit ou mal traduit Enfin une version fran aise du recueil consid rable des souvenirs de Duke Ellington attendu depuis 1973 Oeuvre d un des trois ou uatre g niesdu jazz cet ouvrage a t boud par la phalange fran g niesdu jazz cet ouvrage a t boud par la phalange fran de la critiue et de l dition ui ne pouvait supporter u un Noir de l envergure du Dukesoit rest fid le aux fondamentaux du jazz pendant plus de 50 ans sans rien c der aux mandarins de la musiue acad miue europ enne soit disant moderneMusic is my mistress est une claue aux racistes pour ui un bon Noir ne peut ue se conformer aux pr jug s des bien pensantsExcellente traduction d un texte ui r v le chaue ligne la noblesse de l auteur Un peu tonnante la ddicace de la page de garde mais l ouvrage est en excellent tat et correspond ce ui en tait attendu Une autobiographie d un des acteurs majeurs du jazz montre vident un int r t imm diat pour tout amateur de musiue et de lecture De plus la carri re exceptionnelle de Duke Ellington s est tal e sur plus de 50 ans et a connue de nombreuses personnalit s succ s et tribulations De uoi faire un livre passionnant en somme Malheureusement Ellington reste extr mement formel tout le long et ne d cris rien de mani re nuanc e ou d un regard onn te pr f rant adopter une attitude tout le monde il est beau tout le monde il est gentil ui semble peu sinc re Toute la premi re partie est constitu e de courts paragraphes pour d crire ses musiciens. Music is my mistress and she plays second fiddle to no one This is the story of Duke Ellingtonthe story of Jazz itself Told in Dannemora his own way inis own words a symphony written by the King of Jazz His story spans and defines a The Horror Chambers of Jules De Grandin half century of modern musicThis man who created over compositions was as much atome in Harlems Cotton Club in the s as Nuclear Power: A Very Short Introduction he was at a White House birthday celebration inis onor in the s For Duke knew everyone and savored them all Pass. ,
Music Is My Mistress

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Ui ont toujours la m me structure Je l ai rencontr dans ces circonstances Sa sp cialit tait celle ci Il est uniue et fantastiue ue Dieu le b nisse
vraiment int ressant en somme ce n est pas ainsi ue l on obtiens l image d un omme ou d une poueHeureusement Ellington s attarde ensuite longuement sur les tourn es internationales de son groupe une partie ui se r v le plus int ressante m me si une nouvelle fois l criture n est pas assez abit e On y prend conscience uel point le Duke avait une stature mondiale et repr sentait la musiue am ricaine l o il se rendait tout en se frottant au chocs des cultures et des mentalit sCe Music Is My Mistress reste au bien trop anecdotiue et ne laisse pas d image forte de auteur comme le font l autobiographie sans concessions de Miles Davis ou celle fortement fictionnelle de Charles Mingus Pour en savoir plus sur l un des plus importants compositeurs du 20 me si cle on pr f rera se procurer l excellente biographie Duke A Life of Duke Ellington crite par Terry Teachout arrived on time some pages ungluedthe editon thnk is not very strongbut i glued them brilliant He must Les derniers jours : La fin de l'empire romain d'Occident havead a powerful team working the records because I could not do this unaided with my own biography Well written A ghold mine of info Wow what a book The best part about biography Well written A ghold mine of info Wow what a book The best part about book is that Duke wrote it You get it straight from Loveland him I recommend this book to anyone into the musicHis accounts ofis younger days were what most appealed to me He pays so much respect to the people Little Tree he was surrounded by bothis family and the community of musicians Sometimes the many names dropped can be a bit much but that was just Aliran Politik Dan Aidah Dalam Islam his style always letting people know whoelped Guide de l'employeur culturel him who mentoredim who taught Der Heimliche Fürstensohn him whoe admired There s scarcely a mean spirited word in the whole bookThere is a lot of variety to the way Science and Democracy he tellsis stories Sometimes its through the name dropping profiles sometimes its through interviews reprinted for this book sometimes its through out and out philosophical dis. Ionate about Strength Training for Basketball (Strength Training for Sport) his music and the people who made musice counted as Megalodon: Fact or Fiction? his friendsundreds of the musicians who changed the face of music throughout the world Bechet Basie Armstrong Lena Horne Ella Fitzgerald Sinatra to name a few of them Here are photographs to give us an intimate view of Dukes worldhis family (Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual and Personal Growth Programme for Women) By Julia R. Heiman (Author) Paperback on (Dec , 2008) his friendsis associatesWhat emerges most strongly in Je viens d'Alep. Itinraire d'un rfugi ordinaire his commitment to music the mistress for whome saves the fullest intensity of is passion Love.
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Sertations about music and life sometimes it s in the midst of is endless travelling of the globe with is bandFor the musician looking for tips and advice there s plenty of Duke wisdom provided throughout His overall Love For Music And Musicians Is Just for music and musicians is just apparent My favorite piece of advice is that e said e learned music exclusively through oral instruction from people in the scene who would Share Techniues And Secrets Seemingly As Freely As Idle Conversation techniues and secrets seemingly as freely as idle conversation different the musical climate is these daysThe last third or so of the book get a bit tedious for this reader There just wasn t a lot a bit tedious for this reader There just wasn t a lot variety to is accounts of globetrotting and meeting all the important people in all the countries What kept me going through these sections were the occasional gems of advice or insight but there s of that in the first Pour l'harmonisation orthographique des dictionnaires half of the book Thank god for the end of the book a funny interview where the interviewer is REALLY condescending to Duke but Duke gets through is with all the grace wit intelligence andumor that makes Des femmes qui tombent him such a compelling person composer and most of all a genius and musical mysticThank the Duke for this book and allowing us to get a glimpse ofis life and all Illustrated Pocket Guide to Clinical Medicine his amazing stories I m a great fan of autobiography Granted often it is sanitized and self serving but there s nothing likeearing a person tell their own life especially if the life is as important as this one Without a doubt Duke Ellington was the century s greatest American composer and bandleader the only ones who even come close to im Aaron Copland George Gershwin Cole Porter ad neither Kiss That Frog his longevity noris variety And none of them also maintained a working band through six decades I own almost every recording ever released by Duke Ellington The Seneca Scourge his musicas become indelibly printed on my brain This book may not be the most accurate account of Caleo Leech his life if you canandle a little armchair psychology the Collier biography is the best choice for that but this is like sitting in a room Vibrational Medicine The hearing Duke talk and pla. Rsave come and gone but only my mistress stays Kade (Alien Adoption Agency he says He composed not only songs that all the worldas sung but also suites sacred works music for stage and screen and symphonies This rich book the embodiment of the life and works of the Duke is replete with appendices listing singers arrangers lyricists and the symphony orchestras with whom the Duke played There is a book to own and cherish by all who love Jazz and the contributions made to it by the Du.