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one to And it doesn t get much better folks It doesn t get much betterI give it 2 stars instead of 1 because it at least contains what seems to be valid information It s just presented in a horrific manner asily xplains the fundamental concepts and principles of hedge fund investment strategies with case studies Really useful To Attend The Course Computational Investing By Tucker Balch On attend the course computational investing by Tucker Balch on This is so small You could copy and paste the whole content in less than 40 pages of Word This is xpensive for what it worth Done by a teacher This is xpensive for what it worth Done by a teacher asks his own book which is far from being the best book on the subject This book is not worth than 2 4 Definitely too small a book for the price one can read it in 20 min The authors just want to make money out of it High level description of the Hedge fund industryI purchased it because of the coursera course offered by the author. S with very sector of the investmentlandscape the hedge fund industry varies dramaticallyfrom uantitative “black box” technology to fundamental researchand old fashioned stock picking This book helps investorsdistinguish between these diverse opposites and understandtheir place in the new volving world of finance —Mick ElfersFounder and Chief Investment Strategist Irvington Capita.

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as part Balch s computational investing class on Coursera was hoping the book would be a good supplement to some of the computational and programming heavy The Shadow Reader exercises later in the course Unfortunately the book fails to deliver and really isn t worth the pricePros High level andasy to understand introductions to most investing concepts VALUATION CAPM EMH ETC NUMEROUS HEDGE FUND MANAGER BIOS CAPM EMH tc Numerous hedge fund manager bios their background and strategy Good summary on common pitfalls investors makeCons Way too short and shallow there is almost no depth on The only reason I bought this book was because it was reuired for a class taught by one of the authors surprise surprise It s dry as cat litter and very amateurishly formatted and xplained Mathematical proofs are generally over xplained in the dumbest ways and random poorly xplained notation is used Here re a couple The Power Of A Choice excerpts from anarly section I rec. When I managed a hedge fund in the late 1990s computer basedtrading was a mysterious techniue only available to thelargest hedge funds and institutional trading desks We’ve comea long way since then With this book Drs Romero and Balch liftthe veil from many of these once opaue concepts in high techfinance We can all benefit from learning how the cooperationbetween wetware and software. Ently reviewedThis is done by compounding the Daily Return By The Number Of Trading return by the number of trading in a year 252 as follows in Python annualreturn cumproddailyreturns 1 1That s it There s no xplanation for the non Python savvy reader that cumprod is a numpy function or that dailyreturns is a particularly shaped numpy array presumably or much less WHY this uation is how you could or should calculate the value There was absolutely no reason to xpress this otherwise unexplained uation they never The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right explain WHY this in Pythonuation does what they say as pseudo Python instead of a simple mathematical Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling euationThe authors clearly never heard of superscriptsither200100 1 CAGR 102 1 CAGR 102 110 1 CAGRSince 2 110 1072 then1072 1 CAGR andCAGR 72% ie 1072 1That s how it s formatted in the book xcept that all of the above lines are formatted such that all of the symbols line up It s like a 15 year old wrote it I m so glad 2 110 1 CAGR and since
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110 10. Creates fitter models This bookdoes a fantastic job describing how the latest advances in financialmodeling and data science help today’s portfolio managerssolve these greater riddles —Michael Himmel ManagingPartner Essex Asset ManagementI applaud Phil Romero’s willingness to write about the hedgefund world an industry that is very private often flamboyantand asily misunderstood .
What Hedge Funds Really Do: An Introduction to Portfolio Management