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Understand diagnose and treat people who like myself have suffered are Suffering The Effects Of the effects of I think of no oneualified to write about this subjectDaryl Hall musician Hall Oates This synopsis not only provides a treasure trove of information about Lyme disease to patients and health care providers it also offers a glimmer of hope for anyone suffering from chronic illness Publishers Weekly Well researched information rich content the book offers matter of fact objective narration Library Journal Horowitz is one of the most prominent Lyme literate physicianspatients wait for months to see him and several told me that he had essentially cured them of a disease that nobody else seemed able to treat The New Yorker VariousWhen Dr Richard Horowitz MOVED TO THE HUDSON VALLEY OVER to the Hudson Valley over decade ago to start his own medical practice he didn t know that he would be umping into the centre of one of the fiercest most heated medical disputes being waged today The ongoing debate over Lyme disease as a chronic illness has made it difficult for sufferer. ,

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S to find care as doctors are in many cases unable or unwilling to diagnose it This is how once treatable infections can become chronic causing disabling conditions that may never be cured In a field where the number of cases is growing each year and answers remain elusive Horowitz has made extraordinary progress His plan represents a paradigm shift without which he argues the suffering will continue In this book Horowitz breaks new ground with a Point Differential Diagnostic Map the basis for his Lyme treatment plan and an overarching approach to treating all chronic illness He introduces MSIDS or Multi Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome a new lens on chronic illness that may prove To Be An Important Missing be an important missing And he covers in detail Lyme s leading symptoms and co infections including immune dysfunction sleep disorders chronic pain and neurodegenerative disorders This book is an all in one source patients of lyme and one source for patients of Lyme chronic illnesses to identify their own symptoms and work with their doctors for the best possible treatment outcom. Why Can't I Get Better?: Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease-Chronic Lyme disease affects millions yet few doctors how to diagnose or it and few better Dr Richard Horowitz provides the treat it few get better Dr Richard Horowitz provides the comprehensive explanation of why and thankfully provides a roadmap to wellness by addressing the root causes of this debilitating illness His approach reflects the future of health care Medicine would be much better if all doctors understood and treated illness like Dr Horowitz If you have suffered from unexplained chronic or hard to treat illness this book is your pathway to health Mark Hyman New York Times bestselling author of The Blood Sugar Solution Dr Richard Horowitz brought my family back from the brink of Lyme disease hell to true health In Why Can t I Get Better Horowitz discusseschronic disease and the cascade of problems that may start with infection but ultimately go far beyond it His provocative insights apply to chronic illness writ large Pamela Weintraub award winning author of Cure Unknown Inside the Lyme Epidemic Dr Horowitz has been and continues to be in the trenches in the battle to.