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If you are struggling to make sense of your camera s handbook and wonder if you ll "Ever Manage To Take A "manage to take a picture don t ive up buy this book Scott Kelby explains how to use your camera without using jargon and literally tells you step by step what to do to achieve the result you want I was feeling disheartened and a bit thick as I seemed to be etting nowhere with my lovely new Nikon but this book cut through all the technical stuff and ot me Started Taking Good Pictures taking ood pictures telling me to do this this and this to et that result With Scott s encouragement I started having fun with my camera and had the confidence to play around with it I ve since bought Books 2 3 and 4 and they are reat too same format same philosophy and you just row in knowledge and skill as you progress Overall a ni. This is itthe #1 best selling digital photography book ever Its the award winning worldwide smash hit written by Scott Kelby thats been translated into dozens of different languages because its the one book that really shows you how to take professional uality shots using the same tricks todays top digital pros use and surprisingly its easier than youd think This updated second of the bestselling digital photography book of all time includes many new images; up to date information on ear and links; and a new chapter from the author on the Ten Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was First Starting Out in Photograph.

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Digital Photography Book, The: Part 1Helpful content and I m sure on paperback "it s reat but the kindle version has "s Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor great But the kindle version has photos They just don t show How can you fully see what is being conveyed without the examples I d uite like a refund to be honest The book uirkinesses makes it readable but it s like a tanteless you can see the bottles but neveriven the key to open it How it s meant to be the best selling digital photography book of all time amazes me Just tip bits but no meat and potatoes Some useful straightforward tips Writing style is uirky at best Brilliant well pleased with my purchase this is the updated version I purchase through kindle have not put it down yet I think I will read this cover to cover If photography is your passion you will love this book I can not rate this highly enough I highly recommend itCons None. His is a book on which button to push which setting to use
And When To Use 
when to use With over 200 of the most closely Mr. Jelly's Business guarded photographic tricks of the trade this bookets you shooting dramatically better looking sharper colorful professional looking photos every time Each page covers a single concept that makes your photography better Every time you turn the page youll learn another pro setting tool or trick to transform your work from snapshots into allery prints If youre tired of taking shots that look okay and if youre tired of looking in photography magazines and thinking Why dont my shots look like that then this is the book for you. ,
Ce book Good tips Read the book in a dayI have iven one star less and reason is I was probably expecting Especially scenarios from real life and therefore suggestion on how that could be mitigated I love photography and #Keep Pushing Myself I Feel I Knew #pushing myself I feel I knew lot of things that was in the book This could be a very ood book for DSLR Beginners but for intermediate level I feel it
Would Need Than This 
need than this book Very helpful Really enjoyed this book it contains lots of useful information and is written in a lighthearted manner by "A Pro Photographer That "pro photographer that his business Great book for any hobby enthusiast or amateur photographer Scott writes in a fun style maybe a little too much at times but fun anyway whilst passing on lots of very ood tips tricks and some very sound advice The book has very. Y Heres how Scott describes this books brilliant premise If you and I were out on a shoot and you asked me Hey how do I Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines get this flower to be in focus with the background out of focus I wouldnt stand there andive you a photography lecture In real life Id just say Put on your zoom lens set your f stop to f28 focus on the flower and fire away Thats what this book is all about you and I out shooting where I answer uestions ive you advice and share the secrets Ive learned just like I would with a friendwithout all the technical explanations and techie photo speak This isnt a book of theoryfull of confusing jargon and detailed concepts ,