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Ding dating back to her high school years where she learnt a lot about the patriarchal and bigoted Structures That Often Held Up that often held up the most radical of organizing groups I really appreciated how she is so generous in providing deep insight into the work that is organizing the pitfalls and the errors that we are often faced with and also the successes and things that really work Alicia Garza writes in such a way that you are immediately drawn into her world ready to listen to learn and to take notes The tone is smart interesting and invitingThis is a memoir notes The tone is smart interesting and invitingThis is a memoir it "is also a guidebook for change and i "also a guidebook for change and I everyone read it whether interested in local activism or organizing on a larger scale or both Alicia Garza s The Purpose of Power provides in depth views of what it means to be completely invested in change and how we can all carve a place for ourselves within this investment for all of our futures togethe. Ationsofactivists and diverge fromthecharismatic patriarchal modeloftheAmerican civil rights movement She reflects instead on how making room amongstthewoke for those who are still awakening can inspire and activatepeople to fight fortheworld we all deserveThis isthestoryofone womans lessons through yearsofbringing people together to create change Mostofall it is a new paradigm for change for a new generationofchangemakers fromthemind and heart behind oneofthe most important movementsofour tim. ,

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The Purpose of Power: How We Come Together When We Fall ApartA beautifully constructed work of art "THAT A GUIDE ON "provides a guide on what takes to challenge injustice You read this and unmoved uninspired or unmotivated to make change I loved this book and recommend anyone who is feeling at the sharp end of things to read it and find hope This book is the BOOM Ms Garza has a written a very timely and much needed book on power particularly Black Power As she makes very clear we cannot erase deny or hide the great leadership of Black women for issues pertaining to all rights for Black people and others that are oppressed andor marginalized There are so many lessons learned and insights from her work as an organizer that we should all learn and us We cannot continue doing business as usual and we must reimagine power for all citizens particularly Black Power in order to bring about real change in this country for all citizens Great book Awesome reading Good book An essential guide to building transformative movements to address the challengesofour time from oneofthecountrys leading organizers and a co creatorofBlack Lives MatterIn a year when a long overdue reckoning with racism is once again in the spotlight Garzas call to actionis urgent and critically necessaryTimeThe Must Read Books of In Alicia Garza wrote what she called a love letter to Black people on Facebook in the aftermath oftheacuittaloftheman who murdered seventeen year old Trayvon Marti. Am just finishing up the Audible Version If You Have version If you have about blacklivesmatter and what the movement means then take the time to read this The author has an interesting perspective worth listening to Liked this book couldn t put it down to days finish reading it for a school project I LOVE THIS BOOK It sheds light on the becoming of the BLM movement It explains the complexities and the purpose of activism So many real gems are dropped in this book and I am glad I read it I came away feeling empowered and informed because of it This is SUCH a great read The Purpose of Power is Alicia Garza s personal story her background her "EXPERIENCES IN ORGANIZING LEADING AND ACTIVISM IS GENERAL AND "in organizing leading and activism is general and birth of the Black Lives Matter movement but it is also the story of the utmost importance in organizing participating and actively working towards real change The author has extensive experience in organizing and lea. N Garza wroteBlack people I love you I love us Our lives matterWiththespeed and networking capacitiesofsocial media BlackLivesMatter becamethehashtag heard roundtheworld But Garza new eventhen that hashtags dont start movementspeople doLong before BlackLivesMatter became a rallying cry for this generation Garza had spentthebetter partoftwo decades learning and unlearning some hard lessons about organizingThelessons sheoffers are different fromthe rules for radicals that animated earlier gener.