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Hugely informative book Scary amount of information you would never ever be told about by your ocal GP Larry D Cook 22 July 2018 has already written just about everything I want to say so I please consider that review seconded by me I only wish the irresponsible and utterly ignorant well its either that or dishonest editors and journalists at the Daily Mail would read this and the many other bookspapers written by many good doctors and scientists and at east make an. Drawing on fifty years of experience caring for children and adults Dr Richard Moskowitz examines the risks of vaccines the persistent denials by manufacturers and doctors and our current policy regarding them Weaving together a tapestry of observed facts CLINICAL AND BASIC SCIENCE RESEARCH NEWS and basic science research news from the media and actual cases from his own practice he offers a systematic review of the subject as a whole He provides scientific evidence for his clinical IMPRESSION THAT THE VACCINATION PROCESS BY ITS VERY NATURE that the vaccination process by its very nature substantial Vaccines: A ReappraisalNtific research backing it up This is a very good book to get a balanced view on the issues of vaccination It s thoroughly researched and is backed up with peer reviewed research and also anecdotal cases and experiences Certainly some shocking things in here This really should be reuired reading for those who refuse to accept there is need for this issue to Be Examined Further And examined further and unuestioningly accept a particular view on this issue Concise informative and thoroug. Veryone deprives us all of genuinely informed consent and prevents parents from making health Care Decisions For Our decisions for our basic human rights that we still profess to hold dear For the present given the egitimate controversy surrounding the mandates he proposes that most vaccines simply be made optional and that further research into their risks and benefits be conducted by an independent agency in the public interest untainted by industry funding CDC sponsorship and the uasi religious sanctimony that is widely invoked on their behalf. Attempt to do their research before starting their dangerous health and *life threatening campaign to increase vaccination rates ref entire pages including *threatening campaign to increase vaccination rates ref 7 entire pages including page devoted to this in yesterday s edition of the Daily Mail Excellent straight forward no nonsense ook at the modern epidemic we are suffering through A great tool to help concerned parents grapple with the mindless profit driven medical establishment Easy to follow and understand with ots of scie. Isks of disease injury and death that have been persistently denied and covered up by manufacturers the CDC and the coterie of doctors who speak for it With the aim of acknowledging these risks taking them seriously understanding themholistically And Ultimately Assessing Them On ultimately assessing them on deeper evel he proposes a nationwide debate based on objective scientific research including what we already know and what still needs to be investigated in the future He argues that with no serious public health emergency to justify them reuiring vaccines of

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