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Terpiece and I do adore Anne Bishop s writing overallSaying that there were a couple of issues that had me downgrade it from 5 starsThe first is that the characters generally felt very much cut and paste from the previous others books Details were different but in general the characters felt samey from the lakeside ones We have the main character who is a female with anxietytrouble around people but who is amazingly open minded and generally unstressed about supernaturals once she gets used to them we have the good cop who comes in and wants to help keep things safe for humans and is careful nough around others that he forms good relationships with them We have the vampires and crows who ALL seem interchangeable and we have the prospective friendlove interest Due to this the book feels very familiar which isn t a bad thing but at the same time it meant that the characters nded up feeling a bit like paper cut outs lacking depth of their ownThe second issue I had with it were the couple of instances where things seem to have been inserted for comedic purposes but utterly broke the immersion for me The most obvious of these is how the completely normal dog acts near the nd of the book The justification for it was so unrealistic that it irritated meSaying that overall I would recommend this book because it was fun the pacing was good And Left Me Wanting left me wanting read the next book despite its flaws So 4 stars Absolutely superb no uestions five glorious starsThis spin off of the previous series although still called The Others centres on The Jumble a small slightly down at heel holiday home with 12 small chalets located just outside the village of Sproing near Lake Silence The owner Vicki DeVine is a short stubby woman she isn t curvaceous just solid who received the Jumble in her divorce settlement She has invested much of the remaining cash settlement in things like septic tanks and flushing toilets for the chaletsVicki only discovers that her single paying guest a young girl called Aggie is Crowgard when she discovers her trying to heat up an Forbidden Faith: The Secret History of Gnosticism eyeball ready toat This leads her to discover the body of a murdered man on the Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice edge of her land What follows is part taut thriller part urban fantasy and all goodI can tven write a review because I just loved all of it It was perfect Loved all the characters En plein coeur except the baddies boo hiss loved The Others loved Sproing Loved it loved it loved itAlso because this is not set in the Courtyard it can also be read as a stand alone provided of course that the reader is ready to be immersed in a world which might on the surface feel like our own but is in reality very differentGo go go Anne Bishop has greated a fabulous mirror world of ours with the premise of what would happen if there was a species further up the foodchain from humans who were the dominant species and owned the world The land humans lived on was leased only by this dominant species called The Others or the Terra indigene Lake Silence follows the series called The Others which is a five star read and is set at thend of this story arc after a huge confrontation between humans and The Others leaving human numbers severly thinned and in shock forced again to realise they are not the top of the food chain Many towns are dying and work is scarce and much of the work is at the terra indigene s discretionVicki is not a kick ass heroine she s an ordinary woman who has just gotten out of an abusive relationship with her now The Bookshop on the Shore exhusband She s arrived in Lake Silence to start a new life running what she hopes will be a hotel beside Lake Silence It needs a lot of TLC to nurse it back but Vicki is nothing if not a hard worker The story follows Vicki s new life the terra indigene she meets and interacts with and how herx and his very dubious human business cartel has decided he wants to claim Vicki s hotel and importantly the land it s on Vicki s life is in danger as the cartel is ruthless but so are the terra indigeneThe story has gore horror and humour If you have read The Others series there are new terra indigene to meet which make for some lovely moments It s a uick page turner and very Dance Real Slow enjoyable with action and a great cast of characters. Ie Crowe one of the shape shifting Others discovers a murdered man Vicki finds trouble instead The detectives want to pin the death on her despite thevidence that nothing human could have killed the victim As Vicki and her friends search for answers ancient forces are roused by the disturbance in their domain They have rules that must not be broken and all the destructive powers of nature at their command  . ,

Lake Silence marks the next story arc in Anne Bishop s The Others series This time around we follow human Vicki DeVine living in a little town called Sproing who received in her divorce settlement an old run down resort known as The Jumble which straddles the line between what can be considered human run and wild country but closely associated with the wild country Basically it was a place initially set up so the terre indigene could closely study and learn about humans Vicki works really hard to get The Jumble habitable again but soon after she s completed renovations a dead body is discovered on the property Being a law abiding citizen Vicki immediately calls the police but when some out of town detectives start investigating they want to blame Vicki for the murder As Vicki and her friends start their own investigation that someone is interested in The Jumble and wants to push Vicki out no matter the cost But what they don t understand is that just because you can t see some of the terre indigene doesn t mean they re not watchingWhen I learned that Anne Bishop was nding story arc one with Meg and Simon and continuing the series with new characters I was a little unsure I mean over the course of five books I had really grown to love Meg Simon and all the other characters in Lakeside I should have known Anne Bishop wouldn t let me downLake Silence deals with the human side of Thaisia and specifically it s a chance for us to really see the conseuences from The Great Predation when a group of humans got together to try and attack the terre indigene and subseuently failed what that did to the smaller settlements in Thaisia But in addition to focusing in the human side we also get a lot focus placed on the Elders and Elemental terre indigene which were on the periphery in the first arc with that focus being on the vampires and shiftersI liked Vicki she s a woman who has been through a brutal marriage and still struggles daily to get past the poison her husband spewed to her throughout the years of their marriage I loved the glimpses we get of her unguarded thoughts that show us this spunky woman It makes the brutality of what her husband did her stand out because she s so unsure of herself and she censors or hides herself because she unsure of herself and she censors or hides herself because she been told repeatedly that is where her place is hidden I look forward to the series continuing and seeing Vicki break out of that shell she s formed around herselfVicki s only paying lodger Aggie a Crowgard is also a wonderful addition to this series She s inuisitive like the Crow we ve seen from the first story arc but I think we see her really begin to understand the humans a bit than other terre indigene from this series to the point where she really lets her investigative skills shine a couple of times She s able to put herself into the mindset of the humans in certain cases I m interested to see where her character goes from hereLake Silence drew me in like all the others in this series Anne Bishop has a pretty good formula worked out but ven though it does feel a bit formulaic at times I still The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life enjoyed the read I wasn t sure how I d feel about reading another book series with the main female character having so much issue with body image But this story is like the other Yes there arelements of abuse but they were dealt with sensibly and sensitively with a uiet vein of moral support of yes you can do it you re strongWrapped around this is the wonderful mix of characters and World story and plots twists do it you re strongWrapped around this is the wonderful mix of characters and World story and plots twists turns Then a strong message of Humans don t learn from mistakes and disasters unless it happens to them then it s too late This is such a true thing to read and know deep down it s trueBut again to balance this is the sense of good of human spirit that when shit hits the fans some people will rise and do good to help and comfortI can t wait for the next book to this series and to the other one on Blood Prophets and looking forward to anything lse Ms Bishop writesI adore verything Ms Bishop writes because her characters are so strong and intermingled so well her story telling style is so asy to ready and absorb you her stories plots and twists are nough to make the story great but not. In this thrilling and suspenseful fantasy set in the world of the New York Times best selling Others series an inn owner and her shape shifting lodger find themselves PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition enmeshed in danger and dark secrets  Human laws do not apply in the territory controlled by the Others vampires shape shifters andven deadlier paranormal beings And this is a fact that humans should never ver forget  After her divorce Vicki ,
So much that you re left confused and I love the messages that Are Interwoven That Asks interwoven that asks relevant uestion what kind of a human are you I find it hard to review the books of this series because I have fallen in love with this world and the people that populate it to the point where I am not sure I am writing an unbiased review any It still feels like I am reading a genre that is only populated by this
seriesthe writing alone 
writing alone so xceptional that it pulls you in from the first page I was addicted by the 15% mark and the story was revealed a bit at a time so you got to know the good the bad and the Others a bit intimately than before since in this book you are introduced to a new host of characters to loveI have to say I was disappointed when I heard we were leaving the Lakeside community behind and all the wonderful characters we had come to know and was sure it would not be a good series without them I was wrongIn Sproing no that is not mis spelled and named after rabbit looking creatures that are probably NOT what they seem we have an almost clear landscape for Ms Bishop to paint new stories in words and she gives us a bevy of new characters to root for or hate and the The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, ever present Others and we get to meet a few Elders sort of and our first male Elemental that we get justnough page time of to make me wonder if we shall see of him in future booksOne of the few complaints I heard about the previous books was the romance or to be xact the lack thereof this book is much the same she plays with the reader to the point you are not sure if there is a small love triangle or just 3 people who become good friends as the story progresses It worked wonderfully for me since I am curious to see if anything happens in that area in future books assuming we stay in this locality for future novels NOTE As with Simon Wolfgard in Lakeside I get the vibe that perhaps down the road Ilya Sanguinati may be involved with our heroine than at present but that is just my own imagination possibly but he is a true nigma in this novel as a bit Hannible Lector and White Knight wrapped up together with a positive resultThere are many mysteries and twists that you don t see coming and I loved it all but since I am a confirmed revenge junkie justice is served in a manner that put me into my happy danceJust for basic info we have a fairly large cast of characters but the plot revolves around these 4 mainly bad guys not includedVictoria Vicky DeVine The slightly plump and mentally abused by her x husband for over a decade before getting a divorce and moving to Sproing to rebuildmanage The Jumble a bit of a vacation cabin stablishmentOfficer Wayne Grimshaw Highway Patrol and temporary Chief of Police for Sproing friend to almost The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl everyone and really believes the Serve Protect mantraJulian Farrow Former cop current owner of the local bookstore and keeper of a lot of secrets about himselfIlya Sanguinati Other Attorney and seemingly mover and shaker forverything that goes on if he wishes to be Only answers to the Elders And as always when I finished that line came to mind So good I needed a cigarette when I finished NOTEUPDATE According to her webpage the next book will be in Bennett where a few of the people who left Lakeside went so not sure if we will see the characters from this book again or not Oh my god soooo gooodI loved The Others and this spin off does not disappoint with its intensity and amazing atmosphereThe plot centers around The Jumble a dilapidated retreat with a new caretaker Vicki who received it in a divorce settlement The Jumble is very similar to a Courtyard in its Exile and Pilgrim essence it serves as a learning ground for terra indigene as to how to communicate with humans and how to understand themVicki is a timid shy woman with very low selfsteem and xtreme panic attacks which come and I would first say that I really njoyed this book I read it through in one sitting and it did xactly what I needed it to for the mood I was in The plot and pacing were good the world was described in a way that took me there and the problems that the characters faced were understandable Because of this it got 4 stars because it didn t need to be a literary mas. EVine took over a rustic resort near Lake Silence in a human town that is not human controlled Towns such as Vicki's don't have any distance from the Others the dominant predators who rule most of the land and all of the water throughout the world And when a place has no boundaries you never really know what is out there watching you  Vicki was hoping to find a new career and a new life But when her lodger Agg.

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